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Big Book of Cats: Shawna

November 14, 2012

The Big Book of Cats is a weekly illustration project. In 1998, I was 11 years old and decided to make a 200 page encyclopedia of anthropomorphic cat girls. I’ve made a vow to honor this horrific piece of literature and redraw every cat girl and post a new drawing along with the original for the internet’s amusement. Want to know more? Read my official introduction here and check out all the drawings so far here!

You’re welcome and I’m so so sorry.

– – –

Meet Shawna! I’m pleasantly surprised that 11 year old Michelle was culturally aware enough to (sort of) know what a sari looks like! Shawna is super pretty and I’m sure she also appreciates the effort, even if on her bio page it states that her home country is “Asia”. You tried, white girl. You tried.

Haha, the “you tried” star may also apply to new Shawna, but hopefully a little less so. I did, indeed, try to semi accurately draw a sari. At least I had fun?

Anyway, I like Shawna. She’s sassily giving me the side-eye.

  • Oooh, I like Shawna a LOT! I love sari’s, they are so pretty. <3 I think you did a wonderful job drawing hers. :)

  • I love this! Can’t wait to go check out some more of the redraws.

    <3 Melissa

  • This is fantastic. WTG 11-year old girl from Missouri. You deserve at least three of those stars!