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I ♥ Bloggers: Mermaidens

February 11, 2013


Hi everyone! It’s been far too long since I shared a portrait of one of my favorite bloggers! Today, I present the adorable Kailey from Mermaidens! Her sugar sweetness and pastel dreamy-ness are a perfect way to kick-off Valentine’s week, don’t you think?


Everything about Kailey just brings a smile to my face! I love her sweet style, kind personality, and her refreshing “quality over quantity” blogging. She doesn’t post daily like many other bloggers, but when a new post pops into my queue from Mermaidens, it’s always a real treat! The fact that she has such a confident, but experimental style and way of expressing herself at her young age is really inspiring! Plus, she could not be nicer. Seriously. xo

  • WOW! I saw your feature on Mermaidens and I absolutely love this! I’m your newest fan :)

    • Michelle

      Thank you, Megan! <3 I'm a fan of your work, too! You have a lovely blog!

  • awesome!
    I’m an illustrator too and the things I draw the most are moons and mermaids.. my favorite themes.. this is lovely.. cool feature..
    stay cool!

    • Michelle

      Thanks, Ivette! Your work is lovely! Mermaids and moons are amazing themes to explore. :)

  • You are so talented!! I love this drawing!! xo

    • Michelle

      So nice of you to say, thanks, Megan! :)

  • I saw this on Kailey’s blog earlier and was totally blown away, it’s amazing. You captured her so well. She’s got such a unique style xo

    • Michelle

      Thank you, Alice! Stylish ladies are the most fun to draw!

  • I’m glad to have found your blog – I love this illustration! So pretty and cute. xxx

    • Michelle

      I’m glad you found it, too, Carly! Your illustrations are super cute, too! <3

  • This is so awesome! I love all of the candy you included…. very Kailey! Your style is fantastic!

    • Michelle

      Thank you, Danielle! <3 I had a blast drawing all the little sugary details!

      I'm such a fan of your work and blog, by the way! Very flattered to see you comment! :)

      • Aw, no way! Thank you, I’m super flattered as well! :)

  • She seriously is one of the nicest people – and adorable too! I love how you drew her – the little shells are soo cute

    <3 katherine / of corgis & cocktails

    • Michelle

      Kailey’s the sweetest! One of the nicest blogging ladies I’ve had the pleasure to talk with. :)

  • AAaaaaaahhhhmazing. As usual :)

    • Michelle

      Thank you, doll! <3

  • Love this interpretation of her! And you couldn’t be more right about her kindness – great choice! :) What a fun series!!

    <3 Megan

  • This is truly amazing, Michelle! I can’t get over how much it looks like Kailey!

    Lost in the Haze: a Fashion Photography Blog

    • Michelle

      Aww, thank you, Jo! <3

  • Fantastic portrait. It really looks like her and I love the little details like the candy around her. So rad! I want one of me but instead of seashells for breast covers i’d want burgers. Hehehe

    • Michelle

      Oohh I love that idea! I want to do more junk food portraits! My favorite *_*

  • Kailey rules! I love her hair and mermaid style!
    I adore you art, I hope you know.

    • Michelle

      Aww, thank you, Chloe! You’re the cutest, I adore you, too!

  • What a fun series. And I definitely agree- she has such a fun, unique style.

    • Michelle

      Thanks, Kristian! <3

  • Oh this is gorgeous!! You are a very talented lady. <3


    • Michelle

      Thank you, Phillippa! This comment means so much as I’m such a big fan of your work, too! <3

  • Great art work of Kailey, I’m a big fan of her blog :D xx