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Strange Folk Festival

October 2, 2012

On Sunday I had the great pleasure of attending The Strange Folk Festival–the St. Louis area’s largest outdoor indie arts and crafts show. They feature 150 vendors  and 10 bands from across the country along with plenty of eco-freindly craft activities, exhibits and local cuisine. It’s put together by the same awesome group that hosted the Etsy Craft Party I went to in August and I’ve been looking forward to it ever since then!

I went with a small group of friends and we had a blast seeing all the amazing goodies, eating tons of amazing carnival food, spending way too much money, and meeting all the adorable, crazy talented vendors–connecting with other artists and crafters is my favorite part! It just keeps fueling my hopes to one day join them!


I embarrassed myself by standing around the Swan Lake table for way too long, obsessing over all the goodies and arguing with myself over what to get. I ended up buying one of those round broaches and an AMAZING necklace that I’m sure will be starring in an outfit post asap. I could’ve easily bought everything at their table, for real. Perfect colors, perfect geometric meets organic shapes, perfect perfect perfect!


Amy Rose is the new love of my life. How adorable is she?! And how extra adorable is her work?! It was love at first sight. I bought a super cute bow ring from her to add to my collection. :)

Very cool notebooks and sketchbooks make from old hard bound books by AirScreen Printing & Design Co. They even put some of the book’s original pages mixed in with the blank pages!


Some of you may recognize Sucre Shop–being featured in Martha Stewart Living and Real Simple will earn some visibility! They make super cute hand-painted/stamped  wooden utensils and my dear friend, Marie (pictured above at the Sucre Shop table), works for the owner, Brooke Pratt!


The above necklaces are by Fable + Lore, another gorgeous accessory shop. My friend Erica got one of these sweet arrow necklaces from them. The owner, Chelsie, was lovely and is pictured below.


How precious are these necklaces by L.E. Goods?! Those clouds! The cute owner, Angie, is pictured below. Marie got a pair of lemon earrings that make me curse my gaged ears…

This was a mobile tea cafe! (!!!)

Definitely snagged one of these genius bear medals from Sally Harless Art + Illustration!


MuggyTuesday is a partnership of two sisters, Margaret and Sarah (pictured below), who make gorgeous crochet jewelry! Marie and I were in awe of all the lovely little details in their work.

Such wonderful plushes by Whimsy Vintage.


Beth from Parsimonia is the second new love of my life I met at Strange Folk! She owns a wonderfully curated mobile vintage boutique and as we were chatting, we discovered that she’s a freelance writer for the magazine I work at! How serendipitous. She was the sweetest and is posing above with the most perfect vintage dress ever that now happily resides in my closet! Can’t wait to share an outfit post with it soon! :)

Phew, cute shop overload, am I right? Can you see why I overspent my intended budget times two? Oops!

Hairbow: Good Stuff Only | Denim Vest: Thrifted | Striped Shirt: Old Navy | Kitty Heart Broach: I’m Your Present | Lace Dress(worn as skirt): UO | Tights: Target | Boots: Blowfish

And here’s what I wore! So happy the weather allows me to break out my favorite Blowfish boots again!

We had the best day! Can’t wait until next year!

  • GIRL. I am JUST as in love with you!! Thank you for the kind words! You took some incredible photos! Being a vendor means you don’t get to go out and ooh-and-awe as much (I sent my husband out to take some pics but he’s into horticulture so I just got a bunch of pictures of trees. haha) so these are quite a treat to see! But it’s also a good thing, because if I did wander I would spend all my money (which may or may not have happened the first couple of years I was there..) And you could most definitely be a vendor! Because you’re insanely talented!

    • Michelle

      lol I took $50 out of the ATM that morning and was like, “Okay, Michelle, this is what you’re allowed to spend. When your cash is gone, you’re done.” That rule was ignored real fast! ;)

      Aww, thank you! This year my concentration is to kind of work on my illustrations and find ways to make more marketable prints and products because I’d really love to be more involved with craft shows and such. I have a great day job that allows me that flexibility, so I want to take advantage of it and really do work for myself in my free time!

  • Wow, this looks like such a cool event! I absolutely love going to craft fairs and I’m always curious what they’re like in other cities. =) Thanks for sharing!

    • Michelle

      Me too! I really want to travel around and visit some others!

  • YAY STRANGE FOLK!! So bummed we missed you!! Your’e rocking that outfit, btw!


    Jessa + Judd

    • Michelle

      I knoowww I was bummed when I saw you went Saturday! Thanks, gurl. <3

  • Its awesome to see a fellow Missourian in blog-land!

    I wish I didn’t have to work last weekend and that I could’ve road-tripped out to St. Louis for this! It looks like it was a blast!

    • Michelle

      Good to see your blog, too! I always get excited about local-ish blogs! :) KC has some pretty fantastic arts and crafts goings-on, I wouldn’t be too jealous!