You’re Invited: Strange Folk Festival 2015


It’s that time of year again! If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll remember Strange Folk Festival, the area’s largest indie craft fair that’s dominated my life each September for the last three years. In 2012 I visited it for the first time and was in awe, totally inspired to get my shit together and sell there one day. In 2013 I made that little dream come true and sold there for the first time. Last year I got to illustrate the promo artwork for the show and saw my most successful show ever. This year is a whole new ball game.

Long story short, the craft community is too strong to underestimate and take advantage of. The organizer of the Festival, Autumn, has split from her old venue and moved the event to St. Louis Union Station to take over a mostly vacant mall and fill it with artists and makers of all sorts, craft activities, live music, and amazing art installations.


What: Strange Folk Festival
When: Saturday, September 26, 10am-8pm
Sunday, September 27, 10am-5pm
Where: St. Louis Union Station
1820 Market St, St. Louis, MO 63103

Vendors are taking over old store fronts, kiosks, counters, and setting up table spaces throughout the mall. Every store and section are named with their own hashtag, so you can browse each vendor’s offerings and behind-the-scenes goings-on before, during, and after the show. How smart is that?

Creature Type can be found upstairs in #PollyClouds. You can follow our feed here and obviously on your social media platform of choice. Instagram is my favorite. ;)

See you this weekend! If you do come, please say hi! xo

FF46: Fall Favorites from ShopBop



Ganni Angela Leather Biker Jacket
Fjallraven Kanken Backpack
Free People Sophie’s Midi Tee Dress
Michael Kors Jet Set Cross Body Bag
Jill Stuart Zoe Suede Skirt
Jeffrey Campbell Nuestra Suede Booties
Free People With Love From India Dress
Salvatore Ferragamo Vara Low Pumps
Madewell City Grid Coat

When the seasons change, shopping for fun, new clothing and accessories is an irresistible pastime of mine. Let’s be real–there’s no place more fun for window shopping than ShopBop. I love to peruse their new arrivals just to see what’s trending and discover new designers.

This is like a little collection of my favorite things to wear right now. Leather jackets, textured grays, flowy little dresses, shades of pink and cream, cross body bags, boots… I could sing Julie Andrews style about my favorite things!

Disclaimer: This post uses affiliate links to some specifically pictured items that I own and love. Clicking on or purchasing via an affiliate link may result in commissions for this site.

GIVEAWAY: Glasses from Firmoo [CLOSED]


I have an awesome giveaway for you guys today! Earlier this summer, I wrote a review about my Firmoo glasses and today I get to giveaway one free pair of eyeglasses from Firmoo! Here are some of my current favorite pairs:


There will be one winner who will get to choose any pair they like from Firmoo’s Collection for Bloggers, available here. The winner will get free shipping to the U.S. only. Glasses include the frames, standard 1.50 index single vision lenses. Upgraded lenses and add-ons will be charged an extra fee.

You have one week to enter. The giveaway ends Wednesday, September 16 at 12:00am. I will  notify Firmoo of my randomly selected winner Wednesday morning and will email the voucher to the winner.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: I was given free product in exchange for a review of Firmoo, unrelated to this giveaway. All opinions are my own. The winner will receive a voucher code from me via email when the giveaway ends.

OOTD: Babes Who Brunch










Shirt, Bag, Scarf, Necklace: Thrifted | Skirt: American Apparel | Heels: Seychelles | Watch ℅ JORD

On Saturday I met up with my buddy Jill and her friend Abby for brunch at Gringo. It was so nice to sit outside in a pretty neighborhood on a mild day and catch up with a couple of beautiful, talented ladies. Also, can you possibly think of a better way to start the day than pancakes and margaritas? Not possible.

Photos by Abby Gillardi

Disclaimer: This post uses affiliate links to some specifically pictured items that I own and love. Clicking on or purchasing via an affiliate link may result in commissions for this site.

