Nashville Weekend

November 18, 2014


I FINALLY drove down to Nashville, Tennessee for a visit last weekend! Nashville is only about 4.5 hours from St. Louis, so it’s a fairly easy drive and I’ve wanted to check out this fun town with a reputation for good music, good people, and a flourishing local food scene.

I was hoping my first visit would be to sell at Porter Flea, but our schedules just don’t seem to be cooperating. I’ve already had plans on the dates for the last three! This summer, though. I feel it. Summer 2015 is my time!


I headed down on Friday just in time to meet Lauren and Jenna at Pinewood Social for dinner. This was a total dream come true–Lauren and Jenna aren’t just two of my all-time favorite bloggers, but adorable, lovely humans who I want to be BFF with. They were so sweet and hospitable, willing to meet me wherever and even offered me a place to stay. It felt like chatting with old friends over awesome food and drinks. We had a blast and I can’t wait to hang out again!




For the rest of the weekend, I stayed with Kelsea, my dear friend and former college room mate. She and her boyfriend recently moved to Nashville from Florida and while I was a bit bummed to lose an excuse to fly down to warmer temperatures, Nashville is MUCH closer and a way cooler town, so I’m pretty excited. :) Saturday was her birthday and we went to Localfest, sampled some beer and food trucks, ate hot chicken(duh) and too much birthday cake, and best of all, got to see Jenny Lewis at Marathon Music Works! I’ve loved her and Rilo Kiley for years, but never saw either of them live, so I was completely thrilled. She was amazing and played a fantastic set list.


It was a perfect weekend. I love taking little road trips across the midwest–is Nashville officially considered the South? Probably. It’s fun to laugh at silly roadside attractions, marvel at the sheer amount of Christian and Country radio stations this country is able to sustain, eat bad road food, learn about local cultural quirks, and visit new friends. xo

  • LOVE!!! YAY! I’ve been in the Nashville area for 2.5 years and I adore it. (I’m actually further south in Franklin, a strange little Stars Hollow-like town.) Good work on getting some Hattie B’s too. Come back soon!

    Also, because it is a small world after all, Lauren told me about your visit yesterday at work and I was geeking out about it; I <3 her and Jenna to pieces. (I still have a voicemail on my phone that Jenna left me on my birthday that I refuse to delete.) The three of us had dinner together not too long ago, though it's never often enough. Glad you beautiful girls in glasses got together.

    • Ahhh Aubrey! We need to meet next time I’m in town! They mentioned you at dinner and I was like “Duh!” So many great ladies live in Nashville–I missed inviting people! <3 <3

      • Oh I would love that! Then I can stop being JUST a Michelle/CreatureType fangirl and start being IRL friends. :) We have such a great group in this area; when I moved here, Jenna is the one who linked me up with everyone.

  • It looks like you had such a great time! And I’m so happy you got to meet up with Jenna and Lauren, I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Jenna irl yet, but I’ve met Lauren and she is just the sweetest person ever! I’m just going to throw this out there but I think one of these days we all need to go to Nashville at the same time and all hang out!

  • This looks like such a fun weekend trip- and how fun meeting up with blogging pals! I’ve only made one quick trip to Nashville to visit my brother-in-law, but I really think I need to get back there soon!

  • miss you! love you! i can’t believe how it feels like i’ve known you for YEARS <3 my turn to come visit you now ;)

  • I’m so glad you finally took Nashville by storm and glad you got to see lauren and Jenna! Next time we will schedule a Nashville blogger party so you can get to know us all!