Dot and the Apprentice

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Dot and the Apprentice

England, 1964, I was an 18 year old apprentice living at home with my parents, as pretty much all teenagers did back then. Although technically a virgin, my girlfriend and I fooled around a bit, I played with her tits and pussy and she wanked me off frequently but that’s as far as it went. Like all teenagers I lusted after lots of women but there was one woman who occupied my thoughts when I jerked off. Dorothy, or Dot, as everyone called her. She lived two houses away and I would guess she was in her late thirties, married to Billy and had three kids. She was not /obese/">obese but rather voluptuous, what one would call thick today, with /breasts/large-breasts/">large breasts, a nice wwwxxx waist and ass. Although not pretty, she held a raunchy, sexual, animal magnetism for me and I so wanted to fuck her. She often came for a cup of tea with my Mom and I furtively leered at her legs and tits as she sat at the kitchen table. She would catch me often and occasionally I caught her staring at me and she would quickly avert her eyes.

She had a /party/birthday-party/">birthday party for Billy in April, just a few weeks after they helped me celebrate my birthday along with my parents and other friends at a local pub. Their house was packed with people and as the evening wore on there was much celebrating. Dot looked very sexy in a tight, red dress and high heels that showed off her curvy body, shapely legs and large bust. I stole glances at her all night and had a hard-on all the time. Billy staggered off to bed around midnight very drunk triggering the departure of many guests, including my parents. By 1:00 a.m. there were about ten of us left and I got to slow dance with Dot. She had shed her high heels by then and was 3-4 inches shorter than me. I will forever associate the song with that dance; it was the Everly Brothers, All I Have To Do Is Dream. She snuggled into my neck and I never wanted it to end. She must have felt my erection pushing against her but did and said nothing.

By 1:45 I was the only guest remaining and I offered to help her clean up the mess left by the forty odd revellers. She began to wash up as I collected the debris and delivered it to the sink. Each time I walked into the kitchen I stared at her arse and became very horny. I felt a definite sexual tension when close to her and fantasized that she felt the same then waffled as my teenage doubts overcame me. Having collected everything for washing, I went to help with drying. Purely on impulse I moved behind her, put my arms around her waist and kissed her neck. My cock pressed against her backside and her wet hands took hold of my hips and kept me close. Her breathing increased and she tilted her head back allowing me access to more of her neck and left ear. My thoughts went racing out of control as my hands moved up to her ample bust and I squeezed them through her dress. She sighed then turned and kissed me full on the lips, her tongue exploring my mouth. We groped each other in a frenzy of sexual excitement. ’I want you,’ she whispered breathlessly into my ear and unzipped my pants. She got my cock out and after only a few jerks I shot my load over her dress and onto the floor. She sensed my disappointment and embarrassment immediately and calmly assured me that it was alright, that she understood. We kissed again then she said, ’Cheer up, let’s finish the washing up and give it time.’

I felt awful as I dried the glasses and dishes then emptied the ash trays and did a general tidy of the living room. ’I guess I had better be going,’ I said dejectedly.

’Not yet, just stand here for a minute,’ and she placed me a few feet from the sofa. She stood in front of me, turned and said, ’Unzip me.’ With nervous hands I lowered the zip on the back of her dress. She turned and faced me and must have read my mind for she said, ’Don’t worry, Billy and the kids won’t be up ’til morning.’ The dress fell to the floor and I stared at her in bra, panties, garter belt and stockings. She sat on the sofa and removed her bra allowing her beautiful tits fell out and I saw for the /first-time/">first time just how large and full they were. They jutted proudly before her with large areoles and nipples. She slid her panties off, lay back and spread her legs and I stared open-mouthed at her /hairy/hairy-pussy/">hairy pussy. My dick was rock hard and bulging from my crotch, impossible to conceal. ’Come here,’ she said, ’I want your cock.’ I moved towards her and stood between her legs. She quickly had my pants and underwear around my ankles, my throbbing erection sticking straight out, bobbing up and down, full and hard. ’You have a lovely cock,’ she said as she took hold of it and pulled me onto her. Her experienced hand guided me into her as I licked and sucked her big nipples. The excitement was too much for my lack of experience and I shot a huge load into her much too quickly. She again sensed my disappointment and murmured, ’Not to worry, love, it will get better, you’ll see.’

For all my inexperience she seemed to enjoy our all too brief interlude and I hoped her last comment left the door open for another try. As she saw me to the door she whispered, ’Not a word about this to anyone or we will both be in a lot of trouble.’

The owner of the wwwxxx the company I was apprenticed to lost his wife in /freak/">freak fall from a small step ladder on the following Monday afternoon. Her funeral was arranged for Thursday and the business closed for that day. I slept in and Mom cooked me a big breakfast. I thought I would go to the cinema in the afternoon, that guy Rowdy Yates from the TV show ’Rawhide’ was in a movie called ’A Fistful of Dollars’ so I decided to go. Just as I was out the front door my Mom called out and asked if I would return the vacuum to Dot. Ours was in for repair and Mom had borrowed Dot’s the previous day. What an opportunity I thought and made my way down to #36. Dot opened the door and had obviously been doing housework. She looked a little frazzled but smiled when she saw it was me. ’Come in and put that in the kitchen,’ she said closing the door and following me down the hall. By the time I put down the vacuum I was unbelievably hard and turned and embraced her. We kissed and pawed each other then she pulled back and said, ’I need to freshen up, I have been cleaning all morning. Wait in the living room, watch the telly or read the newspaper, I call you when I’m ready. She disappeared upstairs and I heard the bath running. I turned on the telly and watch horse racing for a while but my mind was elsewhere. I heard the tub draining and then being filled again and wondered what she was up to. Soon after she called for me to come up and I almost broke my neck dashing up the stairs. She was in the tub and told me to get in. I peeled of my clothes and released my straining erection. I sat down opposite her and watched as she soaped her hands and rubbed them over her tits. My twitching cock made ripples in the water and she reached out and grabbed it with soapy hands. ’Such a nice big, /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock, Billy doesn’t have much interest anymore, seems to prefer the beer.’ Now, I enjoyed a pint but it was totally beyond my understanding how anyone would prefer beer over playing with Dot’s body.

I knelt between her legs and massaged her tits until they were slippery with soap, they felt fantastic this way and her nipples became as hard as my cock. I moved a hand down and fingered her pussy, feeling new thrills every second. ’Stand up,’ she said leaning forward, her lips smothered my prick. New sensations coursed through my body as Dot tongued and sucked me as she played with her pussy until I let loose and ejaculated in her mouth and all over her face. We dried off and went into the bedroom. We lay on the bed and explored one another until I was hard again. I climbed on top and she again guided my erection inside her. Her pussy felt fantastic, hot, wet and her muscles squeezed my dick causing terrific sensations. ’Fuck me from behind,’ she panted and I knelt behind her. I stared at the site before me, her arse was indeed beautiful and her pussy lips were slightly apart, inviting me in. I fondled her as my cock, crammed full of blood, felt ready to burst. I entered her and watched my cock as it pumped in and out. ’Slap my arse,’ she cried and I obliged with several on each cheek. This caused her to orgasm and when I felt the flood on my shaft I ejaculated deep inside her. I pulled out and watched my cum drip from her pussy onto the bed sheet. She turned and sucked my cock until it was limp.

It was difficult for us to meet for the next little while, when I was available Billy or the kids were home. If I was home when she came to have tea and a chat with my Mom we would flash sexual innuendoes at each other when Mom wasn’t looking. She would lick her lips seductively or spread her legs as she sat at the kitchen table allowing me to see up her short skirt. I would grab my crotch, accentuating my erection under my pants and once even took it out and shook it at her.

I took a couple of sick days in the middle of May and after lunch on the first day I told my Mom I was going for a walk to get some fresh air. Dot and I had arranged this on the weekend when we met in the local grocery store. We spent the afternoon in bed until just before her kids got home from school. The following morning I told Mom I was still not feeling well but the walk the previous afternoon perked me up so would go again. I usually went in through the kitchen door which was at the back of Dot’s house. There was a laneway where our garages were and I was much less likely to be seen than via the front door out on the street. She was expecting me and opened the kitchen door as soon as I reached it. She was wearing a long dressing gown that reached the floor but I knew she was wearing heels because of her height. She walked to the other side of the kitchen, twirled and let the gown fall to the floor. She wore a little topless corset that forced her /breasts/huge-breasts/">huge breasts up and out, the attached garters held up stockings and spiked heels completed her outfit. Her white skin contrasted with the black ensemble, she wore no underwear, the black triangle of pubic hair only added to her incredibly erotic appearance. ’I thought you’d like it,’ Dot purred as I sat on the couch. She paraded around in front of me while I shed my clothes and played with my stiff cock. After sucking my dick she sat on it and I buried my face in her tits and felt her arse. ’Come, let’s go upstairs,’ she said. I watched her walk up those stairs and thought I would cream right there and then. The site of her legs, arse and pussy as she ascended is something I will remember all my life

We didn’t get together again until my two-week holiday beginning the second week of June. I had planned to hitchhike around Europe with a mate but a few days before our holiday he caught chicken pox from a younger sister. I didn’t feel like going on my own so I decided to stay home and hopefully see a lot of Dot. As it turned out we got to see each other almost every weekday and fucked all over the house. I learned an awful lot in those two weeks and Dot always enjoyed our time together. I had a new girlfriend and we were screwing about twice a week at her place when her parents were out doing some kind of charity work they were heavily involved with. When I returned to work on the Monday morning I felt like I needed another holiday but the resilience of youth won through and when I wasn’t fucking my girlfriend, and sometimes even when I was, I thought of Dot.

Dot and I did manage to see each other a few times over the next couple of months and it was in September when I feigned another sick day that she told me the news. There had been much discussion between her and Billy over the last few months about what was wrong with their marriage and what to do about it. Dot wanted to continue having sex with me but realised I would sooner or later move on and besides, she wanted to keep her family together if at all possible. Billy had promised to curb his drinking and pay more attention to the family. They had decided to make a completely fresh start in South Africa and would be emigrating in November. It was a bit of a shock but I got used to it and thought it would probably be the best thing for them. We fucked like /crazy/">crazy when the very few opportunities arose and then she was gone.

I remember Dot fondly to this day. She was a sexy, horny, /sensual/">sensual, mature woman who had a major influence on shaping my future sex life in the following ways:
-I prefer women with a bit of meat on their bones rather than the rail-thin models that abound today.
-Big, natural tits over fake, silicon jobs any day.
-Women dressed in heels, stockings, garter belts and other sexy clothing and watching one walk up stairs dressed like that is still the most erotic sight for me and always brings on a powerful erection.
-I love playing with a woman’s arse and pussy while she waits to be fucked doggy-style.
-A soapy sex partner is still a thrill.

The odd scrap of news filtered back from South Africa for the first few months. Dot had her fourth child after about eight months and I often wonder if it is mine, I was certainly fucking her a lot more than Billy. The last news we had was that Billy had suffered a fatal heart attack. I never heard from Dot again.