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Costume Party!

Ta-daaa! Here is my Halloween costume! 8) Haha, I had way too much fun with this.

I’m a huge fan of Adventure Time so dressing up as Fionna was a no-brainer. :) I had the shoes and socks already, picked up the shirt from Goodwill, skirt from Forever21, made my backpack from flannel fabric, and got my hat from OOAKrafts!

Andrew is my matching Finn!

Most fun ever! What are you guys dressing as for Halloween? Did you dress up for parties last weekend? If you have photos online, please share in the comments! :) Our friend’s party is this weekend and I’m psyched! Tonight we’re gonna hang out at a friend’s house, eat junk food, watch specials and movies on TV, and laugh at the kids treat-or-treating. Halloween is the best holiday!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everybody! I hope your day is full of many treats, few tricks, and some appropriate holiday silliness. :)

Above is my second attempt at pumpkin carving this year–totally botched my first and then let it get moldy before I could try and fix the design. Oops. :| I’m pretty happy with this little guy, though. Bunny ears!

No Big Book of Cats girl will be posted today because I’m going to share some Halloween goodies! Hopefully that isn’t too much of a disappointment. They’ll resume as normal next week!

OOTD: Holiday Spirit

Bow: Good Stuff Only | Striped Button-Up: Karen Scott (Thrifted) | Black Jumper: Thrifted | Orange Tights, Garter Belt: Target | Heels: Unknown

I felt so appropriately witchy in this outfit! I’ve lazily been a witch for Halloween a few times, but it’s so irresistible to just throw on my marvelous $2 pointed hat and some fancy black clothes with fun accessories!

This black jumper was a floor-length number when I bought it, but I chopped it inappropriately short and it’s become one of my favorite things. So comfy and perfect for layering! Speaking of thrifting, I hit a jackpot yesterday–6 lovely Karen Scott button-up shirts with fun collars, all sitting in a row on the new arrivals cart, all in the same size. I’m choosing to believe they’re all from the same little old lady and I basically inherited her entire wardrobe. ;) Very happily, I might mention! One of them has a mesh and pearl detailed collar and another has a lacey pink collar! Collar dreams! So happy that’s such a trend right now. I love them!

I ♥ Bloggers: ♥elycia

After drawing Kaylah first, Elycia from ♥elycia must come next, right? I feel like they’re a matching set! :)

Kaylah and Elycia are BFFs, in case you missed the memo. What an amazing, colorful pair!

I love Elycia’s blog because of her spunk, sense of humor, cute cats, kitschy style, and unabashed love of color! Her blogging personality always comes off as fresh and fun and it’s always a good time seeing what color her hair turns next! So envious.

FF11: Halloween Goodies!

This week I’m going to get in the Halloween spirit and share some of my favorite Halloween-ish goodies from around my little blogoshere! I’m going to share some of my own next week! So excited. :)

DIY Pumpkin Painting | Pearl + Earl’s Good Time Vintage Blog
I love this cutely creepy little guy that Jessa painted! I love the glowy lights inside carved pumpkins so much that I never think to just paint one, but this little DIY definitely influenced me to give it a try! 

Googly Eye Nails | ModCloth
I have hearts in my eyes for this creative, crafty manicure idea! Really thinking about rocking these on Halloween… I’ve been needing a craft store trip recently anyway… ;) 

Pumpkin Brownie Recipe | MissIndie
Mandy’s been posting tasty pumpkin recipes all week, but these brownies just slayed me. Just thinking about the rich pumpkin/chocolate combo has me drooling.

Classic Horror Movies | Thompson Family-Life
Danielle shared some charming vintage horror movie posters in this blog post, but what really stole my heart was her amazing Halloween decorations for her fireplace and mantel! The colors, textures, and creativity are so fabulous–especially the masks on the portraits! So good.

Skully Bow Heels | PonyChops
Chantal’s hand-painted shoes are always gorgeous, but I feel like her style especially suits Halloween themed designs! Loving this black cat pair, too!

Curried Pumpkin Soup | A Beautiful Mess
Another yummy looking pumpkin recipe… I just made the recipe for pea soup from this A Beautiful Mess post tonight and it turned out pretty good! I want to try this one next! Pumpkin and curry sounds like the perfect autumn collab to me!

