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Green With Indie 2015

March 16, 2015














Green With Indie is one of my favorite local craft shows! It has an eco-friendly focus and always features a great group of vendors, plus it’s located in Webster Groves which attracts a wonderful crowd of shoppers. Webster residents love any arts and culture event and they really show up, which is awesome! :) The weather was lovely and I had my most successful GWI yet!

Over the winter, I was kind of hoping to hide away in a creative cocoon and emerge at GWI (my first show of the year) as a fabulous crafty butterfly with tons of new items and a beautiful new display. While I wish I would’ve gotten more sewing and jewelry making done, I did debut my paintings and several new prints–including that fancy gold foil one! So shiny! Haha. I also got my pegboard display figured out and looove the way it turned out! I’m definitely feeling more inspired by the way my booth looks.

This year I’d love to narrow my focus a bit and concentrate on products that represent my best. I know I spread myself a bit thin now by doing too many different things at once, but hey, this is my creative outlet where I encourage myself to try new things and see what sticks.

Unfortunately, that means I spend money on lots of different supplies for different things. I don’t just buy illustration supplies, but jewelry making tools, and sewing supplies. I don’t sell tons of any one thing, so my profits don’t do much more than break even because I can’t buy huge quantities of supplies. I’d love to get more serious about the business side of things in 2015. I finally caved and bought a bookkeeping service and it’s already motivating me to focus on the decisions I’m making in more practical way.

I’m going to try and take photos this week to do a big remodel of my Etsy shop, so look for new prints and jewelry soon! I’d also like to set up a new, independent e-commerce site this Spring. I’m definitely on the “Etsy is a giant bummer now” train and I’d like to start distancing myself from them.

  • Kay

    This looks like an amazing event! I think you’re booth looks great. :)

  • Sarah

    Are you going to br selling at the nre Kemp Flea Market at the Brewery? I just signed up for a months worth of Sunday’s.

    • Hi Sarah! No, I haven’t heard of that! I don’t usually sign up for such consistent commitments. Haha I can be kind of a mess with that kind of thing.

      • Sarah

        You can sign up for a one day booth, or four or more, etc and you can luck whatever days of the season you want. It runs from May to the end if December. I tried to pick right around major holidays , and the first few opening weekends just to see what the business would be like.

  • I love your display!

  • Your display looks awesome. Ugh, I wish we could make our table look this nice but Justins artwork is always so big, haha.
    Also.. I feel you on the Etsy thing. Like, I’m not a ‘big’ artist or well known so I might have to stick around for a while but eventually I’d like to open my own shop. Tired or all the fees and b.s. over there…

    • Oh, I totally get what you mean! Displaying big, flat artwork in a cute but practical way is always tricky! I’m trying to go for a statement wall vibe and arrange my artwork like it’s hanging together in a home or something. My work is mostly in a similar color scheme, so I think it works okay. I’m going to keep experimenting!

      Etsy has been breaking my heart, man. In their public offering press release, there’s no mention of “handmade” anywhere, just “unique”. Meaning more garbage from China passing as ~quirky handmade to increase their profits and leave the little guy in the dust. :( I’m totally ready for a solid competitor to emerge. I love the idea that people go to a specific site to hunt for handmade and you can get sales just by listing your stuff. C’est la vie. :/

  • i love your paintings. i’m excited to see you narrow in on your products and how your shop grows! i am so impressed that you still do events with a full time job. i’m finishing up client work next month and planning to (finally, finally, finally) launch my shop in the fall. maybe after that i’ll try my hand at some booths again. getting the layout is hard but seeing your’s evolve is so fun :)