OOTD: Cool for the Summer






Shirt: Thrifted |Skirt, Fanny Pack ℅ Savers | Sandals: ASOS | Sunglasses: Target

Thrift shopping will always be my favorite kind of shopping. You definitely have to be in the right mood, but on a rare plan-free Saturday afternoon, there’s nothing I’d rather do than spend a few hours treasure hunting. Plus you get to feel proud that you found something special, unique and–of course–super cheap.

One of my all-time favorite thrift finds–right up there with the legendary wolf shirt–is this incredible button-up shirt. Besides being soft and fitting like it was made for me, it has the best. Print. Ever. Snowy white tigers roaming a pastel jungle? Like, are you kidding me? BEST.

I got luckier than I have in ages on my most recent trip to Savers! Look at all I managed to score in one day, at one store, all for $50:


Can you believe that blush colored leather jacket?! Total dream come true.

I’ve also been hunting for a cute fanny pack or belt bag–I’ve been obsessed with finding this vintage Coach one. Thrifting is a great way to cheaply try out a trend before you spend $$$ on a new one. I’m a sucker for acid wash and couldn’t leave without this cute little guy for $2.99.

Disclaimer: This post uses affiliate links to some specifically pictured items that I own and love. Clicking on or purchasing via an affiliate link may result in commissions for this site. Savers sent me a $50 gift card to celebrate the opening of their newest location, not in exchange for coverage. The opinions shared are entirely my own and based on my personal experience.

Figure Drawing with Bill Kreplin

NSFW Disclaimer! If you’re somewhere in which scrolling past a nude model would get you into trouble, maybe check this post out later. :)


















I’ve been lucky enough to grow up with a few fabulous art mentors in my life. One of which is my good friend Erika’s dad, Bill Kreplin. Bill has been working as a professional fine artist and teacher for as long as I’ve known him and whenever I’m able to join his group of artist friends for their open studio figure drawing sessions, I jump at the chance.

Figure drawing is one of the best drawing exercises for me personally and I think it’s an invaluable practice for artists of all skill levels. It’s the perfect way to learn straight from life as well as sharpen your existing skills and remind yourself to break existing habits and try new techniques.

The atmosphere at Bill’s is always fantastic. Everyone is laid back and friendly, but works seriously and independently, always with a beer or cocktail in hand. The best way to work as far as I’m concerned. ;) It’s a welcoming environment for people with diverse skill sets and I always end up feeling inspiring by my fellow classmates’ working styles. You can bring whatever media you like–I once brought a laptop and tablet and I’ve seen someone bring clay and sculpt their figure!

It’s a blast and I encourage any local art enthusiast to join us!

What: Life Drawing with the Bill Kreplin Drawing Group
When: Thursdays | 6:30-9:30pm | September 3 – November 19
Where: 2101 Locust Street | St. Louis, MO
Cost: $360 for the semester or $35 per class
For more info, visit or call Bill at 314-805-3146

The Adams Family Wedding


A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to get help a friend out and take some photos at her precious wedding. Courtney and Josh are an amazing couple–clearly so full of passion, support, and fun. It was exhilarating to participate even a little bit.

Their wedding was a charming, small event full of family and friends. The decorations, food, music, clothing, and anything else you could think of were lovingly DIY’d or shared. It was exactly what you expect from a vintage-loving boho goddess and her creative, horror-obsessed beau. Plus a circus/marching band themed procession. And yes, Josh’s last name really is Adams. ;)

I have no plans to become a wedding photographer any time soon–or like, ever–but this was a super fun favor to do for a friend! I thought I’d share some of my favorite shots.



























What I Wore: Gulf Shores








One Saturday night in February, I declared to friends over margaritas that this was the year we absolutely NEEDED to go to a beach together. Since that fateful, tipsy day, I’ve been obsessively planning and dreaming of our summer getaway.

Seven of us piled into a van and drove 11 hours down south to Gulf Shores, Alabama last weekend. We stayed at an adorable house with our own private beach. We were down in the water every morning before 10am. Dolphins were seen, crabs were chased, seafood was consumed, beers were sipped, sunburns were had, and day naps were savored. It was perfect.


