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10 Home Decor Faves from ModCloth

August 20, 2013


It’s no secret that I’m really into ModCloth. I’m a total sucker for their cutesy, kitschy aesthetic and I’ve always gotten the impression that the company is run by a pretty kick-ass group of ladies (and gents, I’m sure). When I started blogging, I knew I wanted to sign up for their affiliate program. Since it’s a company I genuinely enjoy and I knew I’d end up hawking their products on the regs anyway, I might as well see if I could make a bit of dough out of it, right?

I mention this because although this is a for-profit blog, I never want there to be any doubt when I share my thoughts on brands and products. I usually do it out of pure, honest enthusiasm, but sometimes there’s a little something in it for me and I don’t want to ever seem shady about it. I don’t think I’ve specifically mentioned that I use affiliate links for ModCloth before, so I wanted to make sure that’s known! For the record, they’re currently the only affiliate link I do use and I’ve never actually made any money from it (yet). I’m mostly too lazy to pursue those avenues of monetary gain and even if I was, I’m more interested in monetizing this blog with my design and illustration work anyway! :)

Haha, now that that’s out of the way–ModCloth sent out an email last week inviting affiliates to post about their new home decor section. This was right up alley seeing as I’m probably about to be moving to a new house! A new house that’s almost twice the size of my current apartment and justing waiting to be filled with cute trinkets! :) I decided to participate by just sharing a sort of Friday Favorites post–just a little earlier this week!


1. Yours, Mine, and Noir’s Duvet Cover $89.99
2. Galaxy You Later Night Light $7.99
3. Creature Comfortable Keepsake Box $16.99
4. Lampersand $89.99
5. Lovin Spoonfuls Set $7.99
6. Fowl Play Curtain $37.99
7. Fairest of the Wall Mirror Set $26.99
8. Frame of Preference Shadow Box $34.99
9. Dream Team Sheet Set $99.99
10. Hyde Park Temporary Wallpaper $89.99

Disclaimer: This post uses affiliate links to some specifically pictured items that I love. Clicking on or purchasing via an affiliate link may result in commissions for this site.

  • Ooo, I love your choices! I really, really love the Lampersand! ^_^

  • I showed my husband the duvet when it came out and he told me there was no way, but I might need to get it anyway because it’s just so beautiful. :3

    • Michelle

      Hahaha, you know what, sometimes significant others just don’t know what’s best for them.

  • Trying to nail down which of these I love the most as they are all well designed!!! I think maybe the measuring spoons :)
    Elizabeth The Bradleys

    • Michelle

      Aren’t they cute?! I love a fun set of measuring spoons!

  • #3! #3!!! I love ModCloth’s home decor, as well. I’ve been a fan for years, though I haven’t bought anything yet. I definitely will, though. ♥ I also LOVE that nightlight, swoon!!!

    Fun finds, lady. :D

  • I have that cat bed spread, I love it so much!

    • Michelle

      Ahhh, you WOULD have that, you fabulous lady! I’m jealous! <3

  • I’m so tempted to buy those cat covers!! I need new bedding for my new flat… I’m sure I can convince myself to buy them

    • Michelle

      Haha, they really are perfect!!