GIVEAWAY: VIP Tickets to Cash + Carry | CLOSED


I’m really excited to offer this fabulous giveaway to my St. Louis readers today!

ALIVE Magazine is hosting an amazing two-day clearance sale shopping event on Friday, January 30 and Saturday January 31.

You’ll be able to shop discounted items from STL’s top boutiques and indie vendors all in one place. You’ll find exclusive deals for 40-70% off! This is the perfect chance to hunt for discounted designer pieces from brands like Free People, Rebecca Minkoff, Rachel Zoe, Lorna Jane, Mara Hoffman, and more! Not to mention unique, special pieces from indie designers.


This is so much better than shopping at places like Nordstrom Rack because you’ll be spending your money with local businesses! This is a great opportunity to check out some new shops and find great new boutiques to visit.

Today I’m giving away two sets of 2 VIP tickets to the Friday evening early access event! That means there will be two winners! You and a friend get to shop before anyone else, enjoy sweet bites, complimentary Skinnygirl prosecco, and music by DJ TrashTalk from 6-9pm. So fun! For more information, click here.

This is a quick giveaway–winners will be notified Friday morning on January 30! Use the rafflecopter widget below for easy entry. No hoop jumping! You do get 2 bonus entries for tweeting about the giveaway though. :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

EDIT: Congrats to Winners Cristin Rae and Madi S.!

*Disclaimer: I was given 4 VIP tickets to give away courtesy ALIVE Magazine. These tickets are good for the Friday, January 30 event from 6-9pm only. Photo courtesy ALIVE Magazine.

Interiors: Closet Workspace



via Beneath My Heart

Lately I find myself seeking out interior design blogs more often than fashion blogs. We bought our house last fall and while I’m constantly hunting Craigslist and discount decor spots, moving stuff around from room to room, I’m still always feeling impatient and frustrated that our home isn’t as cute and stylish as I want it to be. It’s a constant work in progress, especially when you’re trying to take your time and collect things meaningfully and inexpensively.


via AlmostBunnies

The biggest thorn in my side is our computer room. Andrew and I share the space and I try to store my craft show supplies there, too. It’s a tricky room to deal with because there’s either a door, closet, or window on each wall and we each have quirky working requests–not wanting to face a wall, being able to enjoy the window, enjoying working next to each other rather than back-to-back… Our furniture is clunky and impractical, there are boxes everywhere, cords dangerously underfoot… it’s a mess and honestly effects my productivity. Things need to change!


via IHeart Organizing

My first big goal for the computer room is to change one of the closets into a little workspace. I’d love to have a desktop with storage underneath (possibly on wheels), pegboard against the back wall and maybe little shelves. This would be perfect for all my craft stuff! During peak times before craft shows I could open it up and work in there with all my jewelry making bits, papers, tapes, paints, etc. When I need to just concentrate at my desk with illustration or design work, I could close it up and keep things minimal in the room.


via Marcy Penner

I wanted to collect some of my inspirational images in one place and just kind of talk it out. Our biggest decorating issue in this house is that every single room has plaster walls, making it difficult and scary (Mostly scary. Gouging holes into my precious, 85 year old home’s walls?! Aahhhh). I figure tackling a closet is the best way to practice hanging things on plaster. If I fail miserably, at least it’s kind of hidden, right?


via Better Homes and Gardens

I’ve always hoped to include interior design on this blog, but the fact that my house just never seems cute enough always stops me! I’d like to shoot some photos and just kind of update our progress room by room. It’s fun to see spaces evolve over time–I always enjoy seeing others’! I’m no DIY wiz, so I don’t want to do tutorials or anything, but just documenting it and sharing any helpful links along the way would be fun! Wish me luck. Haha. :)


via Apartment Therapy

Also, if you guys have tried and true methods, tips, etc for hanging things on plaster walls, please share! :) xo

FF39: Vogue Footwear



1. Geared Up Boot
2. Lady Is A Vamp Flats in Light Pink
3. Looking Sharp Flats
4. Black Magic Lady Boots
5. Gone Fishin’ Sandals
6. Clever Edge Heels
7. Lady Is A Vamp Flats in Black

I was introduced to the fine folks of Vogue Footwear at one of ALIVE’s blogger events. They really made an impression on me with their interesting silhouettes and edgy materials. I’m proud that such a cool brand is headquartered locally! You can really tell that they’re interested in making fresh and interesting styles. Those Geared Up Boots and pink sparkly flats are incredible!

Disclaimer: This is the first of two blog posts in collaboration with Vogue Footwear. All opinions are my own and based on my personal experience.

Drawn: Aubrey’s Family


Aubrey contacted me way back about getting an illustrated portrait to use as her Christmas card. I adore Aubrey and was happy to draw her adorable little clan. :)

Aubrey-sketch-600pxAubrey was interested in some minimal Christmas embellishments that could easily be switched up a bit in an alternate, non-holiday version for her to hang in her home. I thought that garlands could easily be changed to different florals or even replaced with a banner, etc.

She really loved the first sketch and suggested we throw some hops in the garland to reference their love of beer–I LOVED that! Such a clever detail that makes it so much more personal to them!

I feel even more honored to have gotten make this for Aubrey and Dan now because they just got engaged! This card will now announce their engagement in addition to wishing their friends and family a happy new year. That’s pretty awesome. :)

Sandwich the Cat





She’s made appearances on instagram and on my Christmas cards, but I haven’t formally introduced our newest roommate! Her name is Sandwich and she’s the sweetest cat in the world. :)

Andrew and I were thinking about adopting a cat for a long time now. My dog mostly lives with my retired parents–I’m an only child and they’re obsessed with him. I feel like I’m taking their other child away! We’ve wanted a pet but were unsure what kind of commitment to make. It’s pretty nice to live a life free of the responsibilities of kids or animals, but I definitely feel an emptiness in a pet-free house.