1. Gabifresh Swimsuit | Swimsuits For All (bikini still available here!)
2. Donut Pool Float | UO
3. Cat-eye Sunglasses | Target
4. Cap | Lazy Oaf
5. Gold Slip-on Sandals | Target
6. Pineapple Mug | Wayfair
7. Short Overalls | Topshop
8. Straw Floppy Hat | ASOS
9. Duffle Bag | Lazy Oaf

I had months to channel my beach dreams into retail therapy, so I wanted to put together a little collection of all the goodies I rocked on the beach. I wasn’t ready to return to the real world where I’m expected to wear more than my swimsuit and eat more than ice cream and hot dogs. Alas, here I am.

Disclaimer: This post uses affiliate links to some specifically pictured items that I own and/or love. Clicking on or purchasing via an affiliate link may result in commissions for this site.

OOTD: New Glasses with Firmoo







Glasses ℅ Firmoo | Dress: Dusen Dusen | Necklace: Fable & Lore | Watch ℅ JORD
Sandals: ASOS

Imagine my delight when I received a message a few months back from online glasses retailer Firmoo about getting a pair of glasses to review–it was delightful indeed! I love glasses and hope to collect many more eccentric pairs in my lifetime, expensive prescription be damned. 

I picked out this cute pair with a practical shape and fun pop of color and placed my order. Firmoo has a good selection of frames and sunglasses, but let’s be real, the main draw is the low price point. When you do an advanced search on Firmoo’s website, the largest price point to even select is $50-70, which is cheaper than most other glasses retailers. This is a fantastic option if you’re in a pinch for an inexpensive new pair or just want to add to your growing collection, guilt-free.

Unfortunately the package I received was not what I ordered. I was nervous to see that the bag my order arrived in was pretty banged up–the fault of the post service, not Firmoo. Thankfully all orders come with a hard glasses case and microfiber cloth, so my glasses were safe, they were just not the pair I ordered. I worried that maybe I accidentally chose the wrong pair when checking out, but the prescription wasn’t correct either. Firmoo customer service handled this problem with a little confusion initially, but were very eager to fix the problem as quickly and painlessly as possible. They sent me my new pair ASAP and these babies arrived in perfect condition!

Knowing that Firmoo specializes in the best deals possible, it’s hard to fault them for a mix-up like this when they ended up fixing everything nicely in the end. I’ve been wearing these glasses in rotation for a couple months at this point and they’re holding up beautifully! It’s fun to switch up my eyewear every now and then and I would definitely order from Firmoo again. :)


New customers get 15% off their first pair of glasses, so check out the selection! Don’t forget that you can get sunglasses, too! That’s next on my list. 8)

Disclaimer: I was given free product in exchange for this post, but the opinions shared are entirely my own and based on my personal experience.
This post uses affiliate links to some specifically pictured items that I own and love. Clicking on or purchasing via an affiliate link may result in commissions for this site. 

FF45: 6 Favorite Podcasts

friday-favorites-header Happy Friday! Podcasts and audiobooks are perfect to listen to while I work, so over the past few years I’ve become an enthusiastic subscriber. I’m an avid NPR listener and love radio classics like This American Life and Radiolab. I was thrilled when TAL announced Serial and even more thrilled when it blew up like it did. We’re experiencing this amazing surge of quality radio/podcast content and I can’t get enough! Here’s six of my current faves. Make sure to share your favorites in the comments! xo julie-klausner-podcast

1. How Was Your Week? with Julie Klausner
Julie Klausner is a comedy writer who’s starring in Difficult People, a comedy series debuting on Hulu in August. She wrote the show and is starring with Billy Eichner. Amy Poehler is producing a la Broad City and I am STOKED. Her sense of humor almost perfectly mirrors my own and I devour every word of every pop culture focused rant she shares on her formerly weekly comedy podcast, How Was Your Week? She’s a proud cat lady, Real Housewives enthusiast, music nerd, and feminist. Listening to her show feels like hanging out with the BFF I always wish I had!

