project: big book of cats

Big Book of Cats: Linny

May 1, 2013


The Big Book of Cats is a weekly illustration project. In 1998, I was 11 years old and decided to make a 200 page encyclopedia of anthropomorphic cat girls. I’ve made a vow to honor this horrific piece of literature and redraw every cat girl and post a new drawing along with the original for the internet’s amusement. Want to know more? Read my official introduction here and check out all the drawings so far here!

You’re welcome and I’m so so sorry.

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Linny’s bio page says she hales from Florida, so I’m going to assume she works at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. Just giving her the benefit of the doubt here.


Did some more experimenting this week. I might hate it. I can’t decide. :/

I always feel a little uncomfortable drawing the super sexy cat ladies… On one hand, I love drawing super sexy ladies, but on the other, I’m really walking the line with this whole anthropomorphic thing. Haha, does the furry potential creep you out?

  • Hahaha, this project is so amazing… these posts always make my day!

  • Great drawing, as usual, but if I were Linny, I might just ditch the pants all together and go swimming! She looks like the kinda girl who enjoys the beach ^_^

  • These posts always make my day- I think they are fun rather than strange or any such thing.

    I think this Linny might also play Jasmine in the Orlando parks.

  • Is…. is she a belly dancing instructor? Something about the flowers in her hair, and her hands has her facial expression stuck somewhere between “come hither” and “pass the j” for me. Like she’s not certain how she got to where she is, right now.

    I really like the stark highlights you did this week. It’s such a nice contrast to the soft chiffon pants, it offers a real sense of texture.


  • Sammie

    Idunno..this could be my new favorite. There could be a million reasons for that – but cat girl or not – I’m down with a gal being proud of what she’s got and showing it off!

    Also, you have created an outfit that I think I need every piece of. plzhalp

  • I like her. I remember when furries were really big. I mean they kind of are now but they were so popular a few years back. I’ll admit I liked the cat-girls. The sexier the better!

  • Alex

    what!? girl shut up! this style is totally you but so different at the same time and i’m completely in loveeee with it. it looks like straight up markers but digital and i literally want this in my life for forever

    • Michelle

      Ahhh, you’re my favorite <3 <3

  • Okay, she’s really adorable. I’m in love with her hair!! It’s almost summer……I can wear flowers in my hair now, right? :)

    xo. Mandy

    • Michelle

      Totally! Haha, I wear flowers in my hair all year long. I need that bit of cheeriness when it’s gloomy and cold outside!

  • Rachel Hopper

    This made me laugh fairly hysterically. Just because I remember drawing girls with huge, monstrous boobs, too.