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OOTD: Holiday Uniform

December 30, 2013







Blouse, Skirt: Thrifted | Tights: Target | Shoes: Miu Miu | Plugs ℅ | Knit Bow Headband: Cristin Rae Knitwear

Happy Monday, everyone! I’m finally returning to the world of OOTD posts! :) It’s not the most picturesque spot in the house, but I’m just stoked to finally have a place with decent light inside! Having to stand around and pretend to be happy outside in the winter is the worst.

I’ve worn a few variations of this outfit multiple times this holiday season. A family gathering, my work Christmas party, and even Christmas Eve dinner, which marked the second time I was brave enough to wear my beloved Miu Mius out in public. Haha, I hate to be one of those people who hides away their fanciest, most beloved clothes because they’re afraid of hurting them, but I’m understandably pretty nervous about these shiny babies! I’m so clumsy. I’m afraid they’re doomed, but they’re still looking pretty gorgeous so far!

A few months ago, I included my favorite circle scarf in a Friday Favorites post and mentioned that I was also pining for a knit bow from local crafty superstar, Cristin Rae. Every time I see her at a show, I always try to squeeze my giant head into one of those adorable headbands, to no avail. At HoliDIY, Cristin ran over to my booth, measured my massive dome, and ran back over to her booth and knit me one on the spot! It was the sweetest, most exciting, generous gift ever! :’) It’s one of my favorite bows in my whole collection!

In testament to how nice Cristin is, she insisted my head only seemed big because of my big hair. ;)


Eeep, before I conclude this last holiday post, I wanted to share my fabulous Christmas nails! I begged Jessie for a comprehensive tutorial on how she makes her stunning fake nails and apparently I wasn’t the only one because she recently shared this awesome full how-to! She inspired me to make a holiday set and while I adored them, I ran into the same issues I always have with nails constantly popping off. :( I did them the night before the 23rd and I had to re-attach at least 3 nails per day until I finally got so frustrated on Christmas morning that I just took them all off. :/

Does anyone have any good nail glue recs? Am I not buffing my nails enough beforehand? Am I just too much of a klutz? Boo.

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  • Vicky

    Lookin cuuuute!!

  • Yay, inside your house! And your nails looked awesome too. I’m disappointed in myself because I haven’t done my nails in way too long.

  • What a snazzy Christmas outfit! I like the little details like the accented buttons and your fancy shoes, plus that cute bow.

    I’ve never worn fake nails before, and I probably won’t anytime soon. I’ve seen some of my friends wear them and they seem pretty frustrating. Yours look gorgeous though! I don’t know anything about how to make them stay, but I do know that with as much use as nails normally get, I can see how it would be difficult!

  • Cute outfit! Those shoes and that headband are so lovely :D

    I’m curious to know about the nail thing as well. I’ve used several before and it ALWAYS comes off. I don’t know if others are re-applying theirs or not.. it just seems annoying to have to be extra careful.

  • You are just THE cutest! xo

  • You are so adorable. I love your little knitted hair bow and OMG those nails. Merry Christmas.

  • Love this outfit! And those shoes are just amazing. I’m the same way with my precious possessions but I’m slowly getting over it. It’s hard work!

    • Michelle

      It’s so hard to be so conscious with my body–I knock into so many things and don’t realize it until I’m wearing something I’m trying to be gentle with!

  • Ok, seriously you are so cute and this outfit is just making me smile so much!! Love it and I’m so glad you are loving your bow. :)