In addition to her hilarious monologues, Julie interviews celebs and her friends in the comedy/entertainment world. She brings out the fun in whoever she speaks with and I learn something new about each person.

Some favorite episodes: Ep. 182: Joan Rivers | Ep. 188: The Cast of Advanced Style | Ep.140: Camille Paglia


2. StartUp
Last year, Alex Blumberg saw a need for producing more high quality podcasts. He left his job at NPR’s Planet Money to start his own media company, Gimlet. He decided to chronicle the ins-and-outs of starting his own business in real time. He shares the details that no one talks about like money, investors, the strain on your friends and family, and finding business partners. I love the honesty, candid exchanges, and surprising details that Alex and his team share.

The second season that’s currently airing follows another start up company–Dating Ring, an online matchmaking service. I love this season even more than the first because it shares the additional struggles that an all-women team face. Plus, matchmaking, online dating and the sociology behind it is fascinating to me. I can’t wait to hear the latest juicy news every week!

Some favorite episodes: Ep. 1.1: How Not to Pitch a Billionaire | Ep. 1.2: Is Podcasting the Future or the Past? | Ep 2.1: Origin Story | Ep. 2.5: Playing With Matches


3. Reply All
Reply All was the first podcast produced by the aforementioned Gimlet Media. You’ll think I’m being paid by them after this post because I’m raving about their shows so much but they’re doing such great work! Reply All is a show about the internet. Stories of weird new apps, public shaming, Craigslist, relationships in the internet age, fandom craziness, and even instagram famous dogs. Hearing smart, funny people discuss these topics in a way that doesn’t make me want to slam my head into my keyboard is so refreshing.

Some favorite episodes: Ep. 2: The Secret, Gruesome Internet for Doctors | Ep. 5: Jennicam|
Ep. 6: This Proves Everything | Ep. 15: I’ve Killed People and I Have Hostages | Ep. 18: Silence and Respect


4. RuPaul: What’s the Tee? with Michelle Visage
If you know me at all, you know that RuPaul is my personal diety. Not only is he a fabulous performer, but he’s just so wise and full of motivational advice–seriously! If you haven’t heard him talk about spirituality and conquering your inner saboteur, you need to get on that shit.

What’s The Tee? is basically my dream. Every two weeks I get to spend an hour hanging out with RuPaul and his BFF Michelle Visage. They discuss everything from Drag Race, hair and make-up tips, and pop music to finding your tribe and living your best life. Trust me, you need this in your life.

Some favorite episodes: Ep. 15: Bareback Betty | Ep. 16: Uncle Tom with Leah Remini | Ep. 18: Blame It on the Lupus with Kristen Johnston | Ep. 27: The Traffic Dummy with Wendi McLendon-Covey


5. Your Dreams My Nightmares
Your Dreams My Nightmares is my favorite illustration/design podcast. Illustrator Sam Weber does long, personal one-on-one interviews with some of the most exciting contemporary commercial artists working today. I love the honest discussions on art schools, freelance life, and the politics of commercial art. He hasn’t been updating much lately, but if you’re interested in these topics, this show is a must-listen.

Some favorite episdoes: Ep. 95: Internet Famous with Leah Goren, Walter Green and Josh Cochran | Ep. 34: Kali Ciesemier and Sam Bosma | Ep. 14: SooJin Buzelli


6. Mystery Show
Gimlet’s newest podcast is Mystery Show, hosted by the adorable Starlee Kine who you may recognize from This American Life–always a good sign. Listen along as Starlee solves people’s tiny mysteries. The only requirement is that they can’t be solved just by googling. What ever happened to the video store that closed mysteriously the day after I rented a movie? What was possibly the motivation for getting a vanity license plate that says “I LUV 911”? Who’s the owner of this personalized belt buckle I found in the gutter when I was a kid? This show is human interest as its best and I’m hooked already.

Some favorite episodes: Case #2: Britney | Case #3: Belt Buckle