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STL Etsy Craft Party @ The Upcycle Exchange

August 27, 2012

On friday night, my good friend Marie and I took advantage of this wonderful excuse to go hang out with other craft enthusiasts at the amazing Upcycle Exchange for the St. Louis Etsy Craft Party! You can learn more about the Upcycle Exchange on their website, but to sum it up, it’s a materials market that offers the local creative community post-consumer art and craft supplies at pay-as-you-wish pricing and acts a daily open studio space for crafters and artists.

The Etsy Craft Party event promised a few guided craft projects, snacks and drinks, and materials provided by the Upcycle Exchange, Etsy, and Michaels’! Marie runs an Etsy shop full of super cute knitted items and jewelry called MariaContria and I just love crafting and wanted to meet some other St. Louis area bloggers and crafters so we knew we couldn’t miss this shindig!

The Upcycle Exchange is such a great little space with an adorable storefront! I’ve been meaning to check it out for ages and I’m so glad I finally did. It was filled to the brim with super sweet, friendly, creative ladies and gents! I was a bit nervous about feeling like an outsider to some intimidating, talented Etsy clique, but there was no snobbery to be found. I hope they host another again soon!

One of our suggested projects was to make a cute little notebook with cardboard, decoupage, paper, and a trusty needle and twine. Pictured above is the super sweet Jeffrey of the Handmade Family blog!

Here’s the book I made! I tried to pass it around and collect people’s names and websites.

I also got to hang out with the beautiful, very friendly Jessa of Pearl + Earl’s Good-Time Vintage Blog! Definitely going to be a loyal reader from now on!

And this is what I wore! :)

Hairbow: Good Stuff Only | Daft Punk T-Shirt: Hot Topic | Belt: Thrifted | Teddy Bear Pin: Handmade, Unknown | Skirt: Thrifted | Bag: Vintage Samsonite/Thrifted | Shoes: Target

All-in-all, a great way to spend a friday night! Thanks for inviting me, Marie! :)

  • Hey, lady!! It was so nice to meet you!! Thanks for linking to P+E :) I just did the same for you on my much less interesting Craft Party post. My mister, Judd, is the photographer in the family and I desperately needed his skills Friday!

    I’m in love with your blog and religiously following you starting now!!! Let’s get together sometime and do something bloggy!!! xox


    Could your hair be any prettier?!

    • Michelle

      Aww, thank you, Jessa! I added y’all on BlogLovin and look forward to seeing more from you! :) I’d be totally down for some bloggy get together!

  • erika

    This seemed like such a fun night! How cute! I’ve never been to that store, but now I feel like I must check it out!

    I am LOVING your bag, by the way! So good for Fall!!

    • Michelle

      I looove that bag. I keep running into different incarnations of it in thrift stores and it takes all my will power not to snatch them all up!

  • These pictures are really cute! Lovin the candids. That was such a fun time to try all the crafts and see all the talent. Also, thanks for the shoutout!

  • your hair is AMAZING. loooove the bangs! <3
    and that looks sooo fun. jealous!

    • Michelle

      Thank you, doll! Omg I just checked out your blog and your hair >>> mine! Haha :)

  • Just found your lovely blog, and I have to say… this is so cool! I saw all those notices from Etsy about the craft parties but didn’t have any time to look into it… but now I totally regret that. This looks awesome!!

    Also, those globe hot air balloons… so, so cool.

    • Michelle

      Thank you! I appreciate you stopping by! :)

      Sometimes I really have to make myself be brave and social to go to things like this, but I never regret it afterwards. I’m trying to explore outside my comfort zone more often!