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Sex, it seems it?s all I ever think about.

From the time I wake up in the morning to the time I go to bed, sex is never far from my thoughts. From pub-erty, I found myself always fascinated by the /male/male-sex/">male sex organ, and how sex could be an integral part of my life. My thoughts never wandered far from thinking about sex, even after I had my first sexual experience with a partner. Looking back at how my teenage years unfolded, I can see now how my parents were worried about me and my early promiscuity. When I lost my virginity to my first lover, I was already beginning to be very naughty and spent a lot of time in my room wearing nothing more than a tank top and a pair of panties, while seated in front of my computer. Surfing the net, I found several underground chat rooms where I met older men looking for nubile young ladies like myself, as well as married women seeking a sex partner to share with their husbands. I concluded, long before my first of many visits to a sex therapist, that I was a nymphomaniac. I also delighted myself in being bi-sexual and enjoying sexual relations with both /men/women-men/men-and-women/">men and women. Sex became an addiction for me, while my breasts grew from my chest, and my pubic hair began to grow into a thick patch between my legs. My daily visits to my favorite chat rooms drew me like a moth to a flame.

Being naughty did not mean I exposed myself with my webcam to a bunch of sick perverts looking for a quick fuck with someone like myself. Instead, I chose to remain anonymous from the world while exchanging as little information about myself as I could. My favorite chat room buddies knew me only by my chat handle. When ever I would log in, I never had to wait long for someone to send me a descriptive message about how they?d like to see me naked. The months I spent chatting, while making my parents proud of me by being an honor student in school, resulted in me taking my first step to meet a man I?d never met except online. Was I a virgin still? Most definitely not, as I had lost my virginity to a married man who made it very clear he loved his wife, but enjoyed sex with me during the times his wife was busy working. I never had to worry about becoming /pregnant/">pregnant as he blessed me with having had a vasectomy long before I felt his /erection/">erection penetrate my body for the /first-time/">first time. I learned from some of the women I met online, that some kinky /love/men-love/">men love a shaved pussy, but I was actually very proud of my thick pubic patch. I greedily consented to meet my online lover at his apartment so he could give me my first shave.

Wearing nothing more than my school uniform, I hopped on the bus after school stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv and headed to the address he had e-mailed me the night before. Trembling, with soaked panties, I rang the buzzer to his apartment, and opened the door after he buzzed me into the foyer. I waited impatiently for the elevator, and after the doors closed and began to whisk me to his floor, I took off my panties and quickly stuffed them into my backpack along with my high school books. Nervously, I walked out of the elevator and proceeded down the corridor to his apartment. I meekly knocked on the door, and he swung the door open to greet me, wearing nothing but a smile. I smiled back with approval, as my eyes lowered to the space between his legs where his male appendage stood proudly horizontal to the floor. The naughty pictures he had sent me in the chat room seemed to be disproportionate to the organ attached to him. I smiled with approval as I stepped into his apartment. I dropped to my knees and had his penis in my mouth before he even closed the door.

So, there I was kneeling in the guy?s apartment that I?ve been chatting with for months, my knees on either side of his legs, as I heard the door latch. I had dropped so quickly, that my bare ass was resting on my heels with my skirt over my shoes, and my mouth filled with the tip of his magnificent organ while my hands played with his shaft and balls. I felt a gentle tug on my backpack to look up and discover that he?d taken /wet/wet-panties/my-wet-panties/">my wet panties from my backpack, and was holding them to his nose. His reaction was purely sexual, as his cock seemed to stiffen in my mouth, and I continued to perform /oral/oral-sex/">oral sex with my talented tongue. Not moving from our present position, I dropped my backpack and played with my clit with one hand as I playfully stroked his penis with my tongue. He filled my mouth with sperm seconds later, to which I greedily gulped down my throat with out stopping. Licking his cock clean and not wasting even a drop of his tasty cum, I stood up and spun on my heels to proceed further into his apartment, starting to shed my clothes with each step I took. I was completely nude as I sat down on the couch in his living room, and tossed my bra at him as he walked into the living room. Looking around his living room I could tell he was a bachelor, but he had pictures on the walls of young women my own age who I later found out were his daughters. Reaching forward with a welcoming hand, I stood and he led me from the living room to a waiting bath that he had prepared for the purpose of my visit. Trembling slightly, I sank into the warm tub of water, as he prepared the necessary materials to give me the shave he had promised. I reclined in the tub as he expertly began to apply shaving cream between my legs. As we had discussed online the night before, he wasted no time in removing the pubic hair between my legs while with great precision, neatly trimmed the thick hair above my crotch into a perfect V-shaped patch.

