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Drizly: Booze Delivered to Your Front Door!

February 16, 2015


Today I’m super excited to share my experience with a new alcohol delivery service, Drizly! I’ll be honest, every time I say their name, I kind of laugh and think about Gryzzl–Parks and Rec, anyone? 

Drizly is an app and website that delivers beer, wine, and liquor straight to your door! Now the most important things in life are available for home delivery: pizza, movies, and booze. When it’s this cold and miserable outside, why ever leave?

Drizly delivers from one of my favorite local businesses: Randall’s Wines and Spirits, so I know I’ll always have access to the best selection at a great price.


My favorite part of Drizly is how well-designed the app and website are! It’s SO easy to use and find exactly what you’re looking for. You choose what kind of alcohol you’re looking for and each category is alphabetically ordered with prices and images. It’s so perfect for that situation when you’re like “Man, I really want that bottle of whiskey we tried the other night but I don’t remember the name, just what the bottle looks like.”

My only criticism of Drizly is that they aren’t super clear on what their delivery hours are. I was told their hours would match Randall’s store hours, but they don’t clearly confirm or deny that on the site or app–at least not that I could find. Our original plan was to order my mom’s favorite liqueur while they were over for dinner on a Sunday evening, but I wasn’t informed until after I tried to add the item to my cart that delivery ended at 1pm. I had been planning according to Randall’s closing time, which is 6pm on Sundays. It was a bummer!



Andrew and I ended up treating ourselves during a Valentine’s evening in. I ordered a bottle of Disaronno for me and Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon for Andrew. Perfect to keep our cozy vibe going at home without leaving to brave the cold!

Delivery clocked in right at 40 minutes, just as they said and we got a text notification 15 minutes before they arrived. Perfect!



Andrew’s our resident aspiring bartender. He loves experimenting with mixing drinks at home and collecting new toys and treats for our bar. I gave him full creative control here and let him throw together a little cocktail to enjoy and share!

The Double Sunday
3 ounces Disaronno (or other Amaretto liqueur)
1 1/2 ounces Bourbon
1/2 ounce grenadine
1/2 ounce apple pucker
simple syrup to taste


We had a great experience with Drizly and can’t wait to try them out again. I think alcohol delivery would be perfect for hosting any kind of party or dinner–you have so much work to do around the house already with cleaning, cooking, etc. For the booze to just show up for you is so great! Plus, I’m sure it would be a big crowd pleaser if you already had folks over. :)



Drizly has offered a FREE delivery for my St. Louis readers! Use the code “FreeSTL” at checkout to cancel your $5 delivery charge.

Not an STL native? Drizly may also be available in your city! They’re currently delivering in 11 cities in the US including Austin, Baltimore, Chicago, Indianapolis, Seattle, NYC, LA, and more! Check out a complete listing of cities here!


Happy drinking! xo

*This post was sponsored by Drizly, but the opinions shared are entirely my own and based on my personal experience.

  • This is seriously like the best idea ever and I am so incredibly bummed that it isn’t available in AZ. Maybe one day.

    Also the pictures of you guys sitting together are just adorable!

    • Right?! I definitely feel lucky to have Drizly in our city!

      Heheh Andrew hates having his photo taken so I really love these photos, too! We have almost no photos together where one of us isn’t making a goofy face. Clearly it takes bribing him with bourbon to get him to sit in front of the camera. ;)

  • Erika_K_M

    I love this idea of Drizly! I wish we had it in the KC area!

  • I need this so bad. What a cool service. Reason #49573289157489325 I need to move somewhere more urban…

    Also, that chair is amazing! I love that print!

  • Wow! Thanks pretty cool… especially if you’re lazy like me and don’t want to drive anywhere to get your booze. Let the booze come to you!

  • This is amaaaazzzzing! I live in Seattle! I’m going to look into this!