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Springtime in Tokyo

January 12, 2017


In December 2004 I was the luckiest 17 year old nerd in the world and got to go on an incredible trip to Japan with my friends. We made strong friendships with our host families in Aomori and got to sightsee in Tokyo. On March 27, 2016, Andrew and I hopped a plane for 17 days in Tokyo, Kyoto, and lots of places in between. I’m back to that wistful dreaming of our next trip–hopefully spring or fall 2018! I decided to finally weed through all our photos and memories and share them.



We flew into Narita on a Monday evening and took the Narita Sky Access to our hotel in Chuo. I wanted to stay at AirBnBs for most of the trip, but figured it would be easier to check into a hotel right away–less worry about making sure we could find the AirBnB and check-in properly, etc. I knew we’d appreciate the peace of mind of a hotel after an 11 hour flight. AirBnB is technically illegal in Japan so some folks are too wary to use them there at all.

We ventured out for food around 8:45pm and snuck into the cutest, coziest little tonkatsu joint across the street before they closed at 9pm. I’m not sure if it was actually the best tonkatsu in the world or just that first taste of Japan after 12 years of missing it, but it was fantastic. Watching the single owner behind the counter at those tiny Japanese restaurants is the quaintest thing ever. We sipped our Asahi in silence, watching him work and soaking in the ambient noise. So. Happy.


Hotel Villa Fontaine Tokyo Hatchobori
3-3-3 Kayaba-Cho Nihom-Bashi, Tokyo Tokyo-to 103-0025

Tonkatsu Kaya
3-8-12 Nihonbashikayabacho, Chuo, Tokyo Prefecture