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FF05: Wedge Sneakers

September 7, 2012

I mentioned on twitter last week that I usually hate wedges and I never wear sneakers, so why am I so obsessed with sneaker wedges?!

If you’re not super fashion savvy and you hear the term “sneaker wedge”, you probably think of these horrid things:

lol Heidi

But if you’re a little more into current trends, you may be thinking more along the lines of these bad boys:

All Marc Jacobs. All gorgeous. All $300+

I just LOVE them! They take the shape I most enjoy seeing in a sneaker and exaggerate it even more to be this interesting, sculptural shoe with an almost hidden wedge thrown in for drama and ridiculousness–both things I love seeing in clothes! I love how fun and comfy they look and they totally take an outfit to another level.

 Gabi looks amazing–as always–in her navy Marc Jacobs pair

I usually can’t afford to splurge on designer treats, but I may just give in and get a pair of Steve Madden rip-offs at least. I’d love to get them in time to enjoy looking fly all fall/winter long! It seems a lot of stores–especially ones here in the midwest–are catching on slower than usual with this trend. :(

Anyway, I’ve been browsing around lately looking for my favorites in all different price points, so here’s a sampling of my wish list!

1. Hilight Wedge Sneakers, Steve Madden
2. DENY Wedge High Top Sneakers, ASOS
3. Concealed Wedge Hi-Tops, Dorthy Perkins
4.  Suede/Nubuck Manhattan Wedge Sneakers, Serafini
5. Napoles Wedge Sneaker, Jeffrey Campbell

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  • oh my gosh these are so awesome! i don’t think i could pull them off but i am in FULL support

  • Claire

    Sneaker wedges are horrible– just a thought.

    However, I’m quite sure if anyone could pull them off… It’d be you.

    • Michelle

      lol they’re cute! My favorite kind are the ones that just look like a big, high top sneaker, so the wedge isn’t even super obvious. Those are totally not that weird.

  • Funny – I am the same way. Dislike wedges (Okay, I own one pair because it had beading on the side that was gorgeous and a cool butterfly cutout on top, but other than that…) and rarely wear sneakers. BUT THOSE WEDGE SNEAKERS ARE AWESOME. If you do end up getting a pair, let us know if they actually are comfy!