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FF002: Etsy Wishlist

August 17, 2012

1.) Rainbow Chevron Camera Strap Cover by Blue Bird Chic ($40.00)
My new, standard-issue Nikon camera strap just doesn’t do. I want to upgrade with one of these adorable and comfortable looking strap covers. The cozy colors and patterns are so sweet.

2.) Pee Wee Striped Wood Veneer Lolita Sunglasses by Tumbleweeds Handcraft ($75.00)
Like every blogger and their mom, I, too, am obsessed with Tumbleweeds’ gorgeous wood veneer eyewear. I dream of popping some prescription lenses into these precious heart shaped babies.

3.) Pizza Slut T-Shirt by Killer Condo Apparel ($23.99)

4.) Birds and Blooms of the 50 States – Missouri by Dutch Door Press ($15.00)
There’s just something so charming and sentimental about geographically specific home decorations. I would love to hang this little Missouri bluebird anywhere in my apartment!

5.) Marvellous Banner Brooch by Rare Indeed ($16.00)
I love three-demensional objects made to look like two-demensional cartoons and this little banner brooch is the cutest!

6.) Arrow Ring by Miju ($24.00)
I love rings and am dying to add this super cute arrow ring, dipped in seafoam enamel, to my collection.

7.) Mustard Yellow Double 8 Knot Bracelet by Doble Ele ($15.00)
I hardly ever buy or wear bracelets, but it’s not really a conscious decision. I love everything about this bracelet, especially the texture and the perfect mustard color.

8.) X-Ray Cameo – Etched Skull Silhouette Necklace by Miju ($32.00)
How incredibly cool is this necklace? I had to include two pieces from Miju because this dark, contemporary twist on a classic cameo necklace is so great. I’m a sucker for a strong silhouette and the etched skull is such a fabulous detail!

9.) Wooden Vintage Fashion Lady Brooch by Ladybird Likes (£5.00 / $8.00)
I love all the unique and quirky laser-cut wooden brooches from Ladybird Likes, but these fashion lady brooches totally tug my heart strings!