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Erika’s Wedding

September 6, 2012

One of my best friends, Erika, got married to her fantastic fiancee, Zach, in May. I’ve known Erika since first grade and we’ve known Zach since high school, so it was a really special, fun wedding. I was super happy to be co-maid of honor with Adrienne and help Erika design and print all the materials for the ceremony and reception! They had a small ceremony at the Missouri Botanical Garden and a beautiful reception at a lofty downtown venue. Fit them perfectly!

Erika recently got the photos back from her photographer,Β Kate Fenwick, and they’re just lovely, so I asked to share some. :)

P.S. Yes, that is me pretending that my incoherent sobbing passed for a toast. Oh lawd.

  • Victoria Fabiano

    totes beauts! I especially like the pic where it looks like you’re anointing her

    • Michelle

      Vicky, you are too much.

  • alex

    the more i see photos from this the more i’m just so in love with the color scheme. erika was so flawless and your sobbing totally passed lbr

  • erika

    you are so sweet to say all of those things! it was such an honor to have you by my side that day! and everyday ;) it’s funny that some of the pictures that you chose to showcase were some of my faves!!! :)

    • Michelle

      Aww, I’m glad! Thanks for letting me share them! <3

  • Your friends make such a beautiful couple. And you looked very beautiful in your bridesmaid’s dress, too.

    • Michelle

      Aww, thank you, Annika!

  • Such a beautiful wedding! I LOVE THAT YOU STOPPED AT TED DREWES! xo

    • Michelle

      After posing for photos for hours in the hot sun on an empty stomach it tasted like HEAVEN. Also, did you know that bridal parties get their custard free? Amazing.

      • erika

        I think I will wear my wedding dress there every time I want ice cream!