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FF29: I Really Love My…

April 4, 2014


Happy Friday! A lot of fashion bloggers post remixes of some of their favorite pieces worn different ways. I love checking out a fashionista’s past ensembles and seeing how they’ve worn their favorites over the years, but I feel like most of my faves aren’t necessarily styled very differently. I still want to send them some love with flashbacks of their greatest hits, so I think I’ll sometimes do a “I Really Love My…” as a Friday Favorites post!

The idea is lovingly ripped off Oh No They Didn’t!(Yes, I used to be an enthusiastic regular there. Not so much these days, but I still love some good old fashioned celebrity gossip and trash talk!) I love posts like this when you can see which pieces celebs really love and wear often. I’m no Nicole Richie, but I still think it’s fun to look back and see “wow, I really do get my money’s worth with that piece!”

I really love my braided leather belt!

I try to buy belts exclusively from thrift stores and this one is no exception. I think a good braided belt is a total wardrobe staple! You can dress it up or down and it goes with everything. I feel like belts are the perfect finishing touches to most any look–they cinch my waist at the perfect spot and add just enough detail.


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  • Daneisha

    I love that green bag!

  • Braided belts as a staple? I concur! My best ones have all come from the thrift store, too. Love all your looks here. :)

  • I love these kinds of posts too!!! So many cute outfits! *_*

  • Love! You’re so stylish. ;)

  • I love seeing remixes! Man, I need to take my outfit photos or something.

  • Very cute style! I need to get some cute belts :D

  • I never wear belts. This post has inspired me to get one. :) Super cute.