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Japanese Festival

September 10, 2012

The Missouri Botanical Garden is located in St. Louis–you may remember that my dear friend, Erika, got married there this summer! It’s a beautiful place that hosts all sorts of fantastic festivals and events throughout the year. My favorite is the Japanese Festival that they host every Labor Day weekend.

When I was a young, cringe-worthy teenager, it was the highlight of my year to be surrounded by so many tastes of Japanese culture. I was the white girl in a yukata losing her shit over the stacks of Japanese magazines. Nowadays there are kids in cosplay and cat ears. I shake my head and say “Gurl. No.” and am thankful I never did such a thing, but I must admit that I understand how exciting and liberating it can feel to just let lose with your nerdy passion in a situation where you feel safe to do so. What is a nerd if not a person who is just super passionate about what they enjoy?

I’ve skipped the last few years because I couldn’t justify the entrance fee for the familiar experience, but this year I really wanted to share the happy memories with my boyfriend and I’m glad I did!

I threw caution to the wind that day and paid tribute to my roots by rocking some Angelic Pretty. :) My AP skirt is the most expensive article of clothing I own and I only whip it out on special occasions or when I’m sure no harm will come to it, so it was a bold decision. I just knew that if I saw a cute little gaggle of lolita girls, I would be a little jealous. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! Haha, does that saying apply here?

Denim Shirt: Thrifted | Kitty Heart Badge: I’m Your Present | Skirt: Angelic Pretty | Shoes: Target

  • Victoria Fabiano

    Love the brooch meow! meow! Did you see the sumos?

  • Your photos are so, so pretty. I never had the fortune of attending any kind of Japanese festival, but this does bring back memories of the Japanese Garden in Portland, an attraction my family frequented while I was growing up (and whenever anyone visited us).

    Angelic Pretty! Been eyeing their stuff but can’t get myself to shell out the money for it quite yet. Someday! Also, I’m Your Present rocks. You have great taste!!

    • Michelle

      Thanks! I feel like a lot of Japanese gardens will have some sort of yearly festival–my college town was much smaller than St. Louis and they had one. You should investigate! :)

      I love AP and lolita fashion so so much. I had the luck to go to an AP fashion show and pop-up shop in April and got this skirt for my birthday! Seeing everything in person and being able to try it on first made the purchase much easier to talk myself into. lol It’s so hard to walk away from all the gorgeous pieces! I got a cute bow headband too <3

  • erika

    Your pictures are beautiful!!!!

  • I am fascinated by all things Japanese, and I would have loved to hang out at that festival. Your photos are gorgeous, I especially like the one with the balloons and the one with the branches just above it. Your outfit’s gorgeous, too!

    • Michelle

      Thank you, doll! <3 I'll always share that fascination of Japan. I joke about how over-the-top nerdy I was when I was a kid, but let's be real, I haven't changed that much. ;)

  • I love the colors in your outfit. I have a similar sleeveless denim shirt and I pair it with everything.