Girls in the Window

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Girls in the Window

I graduated high school second in a class of twenty-four. I was one of the few in the whole town who got into college, which meant I would leave the small town where I was born and raised for the big city and an entirely new life. I was nervous as hell when my parents dropped me off that first day in the dorms. The dorms were huge: two ten-story towers stood facing each other, one for boys, and one for girls. When I got to my room on the eighth floor, my roommate was already there.

"Hey," he said. "Im David."

"Jack." I said. I introduced my parents, who left quickly after they saw me off. David helped me move all my stuff upstairs. We were both subconsciously sizing the other up. David was 61", blonde, dark tan, well-muscled. I was shorter and had darker hair and didnt spend as much time working out as he obviously did. I learned he was a varsity swimmer, was a local, and knew a lot of people at the school.

Great, I thought. I can make some friends.

That night, we ordered some pizza and met our neighbors, Sam and Phil. The four of us /hung/">hung out in our rooms for a while before Sam and Phil left for a party. David and I decided to meet them there later, but first I had to take a shower in the community showers down the hall.

I trudged back to my room in my towel and flip-flops and opened the door.

"Dont turn on the lights," said David. He stood with his back to me, staring out the window. "Come check porn videos download this out."

I walked over to him and looked out the window across the quad to the girls dorm.

"Second from the left, our floor."

I followed his gaze and saw what he was looking at. A beautiful naked girl, /brunette/">brunette, smooth skin, supple breasts, was blow drying her hair. She faced away from us, but we could see her in her mirror. She put the dryer down and ran her hands through her hair. She seemed completely lost in thought. My cock was swelling under my towel.

"Holy shit," I managed to get out. It was the most intense thing I had ever seen.

"Wait until the other one comes back," David told me. I could tell that the sight was having an effect on him as well - his breathing was shallow and I could dimly make out a bulge forming under his pants.

"The other one?"

My question was answered when the brunette was joined by another girl, a blonde, presumably her roommate. The two kissed, passionately. Their naked bodies rubbed up against each other, breast on breast, pelvis on pelvis.

"Holy shit," I repeated. My cock was unmistakably hard, pushing the towel out of its way as it stood desperately straight. The two girls continued to kiss, hands groping unseen places. I heard David undo his belt. He grasped his /erection/">erection and started to stroke it.

"What are you doing?" I asked, shocked. I had never seen another man naked before, let alone masturbating.

"Why waste a beautiful sight? Come on, what happens in here stays in here." He handed me some tissues from the box. I found his logic sound and so did my turgid erection as I started to stroke it. I discreetly glanced at his cock and was pleased to discover it was not quite as big as mine. I may not be the best looking of men, but my uncut tool was an eight-inch masterpiece.

The room was completely silent except for the sounds of our strokes. I matched his tempo, breathing coming in gasps, slapping flesh against flesh. I shed my towel completely and stood naked, facing out the window, beating off. David shifted closer until we were barely touching. His free hand caressed my bare xxx ass. I leaned into it, enjoying it, grinding my ass into his palm as the /girl/blonde-girl/">blonde girl started to go down on her roommate.

"Oh Jesus," David said as he suddenly came, spurting his load against the wall. His cock gave a final twitch and come splattered onto the floor. At the sight of his orgasm my own began. I gasped and closed my eyes. A thick stream of come shot out of my cock, splashing onto the wall and dripping down my leg.

My breathing returned to normal and I came to my senses. I used the tissues to clean up and pulled on a pair of boxers. In the window across the way, the girls had disappeared from sight, probably lost in their own throes of passion.

"Holy shit," I said again.

"I hope you dont mind me grabbing you like that. With the guys on the swim team, we used to jerk off together sometimes." David seemed a little ashamed.

"Are you kidding? Ive always kind of fantasized about that, but I was too /scared/">scared to bring it up."

"Cool." He smiled. "Want to go to that party?"