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Thankful 2013

2013 has been a pretty fantastic year for me. It’s the kind of good year that doesn’t seem too exceptional until you start to tally all the fabulous things that have happened and what I’ve accomplished. I’m going to try to keep this from…

November 29, 2013

A Shoe Story.

A few months ago I was fortuitous enough to win a $200 Nordstrom gift card. That’s pretty much the most exciting thing I’ve ever won, so I sat on it for ages, wanting to make sure I spent every precious penny wisely. My first…

October 21, 2013

Autumn Rush

This Fall is going to be the biggest blur ever. Through October, I’m dealing with the most busy, stressful times in recent memory. Last week was the St. Louis Fashion Week Kick Off Party and STLFB Awards. It was a blast hanging out at…

September 23, 2013
personal st. louis


I debated back and forth with myself a bit on whether I should blog about this or not–but here goes. I was lucky enough to be nominated in two categories for the inaugural Alive Magazine St. Louis Fashion Blog Awards!  Haha, I feel so…

September 6, 2013

Internet Friends.

Once upon a time I was a wee nerdy pre-teen, seeking a safe space to fit in, succeed socially, share my artwork with people who understood my need to make it, and talk about all my weird interests. My parents bought our first computer…

September 3, 2013
interiors personal

New House Tour (Kinda)

So last week I hesitantly introduced you guys to our new house. This week I can more confidently share because all our inspections are done and our mortgage situation is pretty much figured out. It’s pretty official now. This is our new house! Now…

August 26, 2013

This Might Really Happen.

Last week we put an offer on this house and it was accepted! It’s still a bit early to shout “this is our new house!”, though. We have inspections this week and need to decide if it’s really the best decision for us. My…

August 19, 2013
outfit of the day personal

OOTD: Summer Uniform

Printed Sports Bra: Thrifted | Tank Top: Old Navy | Shorts: F21 | Sandals: H&M I mentioned before that the only thing I’ve been wanting to wear this summer is a big, billowy tops and shorts, but neglected to share any outfits that really…

August 13, 2013
personal video

July 4, 2013

Today I wanted to share this little video with you guys! I really want to experiment more with video editing on Photoshop and learn more about my camera, so I tried hard to stop and capture little moments on our 4th of July weekend…

July 16, 2013

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

I don’t often do these kinds of things anymore, but darling Mandy tagged me in her original post, so I decided to give it a go. :) If you know me IRL, you know probably all of these things already, but I don’t think…

July 11, 2013