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FF33: Etsy Love


1. What Would Beyonce Do? Gold Foil Print by Charm & Gumption
2. Cat Face Earrings by The Pink Samurai
3. Wire-wrapped Amethyst Ring by Condensed Star Stuff
4. Blogger Badge of Honor by Stoic and Pariah Handmade
5. Daisy Rag Doll by Riley Construction
6. Retro Doughnut Wooden Sign by Slippin’ Southern
7. Wooden Meadow Flowers by Anna Wiscombe
8. Clueless Fashion Buttons by Butt’n Booty
9. Missy Elliot Votive Candle by Flaming Idols
10. Amethyst Point Pendant by Fable and Lore
11. Gentle Reminders Pencils by Amanda Catherine Designs
12. Personalized Initial Charm Necklace by Villa Designs

Happy Friday, everyone! I’ve really been feelin’ the handmade love lately, so I decided to share some recent Etsy faves today. :)

I’m looking forward to a low-key weekend at home. Next weekend some friends and I are road tripping down to Springfield for a girls’ party trip, so I’m conserving my energy. ;) I might try to wake up in time to hit a few estate sales or go for a bike ride on Saturday. This week I tried a new trail and rode 8 miles–that’s an impressive feat for lazy ol’ me! I’ve never really paid attention to my mileage while riding before, so putting a number on it like “wow, I can ride 8 whole miles!” feels great. I might even try the whole back-and-forth next time. 16 miles! That sounds crazy but I know I can make it! Wish me luck, y’all. I hope you have a lovely weekend yourself. xo

FF32: Full-Range Fashion at ModCloth


One of my favorite online retailers and affiliate partners to spotlight here on the blog is ModCloth(duh!) and I’m really happy to share that this week marks the one-year anniversary of their official plus-size clothing launch!

I often ride that awkward line between straight sizes and plus sizes. I can usually fit into something at most straight size stores, but knowing that only one or two sizes up is considered a ~special interest~ is just ridiculous. I only really feel comfortable openly endorsing and collaborating with stores that offer clothing for a wider range of sizes than just S, M, or L. Our bodies are not that basic, y’all.

ModCloth has expanded their product catalog with more items fitting more body types. They actively use models of all different sizes, and of course have their lovely style gallery where you can see their products on everyday people.

This anniversary isn’t the only thing to be excited about–ModCloth’s sale section is up to 30% off on adorable dresses, shoes, accessories, & more until June 29! Trust me, the good stuff often sells out so go for it! Here’s a little collection of some of my current sales section faves:


1. Coastal Break Skirt $54.99 $37.99
2. Like, Tote-ally Mini Backpack $54.99 $37.99
3. Tea and Tassels Flat $49.99 $34.99
4. You’re the Palm Overalls $89.99 $62.99
5. Test the Watermelon Skirt $54.99 $37.99
6. Doo-Wop Your Thing Dress $99.99 $69.99
7. Premium Picnic Spot Shorts $54.99 $37.99
8. Quirk It Sneaker $39.99 $27.99
9. Best Suds Shower Curtain $29.99 $20.99
10. Sculpture Park Picnic Dress $59.99 $41.99
11. Arbored Entrance Dress $52.99 $36.99
12. Coast with the Most One-Piece Swimsuit $128.99 $89.99
13. Spritz a Wonderful Life Bag $44.99 $30.99

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post that uses affiliate links to some specifically pictured items that I love. Clicking on or purchasing via an affiliate link may result in commissions for this site.

FF31: Little White Dress


They say that one of the most basic fashion staples is the ubiquitous Little Black Dress, but I much prefer the Little White Dress. Nothing stops me in my tracks quite like a flash of cream lace and tulle from a clothing rack. I revert to little girl glee–it’s just so prettyyyy!


Some blogger favorites: Keiko Lynn, Mini Penny, Style Cassentials, Miss Pandora

My favorite white dresses are short and floaty, super feminine, and a little bohemian. When I first came home with the Free People dress(in white, though, obviously) that I wore to fashion week, Andrew turned his nose up a bit and was surprised I even liked it. He thought it was a little more hippy-dippy than my usual style, but clearly he underestimates the LWD love.


