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December Outtakes








This was a super busy month for me, which unfortunately led to a quiet month on the blog. I’ve promised myself to never let blogging feel like a chore–I’m sure it would come across that way if it was–so I’m okay with that. Quality over quantity, right?

December 2012 was full of craft show preparation and excitement, double my usual amount of painting classes, getting the chance to play photographer and take some cool photos for my day job, and the usual holiday rush. Here are some of my favorite posts from this month:




November Outtakes

November got cold and flew by so fast, I have whiplash. Seriously, what happened? December looks busy, busy, busy and will probably fly by just as quickly. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up!

Thanks for stopping by this month, guys! I really appreciate all my readers and commenters. You always brighten my day! :) Here’s some of my favorite posts from this month:

October Outtakes

October was a great month. Lots of fun Halloween activities, good times with friends, and lots of fun work opportunities. I’ve been super happy with my blog posts this month, too! :) I did my very first giveaway, started a new illustration project, and had lots of sweet new readers! Thank you to everyone stopping by! I really appreciate it. <3

Here’s some of my favorite posts from this month. If you’re a new reader, check ‘em out!

September Outtakes

I can’t believe I’m putting up September outtakes already… this month flew by so quickly! Working at a monthly magazine always kinda messes up your perception of time, but jeez. In September, I went to the Japanese Festival and the zoo, hit some thrift jackpots, tried to be a better grocery shopper, tried to be supportive of my Mom’s medical problems, ran around crazily for my multiple jobs… I’m hoping to relax and enjoy more fall traditions and activities in October.

This month there’s a couple sneak peeks of failed outfit shots and an illustration that’s not wholly blog appropriate. Hahaha, it was a very fun gift/request for my dear friend, Sammie’s birthday.

August Outtakes

August was a good month. Got my camera. Took some mandatory new camera owner close-up photos of plants. Got into the swing of this bloggy thing. The weather made a crazy beautiful 180. I’m feeling more and more ready for fall, but it’s bittersweet saying goodbye to a summer that burned away so fast.