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August 2012

outfit of the day

OOTD: RIP Gavinas

Scarf: Thrifted | Tank Top: Old Navy | Belt: Thrifted | Skirt: Jason Wu for Target | Shoes: BlowfishΒ  I was going to just trash these photos and say “on to the next one!”–shooting at 1pm on a sunny day with a picnic table…

August 16, 2012
project: big book of cats

Big Book of Cats: Cindy

Cindy is another character I drew before she went into the book. I think she was a friend of Suzzie’s? I like to think of her as the Samantha Jones to Suzzie’s Carrie Bradshaw. One trait that almost all the girls from the Big…

August 15, 2012

Let’s Start A Girl Gang.

I’m so into girl gang imagery and themes. It’s such a fun mixture of girl power, kitsch, camp, style, and silliness–things I’m basically all about. Feeling a lot of inspiration from this super cute photoshoot from Rookie MagΒ from last year that’s been making the…

August 14, 2012
outfit of the day

OOTD: Patterns and Pikachus

Pikachu Hair Bow: Crashed Hope Designs | Shirt: Thrifted | Dress: Target | Shoes: Old Navy How amazing is this shirt? The layered ruffley part is detachable! It has snaps on the back that clip onto the collar. It was a very happy thrift…

August 13, 2012
friday favorites

FF001: Favorite Outfits

Friday favorites is a common tradition for many bloggers. Occasionally people will think of a more creative name and bump it to another day of the week, but I think Friday is the perfect day for reflecting on a week of awesomeness via the…

August 10, 2012
personal photography

Why I Chose My Nikon D5100

Since I was in high school and admired the ease with which my art teacher took gorgeous photos of our paintings, sculptures, etc for our portfolio slides (Yes, I’m just barely old enough to have once needed to make slides for portfolio submissions. Crazy…

August 9, 2012
project: big book of cats

Big Book of Cats: Suzzie

After turning the page from the dazzling introduction, Suzzie is the first cat girl you meet. I included her full spread so you can appreciate the absurdity of this entire thing right from the beginning. Like, are these supposed to be happy mug shots…

August 8, 2012
outfit of the day

OOTD: High Waisted Shorts

Shirt: Forever21 | Shorts: Thrifted | Shoes: Target I love high waisted everything, but this has definitely been the summer of high waisted shorts. For me, the search for the perfect pair is as difficult as the hunt for a perfect pair of jeans,…

August 6, 2012
personal photography

My New Camera!

I am so so excited to be a brand new DSLR owner! Specifically, I got a Nikon D5100. This is the first camera I’ve ever owned that’s not just a simple point-and-shoot, so I’m really excited to jump right in and learn all about…

August 3, 2012