Having not said a word to each other during my pubic manicure, he beckoned me to rise from the tub. I unsteadily rose and stepped from the tub as he produced a warm bath towel and proceeded to dry me off. He produced a small hand mirror and offered it to me, as a hairdresser often gives a client, to approve his expert work. Nodding with approval, I turned around and offered my pelvis to him so he could inspect his work with his tongue. Parting my legs slightly, he dove his tongue between my legs and probed deeply with his tongue much like a puppy at a water dish. Draping both my legs over his shoulders he lifted me off the floor, as his newly erect penis greeted me once more. Exiting the bathroom, he carried me upside down and laid down upon the soft sheets of his queen size bed in such a manner that his tongue remained firmly planted between my legs with his now fully erect penis in my mouth once more. Laying on our sides, and not having exchanged so much as a single word, he brought me to an intense orgasm. Rolling onto my back with my breasts sticking out from my chest like a couple of firm half melons, he got up and turned himself about. His throbbing erection, glistening with my saliva from the light of the hallway, found its way to the waiting space between my legs. He climbed on top of me and with one thrust of his hips he sank his penis deep inside my willing and waiting body. Silently, he made love to me, and brought me to a second intense orgasm where he promptly began ejaculating deep inside my newly bald vagina. The feeling of his testicles bouncing and swaying against the freshly shaved skin between my legs was a truly erotic experience, which I showed my complete satisfaction by raising my knees to my chest as his appendage continued to erupt a warm flow of his /semen/">semen inside of my body. I wrapped my legs around his waist in an effort to keep his genitals pressed firmly against my own, as our mutual orgasms slowed.

Blinking my eyes in the dimly lit room, I noticed a huge portrait on the wall opposite his bed. It was a portrait of me! With perverted thoughts racing through my mind, he spoke aloud for the first time since entering his apartment. Asking if I approved of the photo in his bedroom, I asked him how he was able to get a school picture of me. He apologized for having done so, but he had been the photographer at my school that year, and remembered me from the descriptions I had been passing to him in the chat room over the preceding months, as well as the snapshot of myself I had sent him thru e-mail. When he had taken my school picture he compared it to the snapshot I had sent him, and he produced the huge portrait now hanging in his bedroom. While he turned on the lights to allow me a better look at the portrait, I casually mentioned that since I was of legal age, a much more suitable photograph hanging in his bedroom would be one of me laying on his bed as I now was. Not believing I had just consented to have him take a nude photo of me, he had promptly produced a digital camera, and took my picture where I laid on his bed, having not moved since he?d made love to me. Dripping sperm, I rose from the bed to see what he was doing. I found him in the next room where the recently snapped photo was slowly emerging from the end of a large roll of paper.

The top of my head, then shoulders, followed my bare chest emerged from the printer steadily. My belly, then the perfectly shaped mound of pubic hair announced the arrival of the completely bald space between my legs, before I commented on how much I would like to have him take as many pictures of me as he wanted, if it made his cock as hard as it was when he opened the door to his apartment. He needed no further encouragement as he took me by the hand and led me into a makeshift photo studio across the hallway from where we were. I spent the next couple of hours posing seductively with only my long dark hair to hide my modesty, and my /sweet/">sweet smile hinting at how completely naughty I was. I moved myself as he coached me thru each and every pose he wanted. He made love to me a second time shortly after my first pornographic photo shoot, and I contently fell asleep after a final orgasm rocked my body. I awoke several hours later to find the first picture he had taken replacing the portrait hanging in his room, with two smaller pictures accenting the portrait on either side. Grinning, I found the vibrator I usually kept in my back pack laying on the pillow next to me. My favorite /sex/sex-toy/">sex toy found its way to the space between my legs where upon I noticed the /camera/video-camera/">video camera at the foot of the bed mounted on a tripod, had turned itself on. I proceeded to masturbate for an imaginary audience, and later found out the camera was broadcasting a live video feed to several hundred horny men. While roaming my hands over my body, I took the time to caress the firm flesh of my breasts and belly before finishing myself off with several long vaginal contractions which resulted in a large wet stain on the bed sheets. I quickly hopped off the bed and proceeded towards his study where I found him stroking another magnificent erection. He showed me that his computer was logged into my favorite chat room where all my horny chat friends were busily commenting on how sexy I was and how much they had longed it was them, and not my new lover servicing my nubile frame.

Sweetly I kissed him and thanked him for the wonderful evening of pleasure I had received to which he produced a gift of a complete collection of the porn he had produced with me as the star. I quickly flipped thru the first several pages of the professionally produced photo gallery encased in a soft leather portfolio. Knowing the camera was still on in the next room, I bolted back to the warm sheets of his bed to wait for him to arrive with the magnificent erection he had made love to me with twice before. The two of us proceeded to fuck each other?s brains out with all my chat room buddies watching his cock disappear inside my body as my huge pendulous breasts bounced against my chest. He pumped a final load of semen into my body before I reached forward and blew a kiss into the camera before turning it off. I had exhausted him to the point where he promptly fell asleep. Feeling very wide awake, I walked to his computer and logged myself into the chat room, where a torrent of messages greeted me. Sending white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie everyone hugs and kisses, I knew full well that copies of my nudity and most recent sexual activity would be stored on the hard drives of every computer owned by each horny male watching the video feed from the bedroom where I was moments before.

I graduated from high school less than a month later, and started work for a video distribution company as a secretary. My new boss made it quite clear he was hiring me to work for him because I had the required professional skills and more importantly, loved how large and firm my breasts were. I blushed slightly as he swung the computer monitor on his desk around to show me a copy of my naked body. My new boss commented I would always have a position with his company, and would love to meet the man who in a few short weeks would become my new husband. My new boss always greets me warmly and I enjoy his company both as a boss and as a male who loves seeing me nude.