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Sakura at Rikugien | Ittouya Ramen

After a long morning waiting at Tsukiji for fresh sushi, we headed back to our hotel for a nap. We headed to Shibuya that afternoon because I just couldn’t wait any longer to show Andrew the spectacle. We hunted down some of our favorite…

January 16, 2017
japan travel

Tsukiji Fish Market | Sushi Dai

While planning our trip, I fretted a lot about what to do at Tsukiji Fish Market. This famous spot has gotten especially popular with foreign tourists in recent years and I wondered if it was really something worth going out of our way for. Ultimately I…

January 14, 2017
japan travel

Springtime in Tokyo

In December 2004 I was the luckiest 17 year old nerd in the world and got to go on an incredible trip to Japan with my friends. We made strong friendships with our host families in Aomori and got to sightsee in Tokyo. On…

January 12, 2017