Picked Up 1

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Picked Up 1

I have always been a sexual girl, ever since I first discovered the pleasure my could give me and when I was twenty three, I thought I had met the perfect man. We got married about a year after we met and I very naively thought I could change the few bad habits my new husband had, but all he did was get worse. From always taking the time before we got married to make sure I got off, he developed this, I came, so fuck you attitude and we went downhill from there. We were married less than a year when we got divorced and lucky for me I had a very good paying job, so my life went on uninterrupted except for the sex part. With all the STD diseases going around I got very choosey about who I spread my legs for and as time went by, it got harder for me to get laid and I went into a real dry spell and didn't have sex for six months or so and was really horny. I was a five foot seven inch redhead with really nice legs, a I was told but I did have rather , thirty four B but a cute face, so it was a mystery to me why I wasn't having any sex. This particular week was a rather tough one at work, eleven and twelve hour days but it was only a four day week as Friday was a holiday and Monday I was taking the day off to have a four day weekend and I was a bit tired but so horny my pussy was always wet.

Thursday after work I stopped in at this bar near my work, hoping to meet a nice guy with a hard on and after a few drinks, now feeling no pain, I realized that all the men seemed to be with someone and I thought to myself, but actually said it out loud, "Damn I really need to get fucked and no men available" as I was standing by the bar. I felt a very hot hand on my leg and a very sexy female voice saying into my ear, "I would you baby and make your hot little pussy the happiest it's ever been". I turned a bit to see who was talking to and touching me and standing there was a woman in her early forties I judged, very attractive red head like me and a few inches taller than me. When I turned a bit her hand went further up my leg under my skirt so she was almost touching my pussy and her hand was so hot and felt so good, I didn't move or make her take her hand away. I just looked at her and said, "You want to fuck me?" and she had now moved her hand up so she was pushing it against my boiling hot cunt and told me she would make me feel things I had never felt before and make my little pussy so happy. Her hand touching my hot cunt made me close my eyes and give out a little moan it felt so good and the thought came into my mind that I wondered if she could really make my pussy happy.

She squeezed my very needy pussy and very gently put her lips against mine which gave me like an electric shock and told me to come with her to the ladies as she took my hand and led me there. The ladies was empty luckily, she took me into a stall, closed and locked the door, put me against the wall, lifted my skirt up, put one hand on my pussy , squeezing it while she put the other hand on the back of my head. She pulled my head into her lips and kissed me with the most passionate kiss of my life, flooding my pussy like a dam had broken and I kissed her back. We kissed like that for a few minutes, then she got on her knees, told me to hold my skirt up around my waist and pulled my panty hose and thong down to my ankles in one motion. I couldn't believe I was standing there holding my skirt up around my waist while this lady stripped off my clothes, actually helping her take the clothes off by holding my feet up one at a time so she could take the stuff all the way off, leaving me standing there naked from the waist down in my bare feet with my legs spread for her. I watched as her mouth moved to come in contact with my pussy and when her mouth touched my pussy, my knees buckled and I came so hard, cum shot out of my pussy.

She licked my blazing hot cunt all over like she was licking an ice cream cone and it didn't take her very long to make me cum again. She took a few more swipes at my pussy with her tongue to make sure she got all of my juice, stood up and kissed me, sliding her tongue into my mouth so that I tasted my pussy on her tongue, then she told me she lived fairly close and she was going to take me home with her. I was in such a fucking state, hotter than I ever remember being, I would have done anything she wanted, but I do remember making her promise she was going to fuck me. She put my shoes back on my feet, left my thong and panty hose lying on the floor and led me out of the ladies to her car which was parked in the parking garage right next to the bar. We made our way to her car with her feeling my ass up and telling me how pretty I was and what she was going to do to me so by the time we reached her car, my pussy was dripping so much it was leaving little drops of cum as we walked. We got into her car; she pulled me to her, kissed me so passionately again I almost came and proceeded to undress me, having me naked in about a minute or so. She told me loved my tits and that my tits were the exact perfect size as far as she was concerned, which inflamed my mind and body even more. The drive to her place only took ten minutes and she felt me up the whole drive, keeping my brain tuned to where she wanted it to be. When we got to the building she lived in, she pulled into the parking garage in the building, parked and made me walk naked to the elevator, ride the elevator naked and walk to her apartment naked with her finger in my pussy the whole time. The elevator ride up she was working my so that I was really close to cumming by the time we got to her apartment and once inside she asked me if I was ready to cum. I almost screamed out yes but she kissed me again and then told me to say, "I want to be a and cum for you mistress" and I added, "Please make me cum for you mistress" and she made me cum in a few seconds, leaving a wet spot on her carpet.

