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FF004: Instagram

This week I’m sharing some of my favorite photos from my Instagram feed! You can follow me on Instagram @sockie182! :)

1. Audrey Kawasaki shares a piece from her newest show. No words!
2. Aimee is currently studying abroad in Korea and eating green tea everything and I am the most jealous!
3. Courtney Riddle is the actual cutest. Been stalking enjoying her online since our LiveJournal days years ago.
4. Brenden shares a cool mural from Eleven O One in San Fransisco.
5. Jeffrey is always stylin’ on ’em, but I especially love his adorable Adventure Time tank top!
6. So in love with Bei Badgirl. <3
8. Ummm Kaelah‘s flawless new tank top.
9. Samantha Kalis is a super talented illustrator and visual developer.
10. Love the composition on this cute photo of Bonnie.
11. Crying that I still don’t own a pair of Jeffrey Campbells. I’ll just admire Gabi‘s new pair…
12. Nicolette posted a fabulous little tour of her stunning Brooklyn apartment this week. It represents her so amazingly well and inspires me to pretty up my space a bit!

Have a lovely weekend, dolls! xoxo

August Outtakes

August was a good month. Got my camera. Took some mandatory new camera owner close-up photos of plants. Got into the swing of this bloggy thing. The weather made a crazy beautiful 180. I’m feeling more and more ready for fall, but it’s bittersweet saying goodbye to a summer that burned away so fast.

Big Book of Cats: Ashley

The Big Book of Cats is a weekly illustration project. In 1998, I was 11 years old and decided to make a 200 page encyclopedia of anthropomorphic cat girls. I’ve made a vow to honor this horrific piece of literature and redraw every cat girl and post a new drawing along with the original for the internet’s amusement. Want to know more? Read my official introduction here and check out all the drawings so far here!

You’re welcome and I’m so so sorry.

– – –

I feel like Ashley is a representation of what I wished I looked like at the time. Still a nerdy school girl, but cuter and bit more put-together. And cat-like. I did go through a phase where I thought braces were pretty cool.

What I find really interesting here is her clearly Japanese school girl inspired top… I was like, 10. This was right before my gigantic obsession with Pokemon, which lead to my teenage obsession with anime and any and all things Japanese, so I don’t really know how that look was already on my radar. A sign of obsessions to come? Had Japanese culture already permeated my little brain? Samurai Pizza Cats, maybe? Anyone? 

Ashley wants to seem all bookish and smart, but sometimes she’s just gotta smuggle manga into her study sessions. Let your nerd flag fly, girl!


STL Etsy Craft Party @ The Upcycle Exchange

On friday night, my good friend Marie and I took advantage of this wonderful excuse to go hang out with other craft enthusiasts at the amazing Upcycle Exchange for the St. Louis Etsy Craft Party! You can learn more about the Upcycle Exchange on their website, but to sum it up, it’s a materials market that offers the local creative community post-consumer art and craft supplies at pay-as-you-wish pricing and acts a daily open studio space for crafters and artists.

The Etsy Craft Party event promised a few guided craft projects, snacks and drinks, and materials provided by the Upcycle Exchange, Etsy, and Michaels’! Marie runs an Etsy shop full of super cute knitted items and jewelry called MariaContria and I just love crafting and wanted to meet some other St. Louis area bloggers and crafters so we knew we couldn’t miss this shindig!

The Upcycle Exchange is such a great little space with an adorable storefront! I’ve been meaning to check it out for ages and I’m so glad I finally did. It was filled to the brim with super sweet, friendly, creative ladies and gents! I was a bit nervous about feeling like an outsider to some intimidating, talented Etsy clique, but there was no snobbery to be found. I hope they host another again soon!

One of our suggested projects was to make a cute little notebook with cardboard, decoupage, paper, and a trusty needle and twine. Pictured above is the super sweet Jeffrey of the Handmade Family blog!

Here’s the book I made! I tried to pass it around and collect people’s names and websites.

I also got to hang out with the beautiful, very friendly Jessa of Pearl + Earl’s Good-Time Vintage Blog! Definitely going to be a loyal reader from now on!

And this is what I wore! :)

Hairbow: Good Stuff Only | Daft Punk T-Shirt: Hot Topic | Belt: Thrifted | Teddy Bear Pin: Handmade, Unknown | Skirt: Thrifted | Bag: Vintage Samsonite/Thrifted | Shoes: Target

All-in-all, a great way to spend a friday night! Thanks for inviting me, Marie! :)

FF003: Blog Posts

I feel like it’s been a great week on my Bloglovin’ queue–I’ve added a lot of liked posts! I consider blogs to be one of my favorite, most valuable forms of entertainment, so I decided to share some of my fave posts from the last week or so with you today. :)

the weird girl trope. | FASHION PIRATE
I think Arabelle is a breath of fresh air. She’s so confident and smart, especially for her age. I wish I had half the guts she has when I was 19. This post is her response to another blog post that discussed the author’s annoyance at her perception of a trendy blog culture of attention seeking, colorful, trendy, childish girls. I believe so strongly in the opinions that Arabelle so passionately lays on the line here, but especially this part: We should be building each other up, not shaming each other. There is enough of that everywhere already. Celebrate your identity and I will 100% be there with you, as long as you don’t fuck with mine…all of my personal appearance choices are things I’ve made purposefully and meaningfully because they help me feel like the person I’m supposed to be, and my own decisions validate the person I hope I am. Get it, gurl!

