What’s Up, Four Eyes?

October 8, 2012

I love glasses. I hope to one day have a collection as vast at this lovely lady’s. I’ll reenact this illustration in front of my mirror every morning while I get ready, matching my frames to my outfit. And yes, I’ll pose like this, too.

  • oh my–i love this! i, too, am a glasses lover and would kill for this collection. such a cute illustration!

    • Michelle

      Right?! Thanks, doll! :)

  • !!! I need this print hanging in my studio asap. I love everything about it!

  • erika

    I would also love a closet of glasses! Brings me back to days in 7th grade…. ;)

  • Oh man this is too cute! I love it!


    • Michelle

      Aw, thank you, doll! I appreciate it. Your blog is one of my new favorites btw! :)