The fact that I was stark naked in a strangers apartment without any clothes, had no clue as to where I was, didn't even register as all I wanted was for her to fuck me until I couldn't cum anymore. She told me she was going to shave my pussy for me before she took me to her bed because she wanted my pussy to match the rest of me, naked as a Jay bird. She led me to her magnificent bathroom, sunken roman tub, gold fixtures, mirrored walls and a beautiful black marble floor and I began hoping she would fuck me right in here. She took her clothes off displaying a very nice body with tits that looked like mine, a hairless pussy and a hard that I wanted to touch but she put me on a white padded bench, spread my legs and gave my pussy its first full shave while kissing my lips and tits while shaving me. My cunt was boiling hot by the time she finished shaving me, dripping cum again and when she finished washing my pussy, she told me to spread my cunt lips with my fingers and offer her my pussy. I knew exactly what she wanted, so I spread my cunt lips and told her to please take my pussy, make it hers and do whatever she wanted to her cunt, to which she got between my legs and when her tongue touched my steaming hot cunt, it sent a shock wave through my entire body, my ass came off the chair, I screamed and flooded her mouth with my cum. She looked up at me with her cum covered face and said, "I own you now baby, I own not only your tasty pussy but every part of you now, you belong to me now, do you understand that" and I was so hot I mumbled, "Yes, you own me now and I now belong to you". She smiled at me, went back to eating my pussy, only this time she put a finger in my asshole, two or three fingers in my pussy and sucked on my clit.

I literally went crazy with what she was now doing to my little cunt, my pussy had never been eaten or taken care of like she was doing at any time in my life before, I was in a place I had never ever been before as she ate me until I came so hard, so many times, I blacked out for a bit. When I came back to the world, I was laying on my back in the empty bath tub with her standing over me and when I asked her what was going on she told me it was time for her to mark her territory. With that she started peeing on my tits and belly and I was so shocked that all I did was lay there looking at her peeing on me, not believing what was happening. The pee was really hot on my tits and belly and as much as it repulsed me, I have to admit it felt good and she told if I moved she would pee in my mouth, so I lay there, letting her mark her territory. When she finished peeing on me, she told me to lick her pussy for her and of course I rebelled, telling her she was fucking crazy, so she grabbed me by my hair, stepped out of the tub, making me follow her and she sat on the commode, pulling me over her lap. Again I couldn't believe what was happening, here I was covered in her pee, lying on her lap like a little kid and then she started spanking me, hard. While she was spanking me she was hollering at me that I belonged to her now and I was to do what I was told, when I was told and she was spanking me so hard, it hurt so bad, I started crying and she was way too strong for me to get away from her. It didn't take long before in-between sobs, I was begging her to stop, my ass was on fire and a really bright red and when she asked if I was ready to lick her cunt, I just resigned myself and said yes.
Still crying, she made me get between her legs and kiss her pussy while she had a handful of my hair and I closed my eyes as I put my lips on her hot cunt. I was inhaling her hot cunt aroma but she pulled my hair and told me to lick or this time she would use a leather belt on my ass and I knew damn well she wasn't kidding, so I licked like a mad woman. You can't believe how surprised I was that I actually liked the taste of her hot cunt and started wondering what her cum tasted like and all on my own, ran my tongue inside her pussy and tongued fucked her sweet cunt. She was now moaning like a porn star and then she said, "You"re going to make me baby, open your mouth you fucking cunt and make me cum" and cum she did. She filled my mouth with so much cum I couldn't swallow it all fast enough to keep it from running out of my mouth and down over my tits. Then she said, "More cunt lapper, more, make me cum again you little fucking cunt lapping bitch" and pushed my face back into her pussy. The oddest thing for me at that point was how much I enjoyed making her cum and in my mouth to boot, but I was really enjoying her sweet cunt and made her cum three more times for me. When I stopped licking that wonderful pussy because my jaw was aching a bit, my mistress was sprawled out the commode, kind of moaning and panting at the same time and then while gasping told me I was the best cunt lapper in the world.