Cocktail Hour: Sippin’ Summer Sunshine | Little Chief Honeybee
Kaelah’s one of my favorite bloggers and I think it’s an awesome layer of personality that she has a background as a bartender. I never drank alcohol until pretty recently, so it’s exciting to try all these new varieties of drinks. I want to try all of these recipes, but especially the ’57 Chevy. It’s pretty much everything I love!

Guidance Tape for Winged Liner | The Beauty Department
Umm why have I never thought of this?! I’ve gotten pretty confident in my winged eyeliner skills, but this is so simple and smart, I’ve got to give it a try! That’s the kind of tips The Beauty Department is best at!

How to Make a Seamless Repeating Pattern | Scathingly Brilliant
I’ve made repeating patterns in photoshop before, but apparently I’ve been doing it the hard way! This was a great tip from Kate that I’m definitely going to try out ASAP. I feel like no matter how many years you’ve been using Photoshop , you can always learn something new.

DIY Celtic Knot Headband | Cornflower Blue Studio
Rachel always shares beautiful and inspiring art and craft projects and I’m in love with this simple but lovely headband DIY! I’m going to make my own for sure! I think it would make an awesome scarf, too.

OOTD: Floral Denim in the Park

Scarf: Thrifted | Shirt, Jeans: Target | Mocassins: Minnetonka 

Although I’ve enjoyed the recent break in extreme heat, this brutal summer is really catching up to me. Lately I’ve just been dreaming of sweaters with collars poking out, short skirts and dresses with layered tights and socks, and pants! I mostly wear skirts and dresses, but every now and then a comfortable pair of jeans is just perfect. I braved the afternoon sun for this super cute new pair and I barely regret it!

Big Book of Cats: Sue

Don’t know what’s up with this Big Book of Cats thing? Check out my official introduction here!

Sue here is the first of several examples of blatant plagiarism in The Big Book of Cats. I was a creative kid, but clearly not that creative. Even before you see that her full name is “Sue Ellen”, you may realize that she reminds you a bit of a character from Arthur…

It was shockingly difficult to find a decent, full body picture of Sue Ellen, by the way. The internet has let me down! If you’re interested in creepy, child-porn-esque fan art of her, though, it’s your lucky day! Thanks, Google!

I stole poor Sue Ellen’s entire outfit. She does have a pretty cute vest/shirt dress combo goin’ on. At least I had the decency to change her footwear and cover her face in copious amounts of make up. The hair’s also kind of different, right?

2012 Sue Ellen is a little better at expressing herself as unique individual, I think. She’s a sassy little red head! Maybe she’s flirting with Arthur?

OOTD: Landslide

PuGaga T-Shirt: | Sailor Moon Pins: Starclipper | Rainbow Bow Ring: Tasty Peach Studios | Piel Backpack: Thrifted | Belt: UO | Pleated Skirt: Thrifted | Socks: H&M | Shoes: Target

Pinning Sailor Venus and Mercury on my collars is my new favorite. <3

That gorgeous, buttery leather, perfectly worn out Piel backpack is one of my proudest thrift finds ever. I got it at the local Goodwill Outlet, meaning it was 79 cents per pound! Nuts.

FF002: Etsy Wishlist

1.) Rainbow Chevron Camera Strap Cover by Blue Bird Chic ($40.00)
My new, standard-issue Nikon camera strap just doesn’t do. I want to upgrade with one of these adorable and comfortable looking strap covers. The cozy colors and patterns are so sweet.

2.) Pee Wee Striped Wood Veneer Lolita Sunglasses by Tumbleweeds Handcraft ($75.00)
Like every blogger and their mom, I, too, am obsessed with Tumbleweeds’ gorgeous wood veneer eyewear. I dream of popping some prescription lenses into these precious heart shaped babies.

3.) Pizza Slut T-Shirt by Killer Condo Apparel ($23.99)

4.) Birds and Blooms of the 50 States – Missouri by Dutch Door Press ($15.00)
There’s just something so charming and sentimental about geographically specific home decorations. I would love to hang this little Missouri bluebird anywhere in my apartment!

5.) Marvellous Banner Brooch by Rare Indeed ($16.00)
I love three-demensional objects made to look like two-demensional cartoons and this little banner brooch is the cutest!

6.) Arrow Ring by Miju ($24.00)
I love rings and am dying to add this super cute arrow ring, dipped in seafoam enamel, to my collection.

7.) Mustard Yellow Double 8 Knot Bracelet by Doble Ele ($15.00)
I hardly ever buy or wear bracelets, but it’s not really a conscious decision. I love everything about this bracelet, especially the texture and the perfect mustard color.

8.) X-Ray Cameo – Etched Skull Silhouette Necklace by Miju ($32.00)
How incredibly cool is this necklace? I had to include two pieces from Miju because this dark, contemporary twist on a classic cameo necklace is so great. I’m a sucker for a strong silhouette and the etched skull is such a fabulous detail!

9.) Wooden Vintage Fashion Lady Brooch by Ladybird Likes (£5.00 / $8.00)
I love all the unique and quirky laser-cut wooden brooches from Ladybird Likes, but these fashion lady brooches totally tug my heart strings!