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August Outtakes

August 30, 2012

August was a good month. Got my camera. Took some mandatory new camera owner close-up photos of plants. Got into the swing of this bloggy thing. The weather made a crazy beautiful 180. I’m feeling more and more ready for fall, but it’s bittersweet saying goodbye to a summer that burned away so fast.

  • Alex

    moco :’)

    • Michelle

      This blog would be flooded with more adorable photos of that brat, but my new camera literally terrifies him lol. He runs away as soon as I turn it on. It must make secret scary high-pitched noises.

      • Staci

        My dog is super nervous around the DSLR too!!

        • Michelle

          I hope he gets used to it. His cuteness can not go to waste!

  • Han

    I love your Pikachu hair slide and the polka dot shirt. My brother was obsessed with Pokemon when we were younger lol. I wasn’t so much into it but would play trading cards and things like that with him.

  • Erika

    Moco is adorable!! Be less camera shy of the noise bb! <3