1. Victor Victorian Dress | Free People
2. High Neck Trapeze Dress | Forever 21
3. Lace Swing Dress | John Zack via ASOS
4. Textured Sheer Smock Dress | ASOS
5. Showered with Love Dress | ModCloth
6. Bermeja Tunic Dress |Anthropologie
7. Tiered Crinkle Chiffon Smock Dress | Topshop
8. ONE Angel Lace Dress | Free People

Andrew and I are heading to Arizona next week for a wedding and I’ve been aggressively shopping for a nice new dress to wear to one of the various wedding related events. Y’all, it has been FRUSTRATING. I haven’t been finding much I’m interested in and when I have, nothing has been fitting quite right. It’s one of those situations where I don’t really need something new, but it’s a great excuse to splurge a bit, so I don’t want to waste the money on something that I don’t LOVE because it defeats the whole purpose. Honestly, the hardest part has been avoiding my beloved LWDs! I don’t want to be the chick who walks into a wedding wearing white unless I’m certain the bride and her family don’t judge that kind of thing. Not here for that potential drama.

Wish me luck on my dress hunt! Apparently I need it, although I’d rather just buy one of these little pretties and call it a day! xo

Disclaimer: This post uses affiliate links to some specifically pictured items that I love. Clicking on or purchasing via an affiliate link may result in commissions for this site.

FF31: D’Orsay Flats



1. In Love Jelly d’Orsay Flats | Jeffrey Campbell
2. Dolley Mint d’Orsay Pointed Flats | LuLu’s
3. Kayla d’Orsay Flats | Halogen
4. Hilary Heart d’Orsay Flats | alice + olivia
5. Gavana d’Orsay Flats | Kate Spade
6. Arty Party Flats | Poetic License via ModCloth
7. Devon d’Orsay Flats | Phillip Lim
8. Hilary d’Orsay Flats | alice + olivia

I’m no special snowflake–like a large chunk of the fashion world, I’m really into the d’Orsay shoe wear trend right now. The heels are pretty, but I’m especially charmed by the flats. I feel like that’s really representative of my style in general. Heels are fantastic and sexy, but I usually opt for looking “cute” rather than “sexy” and flats often make that style separation for me.

I read someone describe d’Orsays as bikinis for your feet and think that’s an adorable comparison! Haha, also really interesting to think about how it could be related to the crop top trend? Whatever it is, I dig it. Crop everything forever.

One of my old standby pairs of flats died of old age this year so I let myself go to Nordstrom Rack to pick out a replacement pair. I ended up agonizing over a pile of d’Orsay flats, trying to pick the perfect ones! I bought a neutral black/tan pair with an ankle strap (very similar to these) and have been pretty surprised at how polarizing they seem to be. They seem like such a safe choice to me (not that I totally understand what average people think is “safe” fashion haha), but people have not been shy about telling me that they do not like my shoes. I overheard a lady say “I hate her shoes” as I walked past her table after brunch one day. Haha, so weird! I didn’t think these guys looked weird enough to inspire such passionate dislike.

Disclaimer: This post uses affiliate links to some specifically pictured items that I love. Clicking on or purchasing via an affiliate link may result in commissions for this site.

FF30: Wish I Was Wearing


Piper Cat Eye Sunglasses | Warby Parker

Midi Skirt with Sheer Panels | ASOS

Paradis London Sequin Collar Trapeze Dress | ASOS

Pastel Pink Heart Necklace | Ladybird Likes

Home Sweet Home Glitter Flats | Seychelles Footwear

Jersey Knit Fringe Infinity Scarf | JustLiv

Awful Loose Tee | Stay Home Club

Beau Satchel | Rebecca Minkoff

My weeks seem to be slipping away so quickly lately. I feel like I blink and I’m back to a weekend–not a bad problem to have but it makes my time management issues seem 100x worse. I need to establish a better schedule to make sure all my freelance clients are better taken care of.

This upcoming week is STL Fashion Week. If you’re not a local you may be less interested, but I will be posting some event recap posts on Thursday and Saturday and probably start off the week with an event run-down on Monday. I’m just happy to get the opportunity to check out these kind of events locally! My “Wish I Was Wearing” post today reflects what my shopping wish lists have looked like as I’ve been browsing for new goodies to wear. Trapeze dresses, sunglasses, sparkly shoes, and pretty pastels! xo

Disclaimer: This post uses affiliate links to some specifically pictured items that I love. Clicking on or purchasing via an affiliate link may result in commissions for this site.

FF29: I Really Love My…


Happy Friday! A lot of fashion bloggers post remixes of some of their favorite pieces worn different ways. I love checking out a fashionista’s past ensembles and seeing how they’ve worn their favorites over the years, but I feel like most of my faves aren’t necessarily styled very differently. I still want to send them some love with flashbacks of their greatest hits, so I think I’ll sometimes do a “I Really Love My…” as a Friday Favorites post!

