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I ♥ Bloggers: The Dainty Squid

October 15, 2012

Today I’m starting a new illustration project that I’ve been really excited to start sharing with you!

I’ve said before that I consider blogs one of my favorite forms of entertainment–I read so many amazing blogs about fashion, lifestyle, art, interior design–you name it, really! My BlogLovin queue awaits me every morning and I love learning, being entertained, and getting inspired by so many talented, interesting ladies (and gents) daily.

Portraits are one of my favorite things to draw, so I knew when I started blogging myself, I’d want to do a kind tribute series of portraits of some of my favorite bloggers! So here we go!

The first lady I chose to illustrate is Kaylah from The Dainty Squid! I doubt I have many readers who are unfamiliar with Kaylah. She’s quite a popular blogger, and rightfully so. She always shares a plethora of beautiful posts about nature, photography, kitty cats, her amazing brightly colored hair, and her adorable personal style.

How could I not be just dying to draw Kaylah first, right?! She’s so cute and full of unique personality, her portrait came very easily. :) It was actually difficult to reign myself in and not go crazy with details that remind me of her style. Flowers and mushrooms were obvious choices, but I kind of wanted to go nuts with cats, teeth, leaves, and insects!

My Big Book of Cats series will still go up every Wednesday at 9am, but I’m choosing to not commit to a strict schedule for the I ♥ Bloggers series. I don’t ever want my illustration projects to feel like chores. I’ll be posting a new blogger portrait at least once a month, probably always on Mondays, but it’s my goal to try for one every 2-3 weeks. :)

  • Oh wow this is absolutely amazing! You are incredibly talented!

  • You are amazingly talented!!! This is perfect! If I was Kaylah, I would totally frame this!!! :) Bravo, lady!

  • What a cute idea!
    I really love your illustrations, they’re so full of personality. So it makes sense for you to use them to depict fabulous blogging personalities!


  • STOP. You’re SO talented. Why can’t I have your artistic prowess? arghhhh.

    And I <3 Kaylah's blog, so drawing her good decision on your part.

    • Michelle

      Right? She was definitely an obvious first choice :)

  • What a gorgeous portrait. I love how the browns and orange contrast her hair.

  • this is wonderful! so talented!

  • Wow! You’re very talented and I would hope anyone drawn by you would be honoured!

    I love her blog, too!

  • I love this!! What a cool series, and an excellent choice for your first feature! =)

  • So cute! I am new to your blog but I love your illustration work :)

    • Michelle

      Thanks so much, Kaili! You have a lovely blog and illustrations, too! I love your theatrical style posts!!

  • Oh my gosh, SO perfectly her!!!!
    xo Moorea