Drawn: Cat Lady

June 23, 2015


Just a little something from my digital sketchbook last week. When I’m really in a creative rut but want to make sure I keep drawing, I try to pick a photo that interests me and kind of interpret it. I saw this pretty photo on tumblr and felt like drawing a creepy girl clutching a squishy cat.


For the past 2-3Β weeks, St. Louis has been the most depressing, rainy mess. It’s literally been cloudy and rainy for at least part of each day and it’s super bumming me out. The weather keeps ruining my plans for photos and just making me far lazier than I have any right to be. Especially this year when my summer goal is to give my shop a total overhaul and offer lots of new things. My deadline is Strange Folk Festival at the end of September and I hope to launch a new e-commerce site/blog combo by then, too. Wish me luck! It’s all very exciting. :)

  • Seriously so in love with this illustration! You have just such a great and fun style. I hope you get the motivation to complete your summer goal because I cannot wait to see all the new things you come up with!

  • Kay

    Fabulous illustration! Best of luck with your upcoming goals! :)

  • Kerry

    Wonderful illustration! I love how disgruntled the cat looks.

  • this is awesome love the cat’s face! a great idea when you need a break or just to change it up

  • Love this illustration!