The idea is lovingly ripped off Oh No They Didn’t!(Yes, I used to be an enthusiastic regular there. Not so much these days, but I still love some good old fashioned celebrity gossip and trash talk!) I love posts like this when you can see which pieces celebs really love and wear often. I’m no Nicole Richie, but I still think it’s fun to look back and see “wow, I really do get my money’s worth with that piece!”

I really love my braided leather belt!

I try to buy belts exclusively from thrift stores and this one is no exception. I think a good braided belt is a total wardrobe staple! You can dress it up or down and it goes with everything. I feel like belts are the perfect finishing touches to most any look–they cinch my waist at the perfect spot and add just enough detail.


STL Etsy Craft Party @ The Upcycle Exchange // OOTD: Moco and Me


Strange Folk Festival 2012 // Red Velvet


OOTD: Fox Hunt // OOTD: Cheer Up!


OOTD: Dreaming of Spring // OOTD: Nature Girl


OOTD: Tried and True // OOTD: Transitions

FF28: 5 Things I Love Right Now

Happy Friday, everyone! Tomorrow is the day I finally face my taxes, but I’m stopping by The Foundrie afterwards to restock prints and accessories, so my Saturday isn’t completely ruined. ;) I have tons of illustration work to catch up on this weekend, too. Wish me luck!

For today, here’s 5 Things I Love Right Now


1. This blog post by Danielle on why it’s okay to make mistakes. This is always a good reminder for anybody, but it especially rings true for me because I remember failing so miserably in my own college jewelry making class! That shit is hard, you guys. I was always melting stuff, making things crooked or uneven, and never being patient enough to sand as long as I should have. I had to go to the lab and work such long hours, only to end up with a C in the class. I worked my ass off for that C and learned to accept it. I got a taste of a new skill and have no regrets! I did my best.


2. These adorable, summery pieces from Wolf Mama Vintage! I want to throw on that pink top, striped shorts, and blue sandals and hop on my bike to go get ice cream right now. Sigh. Best of all, Alison-Claire is offering 30% off with the code “HELLOSPRING”. Go snag yourself some vintage cuteness!


3. Using corn starch and unsweetened cocoa powder as dry shampoo. You guys. This combo has changed my life. Dramatic, but true. Katie recently shared her natural dry shampoo techniques on A Beautiful Mess and I decided to give it a try–mostly because it’s cheap and easy rather than ~natural, but omfg it works so so well! 100 times better than any dry shampoo I’ve ever bought. It’s messy–I sometimes have to change my shirt because the cocoa powder just smears when you try to wipe it off–but keeps my unwashed hair looking fresh and non-greasy for like 2-3 extra days. It’s crazy! My mind is blown and I’m pretty annoyed it took me so long to try it.


4. Jessie’s Blog! She is such an awesome person and talented illustrator and I’m glad she’s finally started blogging! I’m excited to see what she has up her sleeves. Her drawings are wonderful and stylish and always make me smile!


5. Ina Garten’s Perfect Roasted Chicken recipe. Ina doesn’t lie, you guys. This is truly the perfect roasted chicken. I made it last week and almost wept over how good it was. The meat was juicy and delicious, the skin was crispy and brown, and the roasted vegetables were INSANE. The only changes I made were replacing the fennel with fingerling potatoes and halfway through roasting, I poured a cup of half chicken stock, half white wine over the chicken and veggies. I’m already dying to make it again!

FF27: Florida Bound


Hello friends! I hope you’ve had a lovely week. Mine has inched by super slowly because I finished it with a bang! I flew to Florida last last night to visit one of my best friends from college. She moved down here two years ago for an art teaching job and to escape small-town Missouri for a while. I haven’t seen her in ages so I’m really excited to enjoy the weekend getaway and catch up.

It’s only supposed to be in the 60s-70s this weekend–don’t get me wrong, that’s way better than Missouri’s 20-30 degrees!–but I couldn’t help but dream of summer clothes while putting together my faves this week. These are all goodies I want to rock either right now or as soon as the weather gets warm enough!


1. Bright Delight Wrap Swimsuit by Nakimuli | Madison Plus Select
I don’t think I’ll be lucky enough to don a swimsuit on this trip, but I’ve had my eyes on this gorgeous suit for ages. It looks so luxe and unique and I’m OBSESSED with the convertible back!

2. Wearable Whimsy Socks in Octopi | ModCloth
Kelsea–the friend I’m visitng–loves octopi. Enough said. :)

3. Camden Chunky Work Lace Up Heeled Boots by New Look | ASOS
I’m filled with envy every time Erin wears these boots. They look sharp with everything!

