Boss Babes: A Coloring Book for Grown-Ups

April 25, 2016










Life has been a busy whirlwind even more than usual lately. I’ve had lots of projects and trips and jobs… it’s been great. One project that’s been dominating my life is my new coloring book, Boss Babes!

It’s a 40 page book full of original illustrations of some of the dopest contemporary boss babes who actively make this world a better place, including Tina Fey, Dolly Parton, Beyonce, J.K. Rowling, Laverne Cox, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and more! There are also fun, silly activity pages like a Beyonce Crossword Puzzle, Help Tina Write an Episode of 30 Rock, and Decorate Flo-Jo’s Nails.

You can get your copy on Etsy here!

  • Daneisha

    So freaking cool! I know a ton of ladies who would LOVE this!

  • Rebecca Mallary

    This is INCREDIBLE. I cannot wait to have one of my very own!!

    I hate to be that girl, but I think you mean “dopest” not “dopiest”?? Just seems like it might be an unfortunate typo. If I’m wrong, ignore me, please!!!

    • lol Rebecca thank you so much for being that girl! What a stupid mistake!!! I’ll fix it ASAP. Thank you!!! 😂

  • Libby Parker

    I love mine! I wish I had saved the Beyonce page so I could have colored her while watching Lemonade. :P

  • Hannah Greene

    I love this so much, and wish I had seen it earlier! Will you have more available? Thanks so much!

    • Hi Hannah! Thank you so much! I’m actually releasing a new and improved version of Boss Babes (over double the size!) with Workman Publishing next month! You can pre-order it on Amazon here: