Tag, I’m It!

October 4, 2012

The lovely Sarah, from Well and Cheaply, tagged me in this questionnaire thingy last week. Here are my answers! :)

1. How often do you get a haircut?
Umm, probably every 3-ish months? I would go more often if I could afford it because I love it! I’m trying to grow my hair as long as possible, so I should probably go less often, but I have such thick hair, I really enjoy getting the layers touched up.

2. Who is your literary boyfriend?
Hahaha, I’ve told my boyfriend he should read Catcher In The Rye, because I’m sure he would see a lot of himself in Holden Caufield, so maybe that’s the most practical answer? But my favorite books are the Harry Potter series and Harry is actually my favorite character, so maybe him? I’d take that! :)

3. When do you usually go to sleep at night?
Usually around midnight. Probably skews later than that, though. I’m lucky and don’t have to be at my day job until, at the earliest, 9:30, so I don’t really worry about getting enough sleep anymore. I’m usually good!

4. What is your favorite breakfast food?
Chocolate chip pancakes! Or waffles. Lately I’m all about the waffles.

5. What do you picture when I say “birthday cake?”
Dairy Queen ice cream cake foreverrr

6. How do you get your news?
I like getting news from all different sources–local TV news, blogs, talking to people about current events–but my favorite way to get news is NPR. I’m so in love with NPR. I used to have my radio on it at my desk all day at my last job, but now I work too closely to my coworkers to really do that. :/

7. What was a favorite toy when you were little?
A large stuffed panda named Mr. Patches. He was a hand-me-down from my cousin, Kelly, and I slept with him every night up until college! Haha, he was pretty pillow-shaped and I like hugging something close to me and curling up when I sleep. He still lives at my parents’ house.

8. What did you write about on your blog exactly (or give or take a few days) one year ago. Β Can you link to the post?
Aww, I’ve only had this blog for about 2 months! Haha, I used LiveJournal before this and blogger before that, so I’m not entirely new to the blogging thing, but one year ago was kind of a hole in my blogging world. I wasn’t really using LJ anymore, just twitter and tumblr, which don’t really chronicle my life the way a blog does.

9. Describe your perfect rainy day.
It would be a Saturday morning. I’d be alone in the loft catching up on my DVR, doing my nails, and cooking something yummy. I’d be wearing sweatpants and doing laundry. lol I’m the most exciting.

10. Share the link of a you tube video you’ve watched one too many times.
Pretty much my theme song at this point.

11. What’s your favorite Beatles song?

Okay, so my mom was a huge Beatles fangirl when she was a kid and instilled Beatles love in me from a young age. I had kind of a Beatles re-awakening in college where I really began to understand them more and became more emotionally invested in that connection with my mom. Also, I really love pop music, so I’m totally cheating and just listing some of my faves because this question is HARD.
Across the Universe, Carry That Weight, Good Day Sunshine, Here Comes The Sun, In My Life, I’ve Just Seen a Face, Lady Madonna, Let It Be

Done! These were fun, easy questions. Thanks, Sarah! :) Now I’m suppose to tag 5 people with my own questions!

1. Do you believe in guilty pleasures? Why/why not?
2. What is your favorite/most-loved souvenir?
3. What’s the worst job you’ve ever had to work?
4. Even if you don’t generally like pop music, what’s your favorite pop song?
5. What hobby/subject has made you the most fangirly or obsessive? Was it a phase?
6. What’s your favorite kind of cuisine?
7. Which is your favorite Harry Potter book? Movie?
8. If you could have any hair color–naturally and maintenence-free–what would it be?
9. What is your favorite drink? Not necessarily boozy!
10. What musical(s) do you know all the lyrics to?
11. What’s the last movie you saw in a theater?

Tagging Staci, Kelsea/Pink Wonderland, Julie/Orchid Grey, Jessa/Pearl + Earl’s Good Time Vintage Blog, and Annika/All The Live Long Day!

  • OH MY GOSH. The DQ ice cream cake is THE BEST!!!! I had an ice cream cake craving the other day and told my boyfriend… bugged him about it until we finally went a few days later. Definitely picturing a DQ ice cream cake in my head. And we ended up going to Coldstone because he had a gift card… it was not at all the same.

    Thanks for tagging me! I’ll try to post it soon! Busy month… ah!