4. Cream Floral Crop Top And Skirt Set by Style Icons Closet | Etsy
It doesn’t seem like the crop top trend is going anywhere this year and that’s cool by me. I feel like I’m seeing an emphasis on matching sets especially. This one is gorgeous with the perfect touch of vintage flair. Plus it’s handmade!

5. Thin Gold Stackable Rings by Modern Chromatic | Etsy
I need to up my jewelry game this year. I want to start wearing more rings! I love the look of a bunch of thin, gold rings decorating each finger.

6. Florida Keys to My Heart Dress | ModCloth
I’m so excited to walk around in just a light dress for a few days before I have to return to the land of many layers.

7. Natural Linen Carry-All Tote by Milkhaus Design | Moorea Seal
On my dream trip to Florida, Kelsea and I are carrying our swimsuits(The Nakimuli one for me, please) and sandals along in cute totes (like this beaut from Moore Seal’s shop) down to the sunny beach with fruity drinks in each hand. SIGH.

Have a fabulous weekend all! I certainly plan to!

Disclaimer: This post uses affiliate links to some specifically pictured items that I love. Clicking on or purchasing via an affiliate link may result in commissions for this site.

FF26: Wish I Was Wearing…


1. Webb Frames in Saddle Russet | Warby Parker
Warby Parker just released some new frames for the winter season and I’m in love with this color combo!

2. Star Wars Bow | Bowbotics
Stephanie is a local crafty and I’m dying for our first show together so I can run over to her booth and go bow crazy! She uses adorable, often nerdy fabric–which of course I love. :)

3. Thread & Scissors Pendant Necklace | Once Again Sam via ScoutMob
I love a cute pendant necklace. The details on this one feel really luxe!

4. Unequivocally Cute Jumpsuit | ModCloth
I’m on a never-ending, constant quest for the perfect jumpsuit. They’re silly and I completely adore them, but finding one that looks good on my body has been quite the challenge. I won’t give up! I know there’s one out there that will make me be like “DAMN!” rather than “oh… damn.” Could this be the one? I think it has potential! I love the cropped legs and cute back!

5. Awful Crewneck Sweatshirt | Stay Home Club
I love everything about Stay Home Club. The fun, pessimistic attitude, the aesthetic… it’s all just perfect! I finally made my first purchase from them–the Lazy Wives Club t-shirt–but I’m addicted and need more! I want to live in sweats once it gets cold, so this sweatshirt might be my next pick!

6. An Honest Pouch – Foldover | Mini Penny
Jessie isn’t just a super stylish, babely blogger. She’s also the curator of an online vintage shop and maker of beautiful things! Her new line of bags made from repurposed leather materials look so gorgeous and fancy. I especially love this foldover pouch. The colors and textures are stunning!


STL locals! Don’t forget–tomorrow is HoliDIY at Mad Art Gallery! I’m really excited for this show. It’s a handmade holiday indie shindig with beer, barbeque, local art and modern craft, featuring 25 local designers offering their best one-of-a-kind handmade goods. There will be live music and an Awkward Family Christmas Card photo booth! Amazing, right?! Come shop and stop by my booth to say hi! :) xo

 Disclaimer: This post uses affiliate links to some specifically pictured items that I love. Clicking on or purchasing via an affiliate link may result in commissions for this site.

FF25: Fashion Blogger Faves

Although I’m still knee-deep in moving craziness and about to be a bridesmaid in my cousin’s wedding tonight, we managed to get the magazine to press early this week and I had some moments to breathe, relax, and catch up on my bloglovin’ queue! It was getting pretty gigantic for a while, but I always like to dig through and look at each post.

I couldn’t help but notice some fantastic outfits that were totally inspiring me. The changing seasons always inspire awesome styles across all the fashion blogs I enjoy. I’ve been in a bit of a clothing rut lately–not quite feeling awesome in too many outfits, wanting to try styles that I don’t own, and wanting to throw out half my wardrobe… I needed these breaths of fresh air.

Here are some of favorite looks lately:

ff25-01Atlantic-Pacific // Style Is Style

ff25-02Zero Style // Modern Girl Blitz

ff25-03Stella’s Wardrobe // Pandora

ff25-04GabiFresh // Despite Color

ff25-05Blonde Bedhead // Chocolate Laced 

It’s fun to gather outfits together that I really respond to. It makes it easy to spot consistent things I love and that gives me guidance to try things to get out of this rut. It’s nice to remind myself what I love.

Clearly, this season I’m drawn to:
- Leather
- Full skirts that sit your natural waist. Always.
- Above-the-knee socks
- Surprising pops of color and pattern
- Fun layered details
- Black lipstick! I need to wear it more often!

Old Red Boots
Zie Darling

Artsy Angel!