Up and Away

August 25, 2014


Andrew and I leave for Portland, Oregon, bright and early tomorrow morning–a little too early for my liking but whatever! We’ll be hanging out in a beautiful condo in the Pearl District, exploring the city and eating our way through for a whole week! Not to mention getting to see one of my old college roomates get hitched. I am psyched. :)

I did a little blog refresh over the weekend. I love using WordPress, but am never happy working on layouts/themes. The WP coding is too complicated for my poor little brain and I can never seem to find the right theme for me. Whenever I go to mess with the CCS, I always seem to break something else. :/ I like the way this one looks for now, but it’s awful on mobile. Sigh.

If anyone has some Portland favorites–food, shopping, whatever–please share! xo

  • OMG i Hope you have a great time! It’s one of my favorite cities ever!

    As far as food recs go: Little Bird Bistro (In or near Pearl) is a bit of a fancier/expensive-ish spot, but the food there is top notch, delicious. Well it’s not technically fancy, but I still felt a bit underdressed eating there in some pants and a sweater?! PokPok Thai food is a really delicious place as well. There were two I think, and the one we went to was on Division (not sure which district). The restaurant itself is tiny, but really interesting aesthetically. Yama Sushi (Pearl), Stormbreaker Brewing (ummm? crud I can’t remember which district) were a few other places that had great food! If you’re in NE near the airport, there’s a little spot called Posies Cafe that had delicious coffee and homemade danishes! There was also a decent thrift store nearby where they actually had plus clothing and interesting items! Roost has great brunch (Belmont District).

    If you’re a nature fan and you skip the Japanese Gardens, you’ll kick yourself later. It’s so so beautiful. IT’s also right by the rose gardens, which weren’t out when I visited in February, but might still be in bloom now? I heard the Chinese Gardens were really nice too, but they were closed for maintenance during my visit. It was the only interesting looking place in Chinatown (aside from the comic shop Floating World). I didn’t really find many interesting places to shop (at least for plus sized stuff) there was a store near the library parading around as a goodwill, but it was decorated like a dept. store, and just as expensive! The ABC district seems to be really popular? But it seemed really bougie and kind of phony and overall really boring aside from a few shops.

    Hope you have a great time! Can’t wait to hear about your trip! :) (Sorry for the long comment!)

    • There’s no such thing as a too-long blog comment, Jessie! Thank you so much for sharing!!

      I’m hoping for a mix of fancy/low-brow in my food adventures. Eating fun things is the highlight of my vacations! :) I definitely want to stop by Pok Pok for the fish sauce wings. For my friend’s bachelor/bachelorette night, we’re doing a big pub crawl and trying lots of local breweries! We have pretty mediocre Japanese food here in STL (which breaks my heart–It’s my favorite!), so it’s my priority to eat tons of fresh fish and Japanese while we’re there!

  • Enjoy your trip. I can’t wait to see pictures. :) Portland looks so rad and so welcoming to vegans.

    • I’m going to try and be a good blogger on my trip and share a lot! Haha. Portland seems like a great food town all around–I’m excited! Thanks, Cazz! <3

  • I found WordPress so difficult to work with I ended up going back to Blogger, hacking the templates is just so easy! Hope you have a wonderful trip xo

    • Oh man, I seriously considered it after blogging for a few months. I’ve been building simple websites and messing with CSS since I was 12–I can’t help feeling stubbornly like “Why can’t I figure this out?!” Meh, I’ll clearly never be a programmer haha.

      I really am so happy with the back-end of WP and the perks–I try to remember that when I’m feeling frustrated with my site design! I wish I could just pay a more talented person to make one for me, but I just can’t afford it. :/

  • Have a great time. Your new layout looks so nice. I think it may be time for my blog to get an update too

    • Thank you, Angel! I’m always craving a fresh, bright, simple look. This one isn’t quite perfect, but I’m going to keep tweaking! xo

  • I dig the new layout. It’s clean and refreshing. Plus, I love grey and pink together.

    Hope you have a great time in Portland!

  • I hope you have tons of fun here in Portland! I think it’s a really great city that’s a lot of fun to explore.

    I spend most of my days off perusing the books at Powell’s Books over on Burnside, which is just an amazing experience, particularly given the lack of indie bookstores in St. Louis. My fave spots to eat around there are Sushi Ichiban on Broadway & Burnside (and my veggie friends tell me it’s a good spot for vegetarian sushi, too) and Little Big Burger on 10th & Couch (they have a good veggie burger, too, and their fries are cooked with truffle oil). Both spots are pretty inexpensive.

    As for Pok Pok, I recommend going to the one on Division. I’ve only been to the other location once, but they didn’t have the full menu, and everything there was WAY too spicy for me. However, the one on Division has much more variety, and everything there is delicious.

    As for thrifting, I don’t find much in Portland. You usually have to go to the burbs, like Beaverton or Gresham, to find the good stuff for cheap. However, there are still a lot of fun shops to look at in town; they’re just a bit more expensive than you might expect.

    Bon voyage!

    • Thank you, Cate! We’ve definitely been roaming Powell’s and picked up some books to read on the trip home. I loved Little Big Burger! Those truffle fries are so so good and I love the fry sauce! We went to the Division Pok Pok and lawd almighty, it totally lived up to the hype. I’ll be dreaming of those fish sauce chicken wings forever!

  • Portland is the best! Will and I are actually headed out there in three weeks. If you are looking for some wonderfully yummy food I would vote you go check out So many yummy grilled cheeses, it is seriously like heaven!!! And you get to eat it in a bus making it even more awesome! Hope you guys have a safe and super fun trip!

    • Whaaaat that thing looks amazing!!! If we miss it this time, it’ll definitely go on my future to-do list! So cute. <3

  • Yay!! My home turf! It seems to have become a major foodie mecca in the last few years. Haha. Seems like the other commenters have covered it pretty well! If you like brunch, there are about a zillion awesome brunch places to try.

    And if you’re going to the Japanese Garden, stop by the Rose Test Garden (different from the Rose Garden, which is a stadium) across the street. It is free to enter and it’s where they test out new rose crossbreeds!

    Chinatown is very meh – I’d skip it.

    Eat as much seafood as you can! It’s almost guaranteed to be delicious this close to the coast. :)

    HAVE FUN!!

    • Thank you, Kelsea! I’m having a blast trying to eat as much as possible, especially sushi! :) The fish definitely tastes SO much better here than in Missouri. It’s very bittersweet! Haha.

      I really want to try and squeeze in a stop to Screaming Sky gallery–thanks for the rec!

  • Oh and Screaming Sky Gallery is a fun place to stop by! It’s a designer toy/art shop that also hosts mini “shows” for different artists each month, on the walls of the store. Super cool and friendly workers!

  • I’m sure you’ll visit VooDoo Doughnut! It’s a must. I also enjoyed the lookout from Pittock Mansion, so make sure you scope that out! Portland is a really interesting place, you’ll be in photography heaven for sure. :)

    • We grabbed a few VooDoo Doughnuts on the first night! It was definitely fun checking them out and experiencing it in person. Andrew was a Portland resident long enough to be pretty disillusioned by it, though. Haha. ;) He recommended Pittock Mansion to some other visitors–I’m hoping to catch more scenic sights like that on our next trip!