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The Adams Family Wedding


A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to get help a friend out and take some photos at her precious wedding. Courtney and Josh are an amazing couple–clearly so full of passion, support, and fun. It was exhilarating to participate even a little bit.

Their wedding was a charming, small event full of family and friends. The decorations, food, music, clothing, and anything else you could think of were lovingly DIY’d or shared. It was exactly what you expect from a vintage-loving boho goddess and her creative, horror-obsessed beau. Plus a circus/marching band themed procession. And yes, Josh’s last name really is Adams. ;)

I have no plans to become a wedding photographer any time soon–or like, ever–but this was a super fun favor to do for a friend! I thought I’d share some of my favorite shots.



























Food Photography [pt. 2]

pimms-cup-little-country-gentlemenLittle Country Gentleman (now closed, but you can get this cocktail
from the same bartender, Jeffrey Moll at The Good Pie)

In February I shared some photos I’ve taken for my day job at a local culinary magazine. Here’s a second round-up of some of my favorites. This list serves as a great resource of awesome places to eat and drink if you’re visiting St. Louis! Or if you’re a local! :)

three-flags-tavern-1Three Flags Tavern

seoul-q-taco-2Seoul Q

jillys-ice-cream-cupcakes-2Jilly’s Ice Cream Bar

planters-house-1Planter’s House

cucina-pazzo-1Cucina Pazzo

table-asparagus-1Table [Closed]

the-libertine-2The Libertine

a-pizza-story-chimayA Pizza Story

piccone-pastry-1Piccione Pastry

Food Photography [pt. 1]

mission-taco-st-louis-1Mission Taco Joint

My day job is at a local culinary magazine and one of the reasons I enjoy designing for magazines is that I get to wear a lot of different hats. We’re a small team in-house, so I handle all the ads, design contracts, event branding and signage, help manage events, and dabble in photography.

central-table-1Central Table Food Hall

I started taking photos when I got my DSLR just out of practicality. We’re a small, indie business and we can’t afford to hire freelance photographers to join our editorial staff whenever they go check out new restaurants. Our editors used to just snap a few tragically blurry iPhone photos and we’d call it a “sneak peek”. Not cute! I’ve managed to carve a little niche for myself where I get to tag along and take higher quality photos, mostly for online content, but I’ve snuck a few into the print publication.

the-libertine-1The Libertine

seoul-q-taco-1Seoul Q

I’ve never considered myself a photographer–I have enough professional creative goals! But it has become a fun hobby and I enjoy seeing my progress as I look through the photos I’ve taken. I got a 50 mm lens for Christmas and I’m really excited to learn more about working in manual and just become a better photographer in general. :)

baiku-sushi-1Baiku Sushi Lounge

seedz-cafe-1Seedz Cafe

I’ve thought about sharing some of my work-related food photos on the blog before, but was always a little wary about mixing my day job with my private life. I don’t want to step on any toes or share too many opinions that might come back to haunt me! Haha, but everyone likes looking at pretty, delicious food, right? Eating great food and visiting fabulous restaurants is such a passion of mine, I’ve decided to just start sharing!

urban-chestnut-1Urban Chestnut Bierhall

old-bakery-beer-1Old Bakery Beer Co.

This also serves as a great little list of awesome places to eat and drink if you’re visiting St. Louis! Or if you’re a local! I feel like it’s easy to get stuck in ruts of visiting the same places often and it’s certainly tricky to stay up-to-date with all the cool new places. We’re lucky to have an awesome food scene here so there’s always somewhere new and exciting to try!

jillys-ice-cream-cupcakes-1Jilly’s Ice Cream Bar

zydeco-blues-1Zydeco Blues

Product Review: InstaThis


A while ago, I was contacted by the good people of InstaThis to receive one of their Instagram prints and review it for my blog. I love using Instgram to capture cute little everyday moments and find that they make fond memories even if they seem silly or petty at first. Getting them printed feels even more special!

There are so many cool ways to print your Instagrams nowadays, but I am so smitten with InstaThis’s wood prints! You can also get your photos on acrylic, but I think the wood texture suits the grainy-ness of phone photos. It makes the image quality seem intentional.

002 003

My print came super fast and packaged really well! The box it came in was protective and practical, but had cute, handy directions printed inside! I love when packaging goes the extra mile and considers aesthetics! They wrapped the wood square in patterned tissue paper and even included hardware for wall-mounting! The print itself has fancy beveled edges and just feels really high-quality and thoughtful.

I’m totally happy with my experience with InstaThis–from their friendly and responsive customer service to the packaging and quality of their product! It was fast and easy! I hope to add more to my collection. :)

InstaThis is generously offering Creature Type readers 15% off their orders with the code: CREATURETYPE15
But hurry, it expires at the end of March!

What’s your favorite way to display Instagram photos? I’ve printed some out at home and cut them to make a cute little photo-paper garland before and I loved that!

Japanese Festival

The Missouri Botanical Garden is located in St. Louis–you may remember that my dear friend, Erika, got married there this summer! It’s a beautiful place that hosts all sorts of fantastic festivals and events throughout the year. My favorite is the Japanese Festival that they host every Labor Day weekend.

When I was a young, cringe-worthy teenager, it was the highlight of my year to be surrounded by so many tastes of Japanese culture. I was the white girl in a yukata losing her shit over the stacks of Japanese magazines. Nowadays there are kids in cosplay and cat ears. I shake my head and say “Gurl. No.” and am thankful I never did such a thing, but I must admit that I understand how exciting and liberating it can feel to just let lose with your nerdy passion in a situation where you feel safe to do so. What is a nerd if not a person who is just super passionate about what they enjoy?

