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OOTD: Flowers & Fringe

April 6, 2015








Dress ℅ ASOS | Raw Crystal Necklace: Fable & Lore | Bag: Michael Kors | Flats: New Look

ASOS is my go-to for online shopping, so when I got an email offering me a dress of my choice I was ready with the reply “YES. THIS ONE PLEASE.” I love the fun fringy arms and the buttons all down the front. Plus, yes obviously I have a LWD problem.

This weekend marked a turning point for me–the good ol’ car that I’ve been driving since college has finally been replaced. Andrew is really into cars (not to mention he sells them for a living) and insists that my poor old Focus was a deathtrap. I knew it was a clunker at this point, but he was certain it was about to break down at any moment. My parents got a new car so I’m buying their 2012 Escape. I feel very fancy driving a car with volume nobs that actually, y’know, adjust the volume. Living the dream over here, you guys!

My craft show life will be so much easier now. My new car is a small SUV and all my shit will fit so easily in the back! I’m totally prepared for our new IKEA to open with a car that can actually transport all my furniture purchases and I won’t have to borrow anyone’s car for Craigslist finds! Haha, this car will really enable me to make some questionable hoarder-like decisions.

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  • Catherine Gantt

    Cute! I love the dress and headband!

    • Thank you, Catherine! <3 The headband is a handmade gem I bought from a cute lolita girl at an anime convention. Haha. :)

  • What a beautiful look! This dress is great, and I looove the flower crown on you. So fresh and summery!

    xox Sammi

  • Such a cute outfit. And I love the rusty goodness of your photo backdrop! :) :)

    And congrats on the new car. Sometimes I feel like I might be driving my old Accord until the end of time.

    • Thanks, Kate! Oh, I always felt that way about my car, too! I planned to drive it until it would drive no more, but I started fearing the paying-for-endless-repairs vs just-buying-a-new-one struggle. Thankfully my folks are being generous with their leftovers!

  • This looks like it’s from the pages of Vouge. You look stunning, that outfit suits you so much.

  • I love, love, love that flower crown and that dress suits you so well! You look fantastic in white, which I am very jealous of ~____^

    • Aww, thank you! I believe anyone can look good in anything–you just have to find just the right version of it for you!

  • Erika_K_M

    Put everything in your new car from IKEA! Congrats on the new wheels!

  • Pretty amazing outfit , I love it , especially your cute neckelace. You look fabulous , thanks for sharing, awesome!!!

  • So pretty!

    I remember that “OMG the volume works!” feeling when I bought my second car – my first was a 1986 Buick that had been my great uncle’s car and by the time I was able to replace it, the muffler was gone and the ceiling fabric was falling down. Dang did it feel good to drive away in something that actually worked properly!

  • You look wonderful in that dress! I’m glad to hear that you have a better car situation now. =)

  • Megan Butcher

    This dress looks made for you, I love how you styled it with the classic, ladylike black accessories & fun necklace + headpiece! Not to mention an amazing location :) So inspiring


  • Oh my stars! That dress is perfection! I’m so smitten! I have about 5 white dresses myself and my love of white dresses is transitioning to a love of coral dresses. Why do all the cute dresses have to be in the same hues?!??