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Beautiful Forever: Temporary Tattoos For A Good Cause!

March 18, 2013


This Friday is the opening for yet another kick-ass gallery show at Light Grey Art Lab! Because I participated in the RESOLVE TO MAKE 2013 Workshop at Light Grey in January, I was automatically invited to contribute to their Message In A Bottle show. That was awesome and exciting, but I still had a burning desire to get into a show there on my own merit. I was beyond happy when I was accepted for the Beautiful Forever show! It’s a show of temporary tattoo designs! That people can actually buy and use! How cool is that?! I could barely imagine a show I’d be more excited about contributing to!

Beautiful Forever isn’t the only show opening on the 22nd. The other side of the gallery will house Blowout–a show featuring the personal artwork of some amazing professional tattoo artists. Curated by Uptown Tattoo, this is a gallery exhibition and benefit show for Minneapolis tattoo artist Tom Strom. Tom was recently involved in a bad biking accident, and is in need of back surgery. Proceeds from the exhibition will go towards Tom and his recovery. The show is not just about the artwork, but the unbelievable sense of family and community within the tattoo world.


Ta-da! Here’s the sheet of tattoos I designed!

I had a blast working on these and definitely want to explore making more temporary tattoo designs in the future! Later this week, I’ll share the interview I did with Light Grey about my thought process behind my designs and some of my current inspirations and creative processes! :)

tattoos_bannerThe awesome news is that you don’t have to attend the show to buy the tattoos! Each artist’s sheet is available for sale at LGAL’s online shop! $1 from each $10 purchase goes to help out Tom Strom and his recovery. I think this is such a fantastic fundraiser idea! I invite any and all readers to share their favorite tattoos from this exhibition–there are some GORGEOUS contributions! Go check them all out and consider buying a sheet or two to not only help an artist in need, but to decorate yourself with rad artwork! :) xo

  • I will say this over and over again, but I love your work. You are crazy talented!

    • Michelle

      And I appreciate it every time! Thanks, doll! <3

  • Love your tattoos, and it’s pretty funny because I just ordered some temp tattoos of my work to sell at the comic book cons I’m doing this year! What is it they say… Great minds run in the same circles? :)
    Here are mine…
    Illustrations on your Arm Blog Post

    • Michelle

      That’s so awesome! I love how accessible it is nowadays to turn your artwork into ANYTHING! What did you use to make yours, if you don’t mind me asking?

      • I found out about this tattoo manufacturer https://www.tattoosales.com/ through my dayjob. (I do graphic design and we sometimes order promo items.) Another fun one I’m trying is custom slap bracelets! There’s a blast from the early 90’s! :)

  • These are awesome!!

  • alex

    Fuck just design me a real tattoo someday ughhh so pretty

    • Michelle

      Yes I want to!!!

  • Ahhhh these are so terrific!! The cupcake with kitty on it is so perfect! I think I’m going to need to purchase these.

  • erika

    These temporary tattoos are adorable! Love them! So happy for you and these new opportunities!!!

  • Ah! These are so adorably awesome. Well done, lady!

  • I love them all. The toatal babe one is so rad and I lOVE the burger one with your my everything. I should get that one actually tattooed on me. :)

  • Dude! These are so awesome! I just really enjoy your sense of humor, mashed together with your most excellent illustration style. And I am dying over the tie in in Total Babe. Genius! Plus she’s babely indeed!!
    You’re one talented lady, Michelle!