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Etsy Shop Update








I finally made time yesterday to update my Etsy shop for the first time in ages. You can purchase one of my HHH posters, all sorts of hand-painted brooches (although both pizza ones are purchased already! Yikes! Thanks, guys!! <3), the usual candy heart rings, and the candy heart earrings are finally available! They’re super cute and tiny and kinda make me wish my ears weren’t gauged. Haha. xo

Handmade Happy Hour: Sweetheart Edition Recap



Showing off the poster I illustrated for the event | DJ Trash Talk



Villa Design


Lily Dawson Designs



Envisage Vintage Jewelry



Beqi ClothingFlora Lorraine


Cristin Rae Knitwear + Accessories | Fable & Lore


Last friday night was ALIVE Magazine‘s Handmade Happy Hour: Sweetheart Edition at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis! You may remember me promoting it a few times–okay, maybe many times. ;) It was so much fun–I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: ALIVE knows how to throw a great party!

So many of my favorite handmade/vintage vendors were there, plus my beloved crafty friends. We enjoyed cocktails and a fabulous group of stylish customers in a beautiful space. It doesn’t get much better than that! xo

Photos courtesy Flora Lorraine/ALIVE Magazine

Creature Type x Sucre Shop


I’m really excited to announce that my donut brooches are now for sale at Sucre Shop!

The owner of Sucre Shop, Brooke, bought a brooch from me at Spring Fling and enjoyed it enough to ask me for my very first wholesale order! It was super exciting for me and I couldn’t ask for a better fit. I’m looking forward to opportunities for future collaborations with them–ice cream brooches, anyone?


Brooke is a local handmade superstar. She’s been selling her adorable handmade wooden utensils since 2011. In the past two years, Sucre Shop has grown from a little Etsy shop run by one person into a team of ice cream enthusiasts that wholesale their unique, customized products to every place from gourmet grocers to retail stores Internationally.

With my Etsy shop on a bit of a hiatus from my move and upcoming holiday craft shows, this may be your only chance to buy a donut brooch in time for the holidays! You can buy them here! xo

*Photos are from Sucre Shop

Etsy Update!


You guys, I promise The Big Book of Cats isn’t dead. I’m just taking a little break to get my schedule back in order and get back on track. There will be a proper update next week!

In the mean time, I just wanted to pop in and let you all know that I’ve added some new listings to the Etsy shop! New prints, hand-painted brooches, and rings are available, so check ‘em out!






Kitschy Digitals Holiday Gift Guide


I’m so excited to announce the official release of the Kitschy Digitals Holiday Gift Guide and the cover illustration I made for it!

I adore Kitschy Digitals and am a huge fan of creator, Danielle Thompson, and her amazing blog. She’s so talented and I really respect and admire her work and overall aesthetic. She created Kitschy Digitals to make a one-stop online shopping experience for all things creative and digital. She saw a demand for quality digital designs and printables and decided to make a marketplace where designers from a variety of backgrounds could come together and sell their digital wares.

She approached me a few weeks ago about illustrating the cover for the gift guide and I was really thrilled! I’ve been hoping to work with Danielle for ages and think our tastes and styles suit each other so well! When I heard the deadline, I wanted to cry a little because I knew how busy I would be during Strange Folk, but I had to make it work! With a job this fun, a tight deadline is totally worth it!

You can download a PDF of the Gift Guide here or view it online on Issuu here! For more info, read Danielle’s blog post!

Video: Strange Folk Festival 2013







Well, it’s finally come and gone, folks. Strange Folk Festival was this past weekend and it was such a good time! I was really happy to have a table next to Hannah and close to Amy, but all our vendor neighbors were wonderful and I had a blast hanging out with them and our awesome, crazy huge crowd of customers! My stuff sold really well and I got to talk to so many sweet, adorable people. I was squealing over cute girls and teenagers every five minutes. :)

You know how people sometimes have huge displays of strength in times of emergency or high stress? Like a mother lifting a bus off of her baby, I have somehow managed the impossible–coming home from a two day craft show and instead of immediately passing out, editing a video about the experience. I know, right? It’s the kind of sickening, productive feat I wouldn’t imagine I was capable of, but here it is!

