project: big book of cats

Big Book of Cats: Millie

November 6, 2013

The Big Book of Cats is a weekly illustration project. In 1998, I was 11 years old and decided to make a 200 page encyclopedia of anthropomorphic cat girls. I’ve made a vow to honor this horrific piece of literature and redraw every cat girl and post a new drawing along with the original for the internet’s amusement. Want to know more? Read my official introduction here and check out all the drawings so far here!

You’re welcome and I’m so so sorry.

– – –


Millie is an interesting exercise in my idea of diversity. She’s a another kid–like Susie–according to her bio page, Millie is only 6 years old and her last name is “Poodle”. So I guess I just really wanted to draw a poodle girl, so I basically did, but gave her cat ears instead? Who knows. Maybe she’s bi-species?


Millie’s re-draw is my favorite in a long time! I feel like I’m finally making progress with combining thick lines and more implied lines… if that makes sense! I usually would draw one or the other so I’ve been making a conscious choice lately to try and combine the styles into something a little more interesting. This one is also a fun experiment with colors! I really need to improve my color choices in my work in general.

Since new Mille is a little less blatantly poodle-looking, I gave her a cute little poodle doll. :) He kind of looks like a sheep, but he’s cute and I want one.

  • She’s adorable, i love her pose and the colours you used.

  • aw, this is such a fun idea! This is such a lovely and colorful re-imagining.

  • Haha, I love it! This is such a wonderful idea! I’ve got loads of old sketchbooks from around a decade ago that it would be fun to go through and do an updated version.

    What kind of program did you use to do this? I spent the majority of my teenage life using Paint Shop Pro 7 and I am completely lost on any other graphic design programs aside from GIMP.

  • I love the colour palate in this one. Her little hairs and colour change at the tip of her tail are amazing.

  • I really like the way this one is reminiscent of pop art/Andy Warhol-esque cartoons if you know what I mean? I love all the strong contrast. I definitely love where you took this one! xx

  • Millie is adorable and I see what you meant about lines. I like the coloring choices here too.

  • She’s adorable and I love her little poodle doll too ^__^