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September 15, 2014









This has been the landscape of my nights and weekends since we got back from vacation. For once in my life, I’m trying to build up a big stockpile of handmade stuff rather than have stressful rushes of work the week before a big show. I’m adding all kind of new goodies to my shop this month–coin purses, tote bags, pillows, and new jewelry! It’s so fun and exciting to try new things and freshen up my displays.

I’m hoping that getting all my sewing and really hands-on work out of the way will give me longer stretches of times to concentrate on adding more paper goods to the shop. More designs for prints, postcards, and greeting cards. Will this be the year I finally get my shit together and make some Christmas cards? I can only hope. 0:) Wish me luck! xo

  • I love seeing photos of peoples process. Those coin purses look amazing! Sounds like you’ve been super busy since you got back xo

    • I always enjoy behind-the-scenes shots, too. :) I’ve been trying to find that perfect balance of productivity!

  • Those little coin purses are so cute!!

  • Oh my goshhh these are so cute!

  • I love these behind-the-scenes shots! Sounds like you’ve been pretty busy. The coin purses are so adorable. I love the different linings in each one.

    • I hate being that person who’s always talking about how busy they are, but jeez it seems like I’m always fighting it! Thanks, Jenn! xo

  • omg! You’ve been working so hard. I love the little coin purses. So sweet. And the pillows are wicked rad!

  • Aww those pillows are so sweet! I love to see the process pictures. All the work is surely paying off, lots of cute things!

  • love the contrast lining in the little coin purses and your dog pillows are the cutest :)

  • Fawn Rechkemmer

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