I had the idea to make a little video at Strange Folk so I tried really hard to remember to keep picking up the camera and walk around when I could to catch little snippets. Just a reminder that I don’t fancy myself a very good photographer or videographer and have no professional aspirations, so go easy on me. Shaky hands and autofocus abounds!

Strange Folk Festival 2013 from Michelle Volansky on Vimeo.

I also want to thank each and every one of you who took the time to visit my table this weekend! I was so happy the whole time, my face hurt! xo

OOTD: Parsimonia






Dress: Vintage via Parsimonia | Brooch: Vintage | Belt: Thrifted | Flats: Target

This is my second favorite vintage dress. My #1 favorite is this one! Both are from Beth’s amazing vintage shop, Parsimonia. I’ve been a fan of her super cute mobile boutique for ages and I’m so so happy for her because she just opened up her first brick and mortar shop!


I was flattered and excited when she asked if I would draw a little something for the “coming soon” page on her shop web site. There it is! In all its vintage glory! :) I popped in for the very first day open yesterday and it’s just beautiful inside. If you’re an STL local, you need to check it out ASAP!

The Foundrie


On Friday night, I finally got the chance to stop by BYOC (Bring Your Own Craft) Night at one of my favorite local shops, The Foundrie!

The Foundrie is an amazing, beautifully curated hand-made shop that’s GENIUSLY located in a shopping mall. A super suburban mall. When you first hear that that’s where it is, you’re like “WTF? Chesterfield Mall?” but I absolutely love that location because it lures unsuspecting shoppers in with its bright, professional storefront and gorgeous displays. They would have no idea all the merchandise is handmade–with 70% of the items coming from local vendors and artists–unless they asked. I think it’s brilliant because it can totally open people’s minds to how special and on-trend shopping hand-made can be. They might even think twice about going to a craft show! They’re not just for your granny anymore, people! ;)


I’ve been wanting to go to one of their monthly BYOC nights for ages! The stars aligned and I finally wasn’t busy or out of town for the July one! Also, I’m so proud to say that they agreed to sell some of my prints and accessories in the shop (!!!), so I had to drop off my first round of merch! So exciting! I’m super proud to be included in their vendors list.





The store itself is so, so lovely. I always say it reminds me of an Anthropologie. The amazingly sweet, talented owners–Shelah and Elizabeth–are always switching up displays with upcycled materials. I’ve wanted to snap some photos to share with you guys since the moment I laid eyes on it. If you’re ever in St. Louis, it’s an awesome store to stop by and get a taste of adorable local offerings!











Spring Fling 2013 in Photos


As I return from my trip to the Hobnob Market this weekend, I thought I’d share some lovely photos from my last show, Spring Fling in the City. Photographer Courtney Patch wandered around the show taking some lovely pictures that she just uploaded last week. I think she got some cute shots that showed just how charming the Spring Fling was. I’m excited to be there again next year! :)













To check out the rest of the photos, visit Courtney’s flickr here! xo

Big Etsy Update!


Eeep, I feel like I just posted an Etsy update on the blog not too long ago, but this one is too big not to share!

brooch_babe2-2 brooch_donut3-2

I had a blast at Spring Fling on Saturday and was able to gather enough energy yesterday to take photos of my lovely leftovers and post some on Etsy. You can check out all the cute girls and junk food brooches here!




I was only able to get a few pouches done in time for Saturday and I sold most of them(!!!), but I have two available for now! I’m going to work on trying to get a few more up in the next week or two.


And yes, I finally added conversation heart rings! I have lots of these pre-made, but don’t want to overwhelm my storefront just yet, so I’ll be adding more eventually, switching some out, etc etc. If you guys have any custom orders you’d like for a specific saying/color, just message me on Etsy and I’d be happy to make one for you! :) xo

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