holidays illustration

Merry Christmas! xo

December 25, 2013


I hope you guys are all having a lovely holiday and enjoy some rest and relaxation at the very least! Love you guys! xo

  • Merry Christmas, Michelle! :)

  • Merry Christmas. Hope you have a great day.

  • I love your family portrait! What a memorable 2014 it’s been for you, moving into that gorgeous house! Blessings to you guys.

    • Michelle

      Thank you so much, Libby! I feel super lucky! <3 Have an amazing new year! xo

  • Your Christmas card could not be more perfect! I’m just crazy about your artwork! Merry Christmas, lady!

  • Kim

    this is so fun! Happy Holidays to you too
    I love this cute little drawing of you and your adorable house :)

    • Michelle

      Thank you, Kim! <3 Happy holidays to you and have an awesome new year!

  • Ahh I got your postcard in the mail today! Thank you the HP Stamps & all, it was so perf. Made my day brighter~ ^^

    • Michelle

      Yay! I’m so glad it made it to you safely! I was excited to get the HP stamps. Perfect timing. 8)

  • Such a lovely illustration sweets! Hope you had a lovely Christmas!
    Zie Darling

    • Michelle

      Thank you, Zie! <3 I hope yours was even lovelier!

  • I’m loving your blog – this illustration is so adorable!! <3 jay

    • Michelle

      Aww thank you Jay!! Yours is one of my all-time faves so that means a lot! <3

  • Awww so cute and colorful! Happy holidays!!! :)