Antique Mall Adventures

September 11, 2012

Like any good blogger, I love thrift shopping. The thrill of hunting to find a hidden treasure, knowing you’ve got something unique and weird, and marveling at the human tendency to hoard like a magpie–all part of the fun!

I go hunting for clothes more often than other goodies, so I sometimes skip antique malls or flea markets in favor of a Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc, but the other day I had some time to kill before a painting class so I decided to wander through an antique mall that’s right next door to one of my favorite clothing thrift stores. I don’t think I’d ever even been inside it before!

As any experienced thrifter knows, you can’t take home everything that catches your eye, so I thought I’d take some photos with my phone and share my favorite finds with you! “Finding” is the real thrill, right? So I still get some enjoyment taking a photo with me at least. :)

This dreamy pink lamp caught my eye right away! It’s the perfect shade(pun intended, always!) and was in amazing condition. At $42, I would’ve had to have been specifically searching for a lamp for me to consider actually snagging it. :/

I love the mustard tray with hand painted flowers! This would be a perfect pop of color on a shelf or table with a small bowl or little stack of books on top.

Matching set of Abe Lincoln book ends! Very cool.

I had to zoom in and press my face against the glass to get a photo of these adorable sterling silver bow earrings! If you know me at all, you know that I am nuts over bows on anything and everything and these babes would’ve been mine in a heartbeat if I didn’t have gauged ears. :(

Super cute bike!

Adorable cookie jar. I know the right kitchen could really pull it off!

Okay, so I’m not athletic in any way, shape, or form, so maybe these bags are really common and I’m going to sound silly gushing, but I’d never seen one before! Amazing vintage tennis bag with a racket-shaped side pocket.

You guys. Colonel Sanders Balloon Racing Team 1978. This glass tumblr would’ve been mine in a heartbeat but it was like $7.00. idk idk

I wore this purse around the antique mall for like 20 minutes trying to decide if I wanted it. I mean, there’s a big bow on it! Plus, it was only $2.75. I ended up leaving it. I’m really trying to make smart thrift decisions lately and I would rather buy fewer, high quality bags than a bunch of cheap ones that clutter up my closet. Plus, I’m pretty sick of my other black shoulder bag right now and I know I wouldn’t use this one enough to justify it. SIGH.

Pretty sweet embroidery art of St. Francis of Assisi throwin’ down to some animal homies. It was so big, too! At least 20″ wide.

I’m not a paint-by-numbers collector myself, but I’m sure someone will be very excited to stumble upon this one!

I gasped aloud when I saw this dress. I have a weakness for 80s peplum dresses with loud, tacky patterns, so I felt like I hit the jackpot. Unfortunately this one was way overpriced–it even had a broken zipper ugh–so I didn’t even tempt myself by trying it on. :(

So concludes my little adventure! I was very practical and proud of myself. I ended up spending $4.17 on two picture frames in perfect sizes for a couple of prints I’ve been wanting to frame. Just need to clean them up a bit and spray paint them!

  • Omg is this the one over in the Sappington area? If so, those poor lincoln book ends have been there for 2+ years!! I can’t believe they’re still there!! The mister and I love that spot, we even got our formica table there. Thanks for sharing!


    • Michelle

      Hahaha, yeah, I think so! Next to the Value Village in that big plaza on Watson? I can’t believe I’d never popped in before! I didn’t glance at the price on the poor bookends–they must be too expensive because they really are awesome!

      I’ll definitely be checking in there again, if only for the awesome booth with all the cheap frames!

  • erika

    I LOVE going to look at vintage/antique/estate sales. I love looking to see what people are trying to sell. You never know what you’ll stumble upon!

    If you are ever in KC for a First Friday, it’s a must!!! Unfortunately, 90% of it is furniture. And, it’s like pinterest meets thrifty. But, needless to say, it’s fun to walk through and see what you find.

    Next time I’m in town, we need to go estate sale shopping!!