project: big book of cats

Big Book of Cats: 1 Year of Cats!

August 8, 2013


Today(tomorrow, really) marks the 1 year anniversary of my Big Book of Cats project! Woohoo! \o/

I feel really great to have made it to this point. I’ve gotten a bit off schedule a few times in the past couple of months, but besides that, I’ve been really staying on track and posting every week. Besides just sharing all the funny, weird shit I did as a kid, this illustration project was intended to make sure I keep drawing everyday and finish an illustration–even as small and simple as one of these guys–each week.

Ever since graduating college and getting full time jobs doing graphic design, my creative output has taken a bit of a dive. I resolved that 2013 would be different and I would get more serious about growing my illustration work, which is where my passion really lies. I’m happy to say that when I look through my file folders for artwork done in 2013, the amount far surpasses 2012(and 2011, too, tbh) already and we’re only 2/3rds through!

I was proud of myself for completing the original Big Book of Cats in 1998 and I’m determined to feel the same accomplishment when I finish it again in 2014! Or 2015. I haven’t really calculated my tentative finish date yet. Too sad to think about!

Do you recognize the lovely ladies in the GIF? Haha, I had way too much fun with that one. 8)

So far, I’ve shared 42 cat girl drawings! Isn’t that nuts? Here’s to the next 42! xo

  • Yay, I love GIFs! It doesn’t seem like you’ve done 42 cats, but I guess time flies when you’re having fun/enjoying looking at your artwork.
    Happy cat girls anniversary! =^.^=

  • Your Cat Girls make me SO excited. Every single time that I click “next” in my Bloglovin bar, and I see that I’m about to meet a new cat, I get unreasonably excited. It really does make my day.
    I hope it doesn’t end until 2015–you’re right, it’s too sad to think about. Just keep doing do-overs. No one will mind.

  • I looooove Big Book of Cats! It’s one of my favorite features on your blog and I look forward to Wednesdays so I can check out the newest! Congrats on getting so far into the project!

  • I love your BBoC Project. It makes me wish that I had kept some of my own artwork growing up. I can’t wait to see more of the kitties!

  • Congrats on that! I love the cat girls!

    On that note, your GIFs of them are the coolest thing ever!

  • I just recently started following you and I think one of the big reasons is to see your cats every week. It’s such a good plan to keep your creative juices flowing. I totally feel you on needing to find something to keep that creative output going.

  • Yay! I love the cat girls; seeing a new one on my reader always makes me so happy! ^_^ I love the gifs too! So cute!

  • Congratulations! I gotta say the big book of cats is one of my favorite things on the internet these days. When you finish, you should compile them into a book, so I can put it on my coffee table!

  • Happy Cativersary! I can’t wait to see more! I love your art!

  • CONGRATULATIONS! I love the gif you made of them all. I can’t wait to see the next 42.

  • You should feel great! I would not have the discipline to post every week. The cat girls are so much fun. Looking forward to seeing more of them! xx

  • SO stoked on this. I adore the cat girl drawings. Can’t wait for more!

  • Eep, what a wonderful little gif, so cute! Congrats on your accomplishment girly, soak up your bliss!

    <3 Meg

  • I can’t believe it’s been a year since you started this! I absolutely love this project, it’s great seeing how you recreate the cat ladies.

  • Congrats on one year! this project is one of the first things i remember about how my huge crush on you started! i love me some cat girls! <3 <3 <3

    • Michelle

      Awww, thank you, Jenna! The crush is mutual! <3<3