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Meet the STL Craft Mafia


During our last St. Louis Craft Mafia meeting–my first as an official member!–Michelle of Green Wall Studio stopped by to take some classy mug shots for us and they turned out a-ma-zing. Can you tell the mafia has been obsessed with Orange is the New Black? We met at Mad Art Gallery, which is located in an old police station. We got all up in that vintage jail cell!


We came up with “prison names”… haha, I’m so bad at coming up with witty names! I’ll stick to drawing.



We did some small group shots–these are the illustrator/photographer folks! Left to right, skipping me (obviously):
Mary of Unicorgi | Evil Little Girls | Jane of Jane Linders Photography | Jeffrey of Handmade Family


Elizabeth of Just Liv


April of Riley Construction


Courtney of My Vintage Addiction


Courtney of My Vintage Addiction | Stephanie of Ruby Francis Rags | Holly of South City Studio


Renee of Strung Out and Wired (with bad ass tattoos by yours truly ;))


Lauren and Renee of Strung Out and Wired | Kara of Irie’ Elements | Shelah of The Foundrie/August Abroad | Melissa of Villa Design


Melissa of Villa Design


Cristin of Cristin Rae Knitwear


Phil of Belle Journee | Kathleen of Buddha Bath and Body | Alecia of Senora Muertos | Beth of Belle Journee | Kayla of Ghost Cat Studios | Amanda of Sprouted Designs


Not going to try and ID each pretty face here, but shout-outs to all the other members!

 Beqi of Beqi Clothing | Eleanor of Scarlett and Maria | Andrea of Zenbot Design | Mary of Pairabelles | Rachel of Sew Good and Trendy | Suzanne of Suzanne Shenkman Designs | Amy of Stick to Your Knittin’ Kitten

Just a side-note here that ironically just after blogging about how impressed I’ve been with my cycling skills lately, I got into a bike accident on Friday. :( Haha, figures. I’m a mess. It was totally my fault, but I ended up flying over my handlebars and into the street face-first. Not cute. I’ve been laying low and whimpering and hobbling around ever since. I’m okay–just all scratched up and sore. Still ready for my little roadtrip this weekend and looking forward to partying with my favorites girls even more!

Handmade Happy Hour: Summer in the City

















I had more fun at Friday night’s Handmade Happy Hour than I’ve had at a show in ages! The setting was amazing–a cozy side street downtown with trees, lively patios, lights, and a full stage. The weather was lovely and we had a fabulous, energetic crowd that was bustling all night. My booth neighbors on all sides were some of my very favorite ladies and we all just had a blast. :)

I’m trying to get my ass in gear for the rest of the summer and work on revamping my craft show set-up in time for Strange Folk. I got some free hand-me-down photo display walls and I have some jewelry display DIYs to work on finishing up. I want to expand past the traditional table and explore my retail display options! It’s time for an upgrade.

Photos courtesy ALIVE Magazine 

Help The Foundrie Open Location #2!


If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you’ve heard me showering The Foundrie with praise. It’s a beautifully curated, local, independent shop that sells handmade and vintage goods–I’m always so proud to say that my work is sold there!


After 5 years in their first storefront at Chesterfield Mall, they recently downsized to a more practical location there and are currently working on opening location #2 in West County Mall! I’m so in love with the idea of this gorgeous little handmade shop in a huge shopping mall in the suburbs, attracting a clientele that might otherwise never think of going to a craft show or to a local boutique in the city.


The owner, Shelah, has been sharing photos on Facebook of herself, her husband, and daughter Stella working hard giving their two new spaces make-overs and fresh new displays with salvaged materials. This shop is such a labor of love and a total gem in our city. When Shelah announced an indiegogo campaign to help with all the costs of opening new doors(computers, fixtures, displays, flooring, signage, insurance, etc), I knew I had to share it with you guys!

The Foundrie is running a flexible funding project on indiegogo, meaning they receive all donations even if they don’t reach their goal, so each dollar you can spare is so so important and will mean so much. Expanding to West County will broaden their reach and customer base and get independently produced goods into the hands of an even greater number of shoppers!


The perks for helping fund the project include the chance to get your name on a one of a kind statement wall in the new location as well as limited edition stickers and t-shirts designed and printed exclusively for The Foundrie by local artists. You can proudly say that you played a part in helping a small, independently owned business grow in hopes of becoming a St. Louis institution that creates jobs and opportunities with the ability to give back and make a difference in our community.

Even if you guys aren’t locals, just take this as a plea to at least support your own local entrepreneurs! A couple weeks ago I asked friends on FB where I could buy button-making supplies. I had been calling Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and all the usual big chain craft stores with no luck. Turns out that is local and has a brick and mortar! I stopped in and had the best experience–the owners were SO nice and helped me with all my annoying amateur questions, suggested better solutions and the prices were great! Just goes to show that you never know what kind of hidden gems your city can have! :) xo

Photos courtesy Shelah McClymont/The Foundrie

INDIEana Handicraft Exchange


Tomorrow evening I’m packing up the car and truckin’ it to Indianapolis, IN to sell at the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange on Saturday! I’m really excited to check out this HUGE event. It’s so well curated–I was beyond flattered to even make the cut! You can check out all the vendors ahead of time here.

There will be over 100 artists, crafters and makers on site selling contemporary handmade goods in addition to local craft beer and cider, ice cream, live music, food trucks, a photo booth and food craft demos! This is definitely one of those shows where I almost wish I wasn’t vending just so I could walk around and actually see and enjoy everything!

