Shagging my workmate

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Shagging my workmate

My name is Sean and I would like to tell you the true storey of how at the age of 45 I got to have /best/best-sex/the-best-sex/">the best sex of my life with a girl young enough to be my /daughter/">daughter, Her name is Emma she is 21 and a bit of a gothic looking girl with black hair and studs and tattoo?s every wear, a pert pair of tits and a shapely arse, This all happened about a year ago, we had been working nights together for about three weeks, this all started one night as we were chatting about sex and what turns us on when Emma told me she liked her men to be clean shaven all over. I laughed and told her I was clean shaven all over and she asked me to prove it, later on that night we went in to the warehouse and it was deserted and Emma asked me again to prove it, having a 9? cock I have always been proud of I told her if she really wanted to see it she should get on her knees and get it out giggling like a high school girl Emma came over to me and unzipped my pants reached in and took hold of my soft cock, the look on her face as she realised I was a little bigger than average was one of shock, she extracted my cock which was starting to stiffen in her hand and as she gazed at it my cock started to stiffen as her hand slid up and down my cock.

Emma then slipped her other hand into my boxers and started to fondle my shaven balls, I asked her if she was belived I was clean shaven now and she looked into my eyes and said oh yes and it?s a lovely /cock/big-cock/">big cock to, she was still wanking me and I was fully erect by this time. I warned her if she carried on I would insist on her finnishing what she had started and the little slut just knelt down and took my cock deep in her mouth and started to give me one of the /blow/best-blow/best-blow-jobs/">best blow jobs of my life, I could feel the stud in her tong on the underside of my /erection/">erection and it was amazing, after a few minuets of her oral delights I could feel the sap rising and warned Emma I was close to cumming and that it would be a big load as I had not cum in a few days now, Emma just carried on sucking the tip of my cock as she jerked me in to her mouth, it was no good I had to cum I could hold on no longer and as I climaxed in to her /sweet/">sweet /mouth/hot-mouth/">hot mouth Emma tried to take all my /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-her-mouth/">cum in her mouth but after the first three big spurts she had to pull me from her overflowing mouth and the last of my load spurted over her pritty face,

For the next three hours all I got from Emma was how she needed to fuck my big cock, as we wear working she flashed me her tit?s & ass a couple of times and this had me erect for most the remander of the night. By morning I was as horny as I can ever remember being and told Emma if she wanted we could go for a drive and I would drop her off at home afterwards and to my delight she excepted my offer, Once in my car Emma wasted no time in getting my cock out and I soon became fully erect as I drove along with this fit as fuck young girl jerking me and flashing me her tight black panties, I drove to a place I new would be deserted at that time off morning and we quickly got in to the back of the car, I removed Emma?s top and bra and closed my hungary mouth over her stiff pink nipples, her tits were only about a c-cup but her nipples were pierced and stuck out like pencil rubbers and I am pritty sure she had a mini climaxe as I sucked and licked them, then Emma pushed me onto my back and undid my shirt and dragged my pants and boxers down she removed her jeans and straddled me, pulling her black panties to one side she started to insert my hard 9? cock in to her young wet shaven pussy.

 I noticed her clit and one of her piss flaps were pierced which did not /surprise/">surprise me, Emma fucked me hard but she just could not get all my cock up her /cunt/tight-cunt/">tight cunt so I took hold of her shoulders and started to push her down on to my cock impaling her fully onto it, she moaned in pain and pleasure as I felt the xxx sex video download free com tip of my cock enter her cervix and then she started to cum, her orgasm was a real strong one and the juices spat out of her pussy coating my /balls/ball-cock/cock-and-balls/">cock and balls and running between my legs as I fucked up into her as hard as I could, this was not love making it was pure /hard/hard-sex/">hard sex and Emma was climaxing constantly as I fucked her, we changed position and I got to do her doggy style with me out side the car and her bent over the seat, her arse was amazing I spanked her a time or two as I fucked her and I know she liked it then as I looked down at my red hand print?s on her white arse I had an idea, still fucking in to her as hard as I could I took my camera phone from my pocket and took a couple of pictures of her sexy arse with my cock stuck in her pussy, then I slipped my thumb in to her brown hole and snapped of a few more, my thumb in her sexxxx video ful hd ass started her to orgasm all over again, then I felt my balls tighten and I told her I was going to cum, Emma screamed at me to fill her cunt with my spunk, and I was only to happy to oblige as my load erupted from my cock in to this young girls sexy body I shouted out in pleasure, pumping load after load into her fertile body, with my cock fully inserted in her sexy body, it was the /cum/best-cum/">best cum of my life and when I pulled out of her pussy my sperm just poured out of her, there was loads of it running down her legs and dripping to the floor, I just had to get a pic of this to, after a second or two Emma turned round and cleaned my cock with her mouth and tong, I pulled my pants up and told Emma I wanted to keep her panties as a reminder of what we had done, hopefully there will be more to follow.

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