I’ve skipped the last few years because I couldn’t justify the entrance fee for the familiar experience, but this year I really wanted to share the happy memories with my boyfriend and I’m glad I did!

I threw caution to the wind that day and paid tribute to my roots by rocking some Angelic Pretty. :) My AP skirt is the most expensive article of clothing I own and I only whip it out on special occasions or when I’m sure no harm will come to it, so it was a bold decision. I just knew that if I saw a cute little gaggle of lolita girls, I would be a little jealous. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! Haha, does that saying apply here?

Denim Shirt: Thrifted | Kitty Heart Badge: I’m Your Present | Skirt: Angelic Pretty | Shoes: Target

Erika’s Wedding

One of my best friends, Erika, got married to her fantastic fiancee, Zach, in May. I’ve known Erika since first grade and we’ve known Zach since high school, so it was a really special, fun wedding. I was super happy to be co-maid of honor with Adrienne and help Erika design and print all the materials for the ceremony and reception! They had a small ceremony at the Missouri Botanical Garden and a beautiful reception at a lofty downtown venue. Fit them perfectly!

Erika recently got the photos back from her photographer, Kate Fenwick, and they’re just lovely, so I asked to share some. :)

P.S. Yes, that is me pretending that my incoherent sobbing passed for a toast. Oh lawd.

OOTD: Floral Denim in the Park

Scarf: Thrifted | Shirt, Jeans: Target | Mocassins: Minnetonka 

Although I’ve enjoyed the recent break in extreme heat, this brutal summer is really catching up to me. Lately I’ve just been dreaming of sweaters with collars poking out, short skirts and dresses with layered tights and socks, and pants! I mostly wear skirts and dresses, but every now and then a comfortable pair of jeans is just perfect. I braved the afternoon sun for this super cute new pair and I barely regret it!

Why I Chose My Nikon D5100

Since I was in high school and admired the ease with which my art teacher took gorgeous photos of our paintings, sculptures, etc for our portfolio slides (Yes, I’m just barely old enough to have once needed to make slides for portfolio submissions. Crazy how much technology has changed in just 10 years, huh?), I’ve pined for my own DSLR camera. Photography is actually one of the few art forms I’ve never had a crazy love affair with, but the increased practicality of getting beautiful, professional photos of my work is undeniable. I always said “One day, when I can afford it, I’ll get a fancy camera”.

After graduating college and settling into a series of day jobs, I realized how much I would love to have a self-initiated business on the side to push myself creatively. Nothing fancy, but an active Etsy and blog and the occasional craft fair or convention would be lovely. In my mind, those dreams boiled down to one logical starting point. I needed that fancy camera ASAP.

I saved and researched a lot this past year. I have a very elementary knowledge of cameras and photography and didn’t really know where to start, so I thought an easy first step was checking out some bloggers whose photos I always loved and seeing what cameras they used.

1.) Ashley from Fancy Fine uses a Canon T1i
2.) Elsie from A Beautiful Mess uses a Canon EOS 40D
3.) Karla from Karla’s Closet uses a Canon EOS 5D
4.) Shery & John Young House Love use a Nikon D3000
5.) Veronika from Tick Tock Vintage uses a Canon EOS XSi
6.) Minnie from The Stylish Wanderer uses a Canon Rebel xti

Phew. One thing that really struck me from this honorable list was the huge variation of price points! All such stunning photos and the camera prices varied from $350(used)-$2000+! I became hopeful that the right camera for me would be less expensive, but I could use it to great affect with proper knowledge and editing skills.

There are different opinions in the Canon vs. Nikon debate, but it seemed to me to mostly boil down to personal preference. I’d always fancied Nikon, but not for any real reason. I had a Nikon point-and-shoot that I loved in 2005 and I knew a girl who took the most amazing photos with her Nikon, so I think that’s where my bias originated. After my little blogger poll, I started to think I should just get a Canon. Namely, the Canon Rebel series.

At this point I was confused and couldn’t decide which model was worth the purchase. I was afraid to buy too inexpensive a camera and wind up with photos not more impressive enough than my point-and-shoot to justify the money.

For some reason, it took me that long to discover SnapSort, but I’m so glad I finally did! It’s a very simple, well-designed website that really broke everything down for me and helped me understand. Based on all their user reviews and opinions, the Nikon D5100 emerged as the smartest choice. The price combined with the handy flip-out screen and basic necessary features I wanted in a DSLR sealed the deal for me.

I haven’t had my camera long, but I’m really enjoying it so far and can’t wait to learn a lot while using it! Are any of you guys currently camera hunting or did you recently get one? What was your wish list and what helped you decide? Any regrets? Future hopes and dreams for upgrading?

My New Camera!

I am so so excited to be a brand new DSLR owner! Specifically, I got a Nikon D5100. This is the first camera I’ve ever owned that’s not just a simple point-and-shoot, so I’m really excited to jump right in and learn all about taking pretty photos and document my progress on my blog. :)

I felt really strongly about not pursuing an active blog until I got a DSLR and I’ve been obsessing and researching cameras for over a year, so I want to make a post talking about my choice and why I made it. Every blogger’s FAQ always addresses what camera they use and I want to be open with anyone who may be thinking of making a similar purchase in the near future!