Drawn: Into The Woods

February 20, 2014


98% of the time when I start drawing, my go-to subject is a cute girl–duh–but lately I’ve been itching to create some spaces and environments and have been doodling places. I’ve been collecting some photos of inspirational places and just interpreting them pretty literally for practice.


I came across this photo on tumblr (original source) ages ago. I’m always drawn to images with strong, contrasting warm/cool color palettes. I liked the idea of challenging myself to simplify a space with such complicated details.


This is the sketch I started with on paper. I knew if I didn’t try to block out some of the shadowy shapes, I’d get a little lost when coloring, so I tried to map it out beforehand. I’m really happy with the final result. I often don’t finish pieces I start just to try and learn a technique or build confidence  rendering something specific, but I think my little forest turned out nicely. Definitely a fun exercise. :)

  • Super cute. I’d love to see more like this. :)

    Chrissy of

  • Wow, looks great Michelle! I should try to push myself as well. I have the same “draw cuties” problem. lol!

  • This came out so wonderfully. I especially love the look of the background. You are just crazy talented!

  • Lisa Black


  • It’s gorgeous!

  • It’s beautiful! It came out very well. :)

  • Kate Hardy

    That coral red and mint combination is my favorite. Beautiful work. :)

  • gamerwife

    Beautiful. I love the colour palette. I just want to get lost in this place.

  • Beautiful drawing! c:
    I want to steal your talent, hehe.


  • Mackenzie Conner

    This is so pretty!! I love your style. Such pretty colors!!


  • Lauren Douglas

    This is beautiful. Just drawing beautiful scenery is a nice change!
    I have a question… Can you / have you posted about your technique with digital art? I’d love to know a bit more about it… I noticed in your Vampires Don’t Sunbathe piece that you used textures. I’d love to know how you do that, too.
    But just trying to pick your brain here! :P

    • Michelle |

      Thanks, Lauren! I’ll definitely try my hand at some simple digital illustration “how-to”s. I think that would be fun. :)

      • Lauren Douglas

        Awesome! That would be super helpful!
        I just got a tablet recently and I am kind of lost with it, haha.
        Exciting! Thank you!