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Creature Type x Sucre Shop


I’m really excited to announce that my donut brooches are now for sale at Sucre Shop!

The owner of Sucre Shop, Brooke, bought a brooch from me at Spring Fling and enjoyed it enough to ask me for my very first wholesale order! It was super exciting for me and I couldn’t ask for a better fit. I’m looking forward to opportunities for future collaborations with them–ice cream brooches, anyone?


Brooke is a local handmade superstar. She’s been selling her adorable handmade wooden utensils since 2011. In the past two years, Sucre Shop has grown from a little Etsy shop run by one person into a team of ice cream enthusiasts that wholesale their unique, customized products to every place from gourmet grocers to retail stores Internationally.

With my Etsy shop on a bit of a hiatus from my move and upcoming holiday craft shows, this may be your only chance to buy a donut brooch in time for the holidays! You can buy them here! xo

*Photos are from Sucre Shop

  • http://floatingthrufields.blogspot.com/ Kim

    that’s awesome!
    I really like your drawing style and sucre’s stuff is really cool :)

    • Michelle

      Thank you, Kim! :) Everything Sucre Shop makes is so so adorable I can’t take it! I love the bright, pastel aesthetic

  • http://www.nerd-burger.com Nerd Burger

    Congratulations. They look amazing. I want one. :)

  • http://kittycatstevens.com kitty cat stevens

    congrats, michelle! this is so exciting for you— i can’t wait to see where fun opportunities like this take you <3

    • Michelle

      Thank you, Jenna! Love you. :’) I dream of quitting my day job more and more every day. Baby steps!

  • http://condensedstarstuff.blogspot.com Danielle M.

    How awesome is that? Congrats on getting recognized for your amazing skills!

    • Michelle

      Aww, thanks Danielle! So sweet xo

  • http://hellomartiangirl.blogspot.com Rosa Clementine

    CONGRATS!! how exciting!!!

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