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FF45: 6 Favorite Podcasts

June 26, 2015

friday-favorites-header Happy Friday! Podcasts and audiobooks are perfect to listen to while I work, so over the past few years I’ve become an enthusiastic subscriber. I’m an avid NPR listener and love radio classics like This American Life and Radiolab. I was thrilled when TAL announced Serial and even more thrilled when it blew up like it did. We’re experiencing this amazing surge of quality radio/podcast content and I can’t get enough! Here’s six of my current faves. Make sure to share your favorites in the comments! xo julie-klausner-podcast

1. How Was Your Week? with Julie Klausner
Julie Klausner is a comedy writer who’s starring in Difficult People, a comedy series debuting on Hulu in August. She wrote the show and is starring with Billy Eichner. Amy Poehler is producing a la Broad City and I am STOKED. Her sense of humor almost perfectly mirrors my own and I devour every word of every pop culture focused rant she shares on her formerly weekly comedy podcast, How Was Your Week? She’s a proud cat lady, Real Housewives enthusiast, music nerd, and feminist. Listening to her show feels like hanging out with the BFF I always wish I had!

In addition to her hilarious monologues, Julie interviews celebs and her friends in the comedy/entertainment world. She brings out the fun in whoever she speaks with and I learn something new about each person.

Some favorite episodes: Ep. 182: Joan Rivers | Ep. 188: The Cast of Advanced Style | Ep.140: Camille Paglia


2. StartUp
Last year, Alex Blumberg saw a need for producing more high quality podcasts. He left his job at NPR’s Planet Money to start his own media company, Gimlet. He decided to chronicle the ins-and-outs of starting his own business in real time. He shares the details that no one talks about like money, investors, the strain on your friends and family, and finding business partners. I love the honesty, candid exchanges, and surprising details that Alex and his team share.

The second season that’s currently airing follows another start up company–Dating Ring, an online matchmaking service. I love this season even more than the first because it shares the additional struggles that an all-women team face. Plus, matchmaking, online dating and the sociology behind it is fascinating to me. I can’t wait to hear the latest juicy news every week!

Some favorite episodes: Ep. 1.1: How Not to Pitch a Billionaire | Ep. 1.2: Is Podcasting the Future or the Past? | Ep 2.1: Origin Story | Ep. 2.5: Playing With Matches


3. Reply All
Reply All was the first podcast produced by the aforementioned Gimlet Media. You’ll think I’m being paid by them after this post because I’m raving about their shows so much but they’re doing such great work! Reply All is a show about the internet. Stories of weird new apps, public shaming, Craigslist, relationships in the internet age, fandom craziness, and even instagram famous dogs. Hearing smart, funny people discuss these topics in a way that doesn’t make me want to slam my head into my keyboard is so refreshing.

Some favorite episodes: Ep. 2: The Secret, Gruesome Internet for Doctors | Ep. 5: Jennicam|
Ep. 6: This Proves Everything | Ep. 15: I’ve Killed People and I Have Hostages | Ep. 18: Silence and Respect


4. RuPaul: What’s the Tee? with Michelle Visage
If you know me at all, you know that RuPaul is my personal diety. Not only is he a fabulous performer, but he’s just so wise and full of motivational advice–seriously! If you haven’t heard him talk about spirituality and conquering your inner saboteur, you need to get on that shit.

What’s The Tee? is basically my dream. Every two weeks I get to spend an hour hanging out with RuPaul and his BFF Michelle Visage. They discuss everything from Drag Race, hair and make-up tips, and pop music to finding your tribe and living your best life. Trust me, you need this in your life.

Some favorite episodes: Ep. 15: Bareback Betty | Ep. 16: Uncle Tom with Leah Remini | Ep. 18: Blame It on the Lupus with Kristen Johnston | Ep. 27: The Traffic Dummy with Wendi McLendon-Covey


5. Your Dreams My Nightmares
Your Dreams My Nightmares is my favorite illustration/design podcast. Illustrator Sam Weber does long, personal one-on-one interviews with some of the most exciting contemporary commercial artists working today. I love the honest discussions on art schools, freelance life, and the politics of commercial art. He hasn’t been updating much lately, but if you’re interested in these topics, this show is a must-listen.

Some favorite episdoes: Ep. 95: Internet Famous with Leah Goren, Walter Green and Josh Cochran | Ep. 34: Kali Ciesemier and Sam Bosma | Ep. 14: SooJin Buzelli


6. Mystery Show
Gimlet’s newest podcast is Mystery Show, hosted by the adorable Starlee Kine who you may recognize from This American Life–always a good sign. Listen along as Starlee solves people’s tiny mysteries. The only requirement is that they can’t be solved just by googling. What ever happened to the video store that closed mysteriously the day after I rented a movie? What was possibly the motivation for getting a vanity license plate that says “I LUV 911”? Who’s the owner of this personalized belt buckle I found in the gutter when I was a kid? This show is human interest as its best and I’m hooked already.

Some favorite episodes: Case #2: Britney | Case #3: Belt Buckle

  • Staci

    Thanks for the recommendations! Will definitely be adding Startup to my listening list!

  • Libby Parker

    Love MYSTERY SHOW!!!
    I even have a mystery that I want to send in.

  • Kay

    Adding a few of these to my list, thanks!!

  • Why have I not been following all of Gimlet’s shows? I’m also a huge fan of Radiotopia (99% Invisible, Criminal & now The Memory Palace) if you aren’t already listening to them.

  • Kerry

    Thanks for the recommendations! I’m a total podcast geek, and I love Stop Podcasting Yourself, Answer Me This, Mortified, and Throwing Shade (to name a few).

  • cool I’m always on the hunt for new podcasts :)