We had a mouse scare in early fall and between that and the loss of each of our family cats back home, we started visiting cat adoption events just to check them out. Sandwich jumped on each of our laps and was so sweet when we first met her. We went back home and kept thinking about her for the next week. We went back to the PetSmart cat adoption room a week later and she was still there! And still sweet as ever, so we took her home!

She’s truly the nicest cat I’ve ever met. Our family cat, Maddy, was the epitome of a grumpy, unsociable cat (although of course I loved her!) and it’s weird having a cat around who wants to follow us around, sleep with us, meows sweetly all the time, and takes the vet like a champ. She’s a 10 year old lady whose previous owner was either too old to take her of her anymore or dumped her. I’m so happy she has a great home now and our only disappointment is that we didn’t get to share her first 10 years.

OOTD: Pink Coat






Coat: Kimchi Blue | Sweater, Jeans: Old Navy | Polka-dot Blouse: Thrifted | Heels: BCBG
Crossbody Bag: Michael Kors

I wish I could say I was a coat person, but I’m really not. I appreciate a beautiful coat as much as the next girl, but I admit they’re always an afterthought for me. I throw on my peeling, cheap pleather jacket or tired old pea coat (with all the buttons missing, of course) depending on the temperature and call it a day. I’ve been trying to let myself indulge in a new coat for years honestly, but they’re often such a pricy commitment I can just never decide what to get.

I saw this fluffy, warm, pink bath robe parading as a winter coat on a sales rack a few weeks ago and my eyeballs turned into heart shapes. I’ve always dreamed of a pink coat! This beauty makes me feel fabulous and I mourn for its inevitable stained, dingy fabric. I’ll treasure the pretty pale pink while I can. Haha. ;)

Disclaimer: This post uses affiliate links to some specifically pictured items that I own and love. Clicking on or purchasing via an affiliate link may result in commissions for this site.

Illustrations for Clever Darling


A few months ago, Zie asked if I’d be interested in contributing an illustration to her senior thesis project, Clever Darling Magazine. I loved her idea of creating a publication for millennial women, by millennial women with a positive, hard working focus and I love the challenge of editorial illustration, so I said yes. :)




I ended up doing a few spot illustrations for a Girl Power Playlist. I wanted to focus on simple, energetic shapes and use colors that are bright and happy, but not over-the-top feminine. I wanted kind of a rock-n-roll edge, so I experimented with additional textures to rough it up a bit. I’m pretty happy with how they turned out!

The first issue of Clever Darling turned out so so lovely and I’m really happy to be a part of it! Zie hopes to release more issues in the future, so if you’re a writer or artist, keep your eye out for contribution opportunities. xo

OOTD: 9th & Elm






Peacoat: Target | Dress: Thrifted | Boots: ShoeMint | Earrings: Beqi Clothing
Flower Hair Clip ℅ Republic of Pigtails via 9th & Elm | Silver Moon Ring ℅ Lizabettas via 9th & Elm
Necklace: August AbroadCamera Bag: Poler

I was recently contacted by the good folks at 9th & Elm to see if I’d like to try out their site and share my experiences with you guys in exchange for some free product. They describe themselves as a “flash sale site with the best handmade and independent designers” so I was definitely interested in checking them out. You know the words “handmade” and “independent” are my kryptonite! 

Before agreeing  to work with 9th & Elm, I did a bit of googling to make sure the artists who work with them are happy on their end. I’d hate to review a site, give them business and positive reviews, and then hear that they give their artists a raw deal. I found nothing but positive reviews about their commission rates and how it all works.

When you order from 9th & Elm, the artist ships your package themselves, so it felt just as personal and exciting as when you order from Etsy. Each is packaged and shipped in its own unique way. The super cute flower hair clip and full moon ring from this OOTD have been in constant rotation in my wardrobe since I got them! I also got these leather bangles from Distinctively Chic and this beautiful bow bracelet from Laalee. I love that each artist has their own page on 9th & Elm so you can learn a bit about them and never forget that you’re ordering something handmade and/or indepent.

I’ve had a great experience working with the people at 9th & Elm–they’re even a local-ish business from Columbia, Missouri! Go figure! And while I’m happy with what I got and loved the experience, I must mention that I am a bit concerned about the integrity of some of the items on the site. I wish they were choosier with the artists they work with. Searching through the items, I was reminded of my experience on Etsy lately where I have to wonder “Is this really independently produced/handmade or is it cheap goods from China being slightly modified and resold?” I must also note, though, that I’m already seeing much less of this as I write this blog post than when I was picking out my items a month or two ago. Hopefully as they grow, 9th & Elm will be able to be more savvy and picky about who they choose to work with.

I think a new market is definitely opening up since Etsy seems to be opening the doors for more questionably produced items masquerading as “handmade”. I would love to see 9th & Elm step up to fulfill that role in addition to curating a selection of goods matching their aesthetic, which I think they’re already good at. xo

Disclaimer: This post uses affiliate links to some specifically pictured items that I own and love. Clicking on or purchasing via an affiliate link may result in commissions for this site.
*I was given free product in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own and based on my personal experience.

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Last year’s holiday card!

It’s that time of year again! I’m going to be mailing holiday postcards featuring a brand new illustration to friends, family, previous customers, and YOU!

If you want a FREE holiday postcard from yours truly–and to be added to my mailing list for any future illustration postcard promos–please fill out this google form with your mailing address. All addresses will be kept confidential and I promise will only be used to be sent free goodies!

Last year I offered this to everyone, international readers included, but this year I’m keeping my international cards for previous customers only. I wish I could mail one to everyone, but international postage really adds up. :(