I actually took a strange pride in the fact that she thought I was such a good cunt lapper, but now not only covered in her pee, I was also covered in her cum. I kissed her pussy then and don't know why I did it but I did and asked if I could take a bath now, she smiled at me and told me not only did I have the sweetest little cunt she ever ate, I was also the best cunt lapper she ever had and for me to fill the tub so she could bathe me. Now I was a bit pumped, not only did she think I was a really good cunt lapper but that I also had the sweetest pussy she ever tasted and as strange as the circumstances were, I was on cloud nine. We both got into the tub and true to her word, she gave me the most extraordinary bath I ever had, she washed every part of my body with her bare hands, including my asshole which she probed with her soap covered finger. When she got to my pussy, she took her time washing it and it didn't take long before I was in heat again and panting like a dog in heat. She had marvelous hands, soft but yet strong, working my pussy like it had never been worked before and the next thing I knew, that special feeling was welling up inside my pussy and when she made me cum, my legs buckled and I collapsed over my mistress's shoulder. I was in awe as to how she made me feel as she dried me off while kissing me all over; sucking on my tits and making the fire inside me burn hotter again. She lay me down right on the bathroom floor, spread my legs and pushed her tongue into my cunt hole and I came so hard my whole body shook. I lay on that black tile floor, legs spread wide open with my mistress between my legs and my cunt had never been happier in my life as she ate me until I came twice more.
I was now so tired I could have slept right there on the floor but my mistress got me up and xnxxv sunny leone video into her bed, took me in her arms and kissed me so passionately I kissed her back. She told me what a good cunt I am and whether I wanted to believe it or not, I was born to eat pussy and that to sleep well for tomorrow I was going to be so happy I was a female and her cunt. I slept right through the night I was so tired and never thought about getting away from her and when I woke in the morning it was too late as she was up and waiting for me to awaken. When she saw I was awake, she put me on my back, straddled my face and made me eat her pussy, which once I got started eating her hot cunt, I did with a lot of enthusiasm and as usual she came so much I couldn't swallow all of it but I sure tried. She then turned, lay on top of me so our cunts were at each other's mouths and I did my first female to female sixty nine and I have to say I really enjoyed having her pussy to lick and suck while she did the same to me. Of course my cunt was already hot from being my mistress's cunt lapper and it didn't take long before my pussy erupted cum all over mistress's face and I knew she really enjoyed making me cum like that. She stopped eating me long enough to tell me that she was so happy that I had such a hot cunt for her and to tell me how delicious my cunt is. We made each other cum quite a few times and the last time I came, it took me with such force that my whole body was shaking as I lay there.

Mistress then took me in her arms, holding me tight as she kissed my face and neck and told me how good a cunt I am, how beautiful I am and how good my sweet cunt tasted and at that point I didn't realize it, but she now owned me. Her taking me in her arms at that point was exactly what I needed, to be comforted and made a fuss over and she gave me what I needed. When I calmed down, we made breakfast together and the whole time she kept touching me which I really loved and a few times she took me in her arms and kissed me like we were lovers, which I realized later we were and I also realized she was the best kisser I ever kissed. We ate, cleaned up, went into the living room where she took me in her arms again, kissed me deeply and told me it was time for me to get on my knees to her cunt. I did as told of course after she put a pillow on the floor for me to kneel on and I instinctively took hold of her ass as I kissed her pussy. The feeling that came over me is hard to describe but I will try, fist being on my knees to her pussy made me get wet but more then that I truly felt like I was her paying homage to her sweet cunt. The feeling was so overpowering, I was moaning as I ate her pussy and I literally attacked her hot cunt with my mouth and tongue, I loved being on my knees for her even more so then when I did it for a man.

I could hardly wait for her to cum for me, so I put a as I tongued fucked her hot cunt and she had hold of my head pushing it into her pussy as she moaned and was saying, "Oh my god baby, oh my god baby, I'm going to cum in your fucking mouth". She came like fire hydrant being opened, cum shooting out of her pussy covering my face while her knees buckled and we wound up prone on the rug with my tongue still buried in her sweet cunt. Now I pushed her legs back like she did mine and understood why did it, I had total access to her cunt and asshole and I ate her hot cunt until she begged me to stop. By now I was covered in her cunt juice as it came out of her like a river every time she came and it had run down over my tits to my belly but was like a deranged animal eating her cunt and didn't stop until she came for me one more time. When I allowed her to put her legs down, she lay there gasping for breath and shaking like a leaf, so I lay on top of her and she wrapped both her arms and legs around me, hanging on for dear life it seemed. When I asked if I was still her good little cunt and did I make her pussy happy, I thought she was going to squeeze me to death. When she was finally able to say something, all she was able to say was, "You fucking cunt, you fucking cunt" and squeeze me a bit harder. Finally after a few more minutes she took my face in her hands, kissed me very, very deeply and then told me what a wonderful cunt I am while licking her cum off my face. We lay on the floor in an embrace for a while making girl talk and then she said it was time and when I asked time for what all she said was I'll see.
She took me back into the bedroom, made me get on the bed and then tied me to the bed so that my legs were spread wide open and my arms were over my head, kissed me and asked if I was comfortable. She got on the bed then between my legs and began touching my pussy, rubbing it, pulling on the lips and running her finger up and down my slit. I got wet and horny real fast and started to beg her to do more to my cunt but she just smiled and very slowly worked my pussy up to flood stage. I have no idea how long she kept it up but it was a long while and she kept doing just enough to keep me at the edge and then she slid her finger into my cunt hole, making me beg for more, but she took her finger out and put it in my mouth and I sucked on it as hard as I could. She took her finger out of my mouth, kissed me and told me that was enough for now, got off the bed and walked out of the room. I was now screaming at her to come back and fuck me but she just closed the door, leaving me hot as hell and alone. After a little bit she came back in, put a pillow under my head, put a CD in the player and left me to watch a movie, which of course made me even hotter. I was laying there cursing her when she came back in, kissed me, got back between my legs and started the process all over again and when I was just about to cum, she left again, but this time I was yelling curse words at her, then started begging her to come back. A while after I quieted down, she came back with a new disc and when she played it my mouth must have hit the floor, it was us this morning in bed and I was mesmerized by it, seeing how much I was enjoying her pussy.

