Photo an Hour

January 31, 2014

I’ve never done a Photo an Hour post before, but I always enjoy looking at them on other blogs. That’s the whole fun of reading personal blogs–getting peeks into other people’s day-to-day lives.

I must admit, I get a little pang of resentment towards people who work from home and share like, “9am Made some french toast! 10am Pet my cat! 11am When to Yoga! 12pm Out to lunch! 1pm Walked my dog 2pm Took photos of my dog!” and then they end it with like, “9pm Going to sleep after a long, busy day!” Like… really? My perfect weekend looks like your “work” day. Haha, but I totally get the flip-side–it’s no fun taking 6 photos of your desk at your day job.

Anyway, here’s what my Thursday, January 30 looked like.


8:30am – I always roll out of bed at the last minute to get ready for work. It’s an awful habit!

9:15am – Got some coffee and sat down at my desk to start going through email–pleasantly surprised to have my conversation heart rings featured in ALIVE Magazine’s St. Louis Weekend Guide email blast! Friday night is their Handmade Happy Hour event and I’m totally stoked!


10:50am – A still life of my desk. Riveting!

11:30am – I work at a local culinary magazine and businesses are always popping in to share goodies with us–a definite perk of the job! I took a photo of these delicious pastries for our company instagram.


12:20pm – Andrew’s been thinking about adopting a dog sometime in the next year or two–probably a poodle mix. We texted back and forth for a while with some of our favorite goofy dogs on PetFinder. My favorite to search for are old, fat chihuahuas. This is Bam Bam and his photo with Santa KILLS me.

1:30pm – Since I’m so rushed in the mornings, I always forget to pack lunch. Our office is close to a grocery store, so I usually just head over there, but it’s been so cold lately, I try to avoid leaving until the end of the day. My coworker was a genius and reminded me that Jimmy John’s delivery is a thing. Brilliant.


2:45pm – Working. Checking out the newest issue of ALIVE.

4:30pm – I usually leave for the day around 4pm. I stopped by an art store on my way home for a few supplies.


5:15pm – I picked up this old jewelry display at a thrift store recently and I’m really excited to give it a fancy make-over for my craft show table! :) I pulled it out from the basement to clean it and start spray painting since it actually wasn’t too painfully cold outside.

6:30pm – Working on a batch of earrings for Handmade Happy Hour.


7:45pm – Leadership meeting for the Show Me Etsy Team at one of my favorite restaurants. They specialize in fancy drinks and dessert. I got a raspberry martini and the world’s best bread pudding for dinner. 8)

9:00pm – I brought in my jewelry display from drying on the back porch. I painted it white and added a little Creature Type sign on top. I think I’m going to put sheets on corkboard inside the panels… still not 100% sure.


10:00pm – Organizing all my prints for Handmade Happy Hour.

11:15pm – Getting some work done at my computer and browsing tumblr while my favorite nerds play games and listen to music.

12am – Bedtime! I was already in bed with the lights off before I remembered to take a photo. Haha, it wasn’t glamorous. No loss. ;)

My life isn’t pretty or interesting enough to do this sort of thing on the regs, but it was fun! If you’re an STL local, you should totally come visit me at Handmade Happy Hour tonight! 5-9pm at the Contemporary Art Museum. :)

  • Oh my gosh! Your day job looks like so much fun. Lucky girl! And your conversation heart earrings and rings are adorable, what are they made of? No wonder they were featured :)

    I actually do work from home but my day is nothing like that. It’s more like get up answer emails, work on orders, print out shipping labels, pack stuff, put in mail box, figure out what items to photograph, edit photos in photoshop, list items, promote on 20 social media channels, answer more emails, buy supplies, do some market research, develop more products, work until 2 am and go to bed to get up and do it all again. LOL So whoever is posting about their cat and yoga is either lying or isn’t really running a business. :D

    • Michelle |

      Haha, the grass is always greener, it seems, but I do really enjoy my day job. If I can’t work for myself, it’s a great second choice. :)

      I always assume most work-from-homers have schedules that look much more like yours, Aubree! I know it makes for crazier work days when you never leave.

  • Ahhh, I agree with you.. I love seeing photo an hour posts. So cool seeing how people live and their daily life but some of them are lame. Like, ones where its all ‘heres me working’, or ‘heres me and the baby again’. but then again my first couple of ‘photo an hour’ posts where just that.. lmao. I look back now at them an see how easy I had it. Just sitting at home, chilling with my dog. Hence why now, I try to pick days or weekend where I go out and do stuff. Something fun!
    Anyways, jealous of that jewellery/jewelry display! So cool. I hope you end up doing more of these posts. I don’t see many photo an hour posts from artists.

    Also! how are you liking using ‘Disqus’? Is it better with commenting back and forth between people? Sometimes I reply to people and I wonder if they ever got my message, since I don’t think most blogs let the commenter know that i’ve replied to a comment on my blog. Been thinking of trying this out…wow this got long.

    • Michelle |

      Haha, photo-an-hour posts can definitely be too repetitive and uninteresting. Once every few months in enough for me. :) I’ll probably try it again!

      I really like Disqus so far! I’ve always enjoyed the reply notification system when I left comments on other blogs with Disqus, but was always so content with my commenting system on WordPress from the back end, that I avoided it. It’s so easy to moderate and respond to comments on the WP admin, but they looked so messy on my actual blog. I felt like I wasn’t being accommodating to my readers. Someone mentioned on my reader survey that they never left comments because my comment section was a garbled mess on Firefox, which I never realized, so I wised up and just moved to Disqus. Nothing has changed on the back end, I feel like more people are commenting, and I haven’t gotten a single spam comment since! Plus, the comment section looks so much cleaner and nicer now. An upgrade all around!

      • That is great. I use firefox too, and yeah it was a bit of a mess but I like commenting anyways, haha. Guess I’ll have to switch over to Disqus soon…. maybe. I hate spammers!!

  • I love seeing these just to see how different everybody’s days are. I love the skirt (dress?) you’re wearing.

    • Michelle |

      Me too! And yes, it’s a skirt. :)

  • Lovely earrings and prints! Wish I could come visit you at the Happy Hour, sounds like an awesome opportunity though!
    I know what you mean by the updates of people who “work at home”. Even though I’m currently self-employed – it annoys me too. XD


    • Michelle |

      I’m definitely referring to a very small group of people who “work” at home! Haha, I imagine most self-employed people work 10x harder than most people do at their day jobs!

  • Erika_K_M

    what a fun way to show off your day! i think your day looks like such a fun thing! quite different than mine! i may have to try this sometime, but mine won’t be nearly as fun!

  • Thanks for sharing your day, Michelle!
    I tried to capture photo an hour one day and it just didn’t work. I totally blame being a mom on that one, haha. It was easy to forget that I was supposed to be taking pictures every hour.
    I’m itching to go to a craft fair sometime!

  • Annie

    aw, this is so sweet! I love posts like this. Your day looks very inspiring :).

  • i love these! i haven’t done one in a while but i always did them on my day off because it was a work day it would be stuff like here i am printing new tags for the shelves! and now i’m opening boxes! haha.
    i love your petfinder searches too. i like to look at elderly pugs on there.

  • Your life is awesome!!! Also…. “Cats” “Meow”… Need. So cute! I love picture an hour posts so much.

  • I don’t think most of people do the hour a day on days where they are just doing the norm. (At least I hope they work harder than that lol) I’ve been saying for months I’m going to do an hour a day post and it just never happens.

    I’ve been going back and forth on if I want to buy the girl with the glasses print… I keep thinking but where in the hell is it going to fit in my room!

    Chrissy of