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November 23, 2012

My late, but sincere wishes that y’all had a happy day full of yummy food yesterday, no matter where you live, but special shout out to my fellow USA babes chowin’ down on some turkey or delicious turkey substitutes. :)

Here are some things I’ve been especially thankful for this year:

♥ Happy and healthy friends and family
♥ Support from friends
♥ Delicious food all the time
♥ New experiences
♥ Getting more involved with the handmade/crafty scene
♥ Finally starting a blog and having a blast updating it all the time
♥ Looking like a babe as often as possible
♥ Keeping my word on regular illustration projects
♥ Being able to find an awesome new job after being laid off from a former mediocre one
♥ Exciting new job possibilities
♥ Supportive, smart, funny boyfriend who I like a lot
♥ Super sweet, friendly people who read my blog

Thank you to everyone reading and commenting! I’m thankful for all y’all!! xo