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone! xo

GIVEAWAY: Seams To Be [Winner!]

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time to announce the winner of my very first giveaway!

Congrats, Andrea! Thank you to everyone who entered! Hopefully I can bring you all some more free goodies in the near future. I want to do a giveaway with some of my own work soon.

Also, welcome to any new readers I’ve gained over the past week! I really appreciate you reading and commenting! <3

Big Book of Cats: Haley

The Big Book of Cats is a weekly illustration project. In 1998, I was 11 years old and decided to make a 200 page encyclopedia of anthropomorphic cat girls. I’ve made a vow to honor this horrific piece of literature and redraw every cat girl and post a new drawing along with the original for the internet’s amusement. Want to know more? Read my official introduction here and check out all the drawings so far here!

You’re welcome and I’m so so sorry.

– – –

I love that so many of my cat ladies are rocking these school girl-inspired get ups. Clearly I’ve always been into that look–even when I still was one!

Haley is another geek-chic cutie. I tried to give all her little accessories an upgrade. She’s now got some tortoise shell frames, a pair of multi-strap mary janes, and a Coach legacy bag. Maybe I’m living vicariously through her a bit too much, huh? ;)

OOTD: Pleather and Poodles

Black Collared Shirt, Poodle Sweater: Forever21 | Jacket, Romper (worn as shorts), Tights: Target | Crown Necklace: Tasty Peach Studios | Bag: Coach | Platform Booties: Jeffrey Campbell

I feel like I’ve reached another blogging landmark–I finally own a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Litas, y’all! ;) I planned on indulging in a pair for various reasons–tax return money, Christmas, birthday–but just never did. When I saw the flaw-free Nicolette Mason tweet that she was selling hers, I fucking teleported to that shit. Clicked “buy” so hard! How can I explain how amazing/dangerous it is that we wear the same size? I would gladly take all her hand-me-downs! I can only imagine the charming NYC adventures these babes had with Nicolette, but I’m happy they have a new, dull home in the midwest with me. :)

FF10: Studio MME

As an artist chugging along with her own beloved illustration side projects, I really love and appreciate seeing others put the same passion toward their own. Today I want to share with you Studio MME’s 2013 Calendar of Magical Places!

Megan shares illustrations, musings, and more at Studio MME.  She and I have a lot in common–both 25 year-old illustrators who love cats and quirky things. :)

She asked her readers to share the places where they felt most inspired or surrounded by mystery.  The responses flooded in and it was hard for her to pick just 12 to turn into colorful pen and ink illustrations, but she did it!

The calendar features the shores of Scotland, towering redwoods, lonely beaches, and the night sky. I love her use of ink and the hand lettering on each month’s page is lovely.

I totally feel the love in this project and encourage y’all to go check out the calendar and the rest of Megan’s work!



Today I am so excited to host my very first blog giveaway for you guys! And it’s a real good one! ;)

The lovely and talented Lyndsay from Seams To Be contacted me about sharing one of her beautiful knit pieces with my readers and I jumped at the chance to get this snuggly mint cowl scarf!

Cowls are one of my favorite winter accessories and I know I’m going to wear this baby out this season! It’s so soft and warm. It feels thick, fluffy, and very luxurious, if I do say so myself. :) I love the crocheted texture and this minty color is just the best! It was hard to choose between mint or mustard, though. Lyndsay offers some great colors!

Cowl c/o Seams To Be | Shirt Dress: JCPenny | Over-the-knee Socks: Target
Heels: Banana Republic

The winner of this giveaway will get an Oversized Crocheted Cowl Scarf from Seams To Be in the color of their choice!

To enter, just comment with the color you’d like to get if you won and your email address! Super easy. For bonus entries, you can follow CreatureType on BlogLovin and/or Twitter! Please leave a separate comment for each entry. You have 3 chances to win this super cute scarf!

You can visit Lyndsay’s lovely blog, Craftanista, here!

I’ll contact and announce the winner next Thursday, October 25! Good luck and thanks for entering! ♥