Here’s some photos from past years, c/o the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange website:








If any of you guys live around Indy, please come say hi! A few other talented STL crafters are also making the trip and we’re sharing a hotel, but I’ll be by myself at the booth all day, so I’d love to meet people! xo

Drawn: Thirsty Thursday

Last week I was officially invited to join the STL Craft Mafia! The Craft Mafia is an organization of indie crafters and craftepreneurs who work together to support local artists and facilitate awesome local events. If you’re involved in the handmade STL community at all, you know the Craft Mafia as the coolest of the cool kids and I’m super honored to be included! :) 

A month or two ago, April emailed to ask if I’d be interested in making an illustration for the Craft Mafia to use for their Thirsty Thursday pop-up market at Urban Chestnut in August. I was hoping for a drawing of a girl with tattoos wearing sort of bavarian beer-wench clothes and with flowers and a crown of braids and holding a mug or stein of beer.” Umm, you came to right place, girl! Yes, of course I want to draw that!


My first instincts were to parody a St. Pauli girl or maybe make some art nouveau inspired piece. April and I both loved the art nouveau direction.


I think the final turned out really fun. I had a blast drawing all the details–tattoos, art nouveau frames, flowers… such a fun project! Here are a couple detail shots:



Cats and cat-eye glasses are a must in my opinion! ;)

New in the Shop: Hairbows!




You guys. I am SO excited to finally share this fabulous collaboration between Creature Type and Bowbotics!

My friend Stephanie makes the best hair bows I’ve ever seen. I’ve been admiring her adorable bows for as long as I’ve known her and her little handmade biz. She always picks well-designed fabrics and just makes the prettiest, most structured shapes and sizes. I’ve been enthusiastically buying them since she debuted last year!

I’ve always wanted to sell bows–I mean, hello? Duh!–but I’m a big believer in being smart and collaborating with other artists/craftsman when your own skills are lacking. Trying to perfect my own bow making craft would be a big time and product investment for me–why not just go straight to the person who makes them the best and make it a great collaboration for the both of us? I designed and bought the fabric, then she assembled the bows and we’re both going to sell them in our shops.

I’m really thrilled with how they turned out and definitely hope to design many more patterns in the future. Creature Type x Bowbotics is a match made in heaven!

Each bow measures 4 1/4 x 2 1/2 inches on a partially lined alligator clip. Each one is handmade, so the pattern varies and no two are exactly alike! This is a limited edition collaboration, so buy yours here before they’re all gone–or I just decide to keep them all because I am OBSESSED!

Sunday Funday at Urban Chestnut






















Yesterday I was a vendor at St. Louis Craft Mafia‘s Sunday Funday at Urban Chestnut Brewery. We had beyond perfect weather and it was fabulous to hang out in Urban Chestnut’s beer garden all afternoon! Markets there are always a blast. I managed to avoid getting sunburnt, so that alone was a pretty big success. ;)


Kiana even stopped by and we finally got to meet in person! She’s so sweet and a crazy talented artist. I drew this Girl Gang picture years ago and Jeffrey pointed out that one of the girls looks just like Kiana so I had to give her a print as a gift! Haha, it’s destiny.



Next Saturday I’ll be at Spring Fling in Crown Square from 10am-4pm! It’s the second year for this wonderful show in Old North St. Louis. I had a great time last year–although I didn’t manage to avoid sunburn that day. Yikes, it sucked. I’m upping my game and bringing a tent this time. ;)

If vintage is your thing, you can’t miss this show! 50+ vendors will be selling vintage clothing, accessories and home decor, plus handmade goods, of course. There will also be a doughnut truck and an ’80s video game lounge with Mario Bros games projected onto a big screen inside The Firecracker Press‘s new space. Um, yeah, it’ll be awesome.

Etsy Shop Update








I finally made time yesterday to update my Etsy shop for the first time in ages. You can purchase one of my HHH posters, all sorts of hand-painted brooches (although both pizza ones are purchased already! Yikes! Thanks, guys!! <3), the usual candy heart rings, and the candy heart earrings are finally available! They’re super cute and tiny and kinda make me wish my ears weren’t gauged. Haha. xo

Handmade Happy Hour: Sweetheart Edition Recap



Showing off the poster I illustrated for the event | DJ Trash Talk



Villa Design


Lily Dawson Designs



Envisage Vintage Jewelry



Beqi ClothingFlora Lorraine


Cristin Rae Knitwear + Accessories | Fable & Lore


Last friday night was ALIVE Magazine‘s Handmade Happy Hour: Sweetheart Edition at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis! You may remember me promoting it a few times–okay, maybe many times. ;) It was so much fun–I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: ALIVE knows how to throw a great party!

So many of my favorite handmade/vintage vendors were there, plus my beloved crafty friends. We enjoyed cocktails and a fabulous group of stylish customers in a beautiful space. It doesn’t get much better than that! xo

Photos courtesy Flora Lorraine/ALIVE Magazine

Creature Type x Sucre Shop


I’m really excited to announce that my donut brooches are now for sale at Sucre Shop!

The owner of Sucre Shop, Brooke, bought a brooch from me at Spring Fling and enjoyed it enough to ask me for my very first wholesale order! It was super exciting for me and I couldn’t ask for a better fit. I’m looking forward to opportunities for future collaborations with them–ice cream brooches, anyone?


Brooke is a local handmade superstar. She’s been selling her adorable handmade wooden utensils since 2011. In the past two years, Sucre Shop has grown from a little Etsy shop run by one person into a team of ice cream enthusiasts that wholesale their unique, customized products to every place from gourmet grocers to retail stores Internationally.

With my Etsy shop on a bit of a hiatus from my move and upcoming holiday craft shows, this may be your only chance to buy a donut brooch in time for the holidays! You can buy them here! xo

*Photos are from Sucre Shop