My pussy was aching so bad I was going out of my mind and was no calling to my mistress to make me cum and when she walked back into the room, I began begging real forced anal against her will like a little whore. She kissed me again, asked me if I liked kissing her and I told her I loved kissing her, then she asked who's bitch I was, to which I replied, "I'm your bitch mistress, your bitch" and then she asked what I would do for her if she made me cum, only now her finger was in my pussy. I practically yelled out, "I'll do anything you want me to mistress, anything you want, I'm your bitch". She smiled, told me I was such a good cunt while she kissed me again and finger fucked my cunt hard, making my ass come off the bed, but again, just as I was about to cum, she stooped and left me all alone. Now I was calling her every name I could think of and then some, but she just laughed as she walked out., leaving me with a pussy ready to burst and watching myself eat her cunt. I couldn't take my eyes off the TV screen and I was about ready to explode I needed relief so fucking bad. She came back, made me tell her how much I love her cunt, how I wanted to spend the rest of my life as her sex slave, that she owned me body and soul and could tattoo or brand me if she wanted to as long as she made me cum. She got on the bed, kissed me, sucked on my tits, ran her hands over my body while telling me what her mouth was going to do to my pussy, driving me fucking crazy with lust. When I got to the point I was going to cum no matter what, she got between my legs and drove her tongue into my cunt hole, I screamed as my whole body lifted off the bed and for the first time in my life shot cum out of my pussy like my mistress's does. I was totally out of my mind with lust and when my body hit the bed again; my mistress put two fingers into my pussy, while taking my clit in her mouth and sucking on it. I screamed as I came again, then just made animal noises as she kept making me cum, I had truly gotten into fuck heaven as my cunt kept erupting like a sexual volcano, shooting hot cum all over.
When mistress was satisfied I was totally fucked out, she untied me and I went right to sleep and thankfully she let me sleep for a few hours, upon awaking me, she made me get in the tub again so she could pee on me again. This time I was on all fours and she peed all over my ass and strangely enough, it was really hot and felt really good, so good I moaned, prompting mistress to tell me what a good cunt I am. She then turned the shower on me, scrubbed me down, dried me off and then made me get on the floor and play with myself while she sat on the commode with her legs spread watching me. She told me exactly what to do to my pussy and playing with myself in front of her and staring at her pussy, put my hot cunt into orbit and when she told me to cum for her, I came so hard it just shot out of me again. I was staring at her pussy the whole time I finger fucked my pussy and after I came I couldn't contain my tongue anymore and got right between mistress's legs, burying my tongue in her hot pussy. She was moaning and panting while also calling me a hot fucking cunt, grabbed my head and pushed my face into her pussy as her sweet cunt exploded and filled my mouth with her ever so sweet cunt cream and as I swallowed her pussy juice, I came again. For the next couple of days I was mistress's total sex slave, I came so much and swallowed so much cum we could have created our own river I think, I was so totally satisfied and even though mistress made me do things I would never have done before her, I never felt so loved also.

Monday night she took me to my apartment so I could pick up some clothes to go to work in Tuesday and while in my place, she made me eat her pussy in my bed so I would have that memory in my head because she had to go away for her job until Friday. At work all I could think about was what happened those four days, my pussy was always wet it seemed thinking about being her bitch and the things I did for her. Every day seemed like it lasted for ever and then Thursday night mistress called me with instructions for me for when she would come to my place about five or so Friday evening. I called in sick Friday at work and proceeded to do as my mistress said. I got a full body wax, had my hair done, purchased some black thigh high stockings and a pair of four inch fuck me shoes in black and am now sitting at my computer writing this, naked as a jaybird except for the thigh highs and fuck me shoes, pussy leaking cum like a sieve, waiting for my mistress to come possess me. My nipples are rock hard, my cunt aches so bad I don't know if I can hold out until mistress shows up, but she told me not to touch myself so I am trying hard not to, but wait I hear the door opening, thank